signs and their favorite male kpop rappers

Aries: bang yongguk

Taurus: bang yongguk

Gemini: bang yongguk

Cancer: bang yongguk

Leo: bang yongguk

Virgo: bang yongguk

Libra: bang yongguk

Scorpio: bang yongguk

Sagittarius: bang yongguk

Capricorn: bang yongguk

Aquarius: bang yongguk

Pisces: bang yongguk


I am very surprised this url wasn’t taken tbh 


this is not an april fools joke

this is 100% real legit

i am a phil coulson fan

he is such a great character and i hope he appears in all of the marvel movies and shows a lot.

He should even appear in the DC shows. it would make them great. Especially that Flash show because that is rubbish and Phil would make it wizard.

today is an important day to be supportive of your friends who are autistic, have anxiety, are prone to dissociative episodes, etc. etc. even if something seems really clear to you or very obviously not real, it’s important to be patient and plain without being condescending, and remember that for a lot of people, april fools’ day isn’t something fun and amusing and lighthearted but instead something to be actively dreaded. don’t post things/share things/treat people offline to things that rely on gaslighting or sudden shocks, and be there for your friends if they need you because of someone else doing this. 


Nada como un profesor de física enrollado que intenta explicar la teoría con ejemplos de la vida real.

En este caso el Principio de Acción y Reacción aunque parece que quería explicar otra cosa el experimento es dinámico.

Aviso. DOLOR