Can you imagine if someone who’s completely new to dgm decided to watch Hallow?

“ Ooooh, the characters look so nice! “

“ I’m sure so many cool and epic adventures will happen! “

“ It’s definitely a feel-good manga! “

“ it’s all about happiness and friendship, let’s go! “

So they Jump into Hallow and…


This is really deep. On one hand Luffy is willing to do whatever it takes to bring Sanji home, but on the other hand Luffy knows he must consider the fact that Sanji may not want to go back with him. He cares for his friend so deeply that he is willing to acknowledge an outcome in which he is not happy, but Sanji is. At the same time he saves Sanji’s face by claiming that even if he and Sanji’s views on the matter do clash, he still holds Sanji in the highest regard. That’s Pirate King material right there.