things that happened at yesterday’s band competition
  • a freshman tuba player tried to kill me by tickling me when i called her adorable. in my defense, she’s shorter than me, and not many people are. we spent literally two hours trying to pinch each other’s faces.
  • much later, when we were waiting for the finals awards ceremony, i fell asleep on said tuba player’s shoulder, only to have someone try to wake me up by whispering the pen pineapple apple pen song in my ear. 
  • a trombone player asked me if i had any spare reeds. i play flute. i told her that all my reeds are either chipped or nonexistent. she understood the sentiment. 
  • one of the field judges seemed to be following me around the entire show. when i had to go pick up my fifteen-foot-tall lantern prop, he looked me right in the eye and gave me such a creepy smile that i almost screamed dropped it. later, i nearly hit him with it. 
  • my school uses sparkly plastic plumes with a layer over them to cover the sparkles, and we all take off that layer together during the big climax moment. mine didn’t come off at all no matter how hard i pulled. i was two steps away from the front sideline. creepy field judge was still staring at me. 
  • people from other schools kept asking to touch my the sparkly part of my plume. someone nearly started crying when i bent down so they could touch it. “finally i’m living,” they whispered. “finally.”
  • after our finals performance (did i mention we made finals?), some guy from another school went for a high-five but ended up holding my hand instead. it was weirdly cute. 
  • the foot-joint of my flute got stuck so three other people had to line up and pull on it together to get it off. it worked. my flute is so broken it doesn’t matter. i had to steal so much cork grease from the clarinets. 

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Matthew B. Roberts (Outlander Writer & Producer)
Twitter Q&A | Oct.23, 2016

MATT: Taking a short break from writing … How about a #Droughtlander Q&A? 

FAN: which episodes have you written in s3? 
M:  I’m writing 2 eps and co-writing a third with #ToniGraphia

FAN: Have you finished filming Block 2 (episodes 3 & 4- correct?)?
*the episodes are not in sequence*
M: Not quite

FAN: where is your favourite spot in Scotland and can you speak any Gaelic?
M: No I cannot speak Gaelic

FAN: have you always had an interest in photography, I really enjoy your images.
M: Thank you … and yes, I’ve always loved photography

FAN: from season one to 3 and… To 4… Which is the most challenging?
M: each one is (was) challenging.

FAN: what will be your fav scene this season?… make a riddle if you please
M: I won’t put that into PRINT

FAN: any female directors for S3 and if so, can u reveal?
M: Yes!  and no i cannot…

FAN: What has been your favorite location or  interior set thus far of any of the seasons?
M: The Great Hall and the Star Chamber were both stunning in person and on camera Well done @jongarysteele and team

FAN: Do you ever get emotional for characters?
M: Of course… moving scenes move me.

FAN: how has it been in the writers room this season with all the new writers?
M: The new writers fit right in.  Smart, fun, love the books, and have tons of enthusiasm.

FAN: do you have a favourite quote from the books (that made its way into an episode you wrote perhaps)?
M: My favorites usually make into the episodes i write.

FAN: one average how long does it take to write an episode?
M: We generally take a month from outline to script but it can vary.  Hope that’s vague enough

FAN: how much is Print Shop going to make us cry a) a lot or b) a very lot?
M: I’m not sure… but there might not be enough tissue in the world.

FAN: Are you surprised by the passion of this fandom?
M: Only surprised at how personal it gets sometimes.  I think some forget we are people and have actual feelings

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the universe sits back and gazes at us fondly, the corner of his mouth twitching up as our pens scratch hastily across blank pages, filling the air with words spun to silently say “i adore the air that you breathe because it keeps you here with me.”