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HEY! I really like your art!!! You are awesome!! (I don't know HOW to DRAW :') si...) can you imagen about Zenyatta Vs McCree fighting(?) for see how have The best gay shimada boyfriend And The shimada bros are just there looking at them And: HANZO: y r u like this? Genji: for this time...i agree..... Pleace? I'll do anyyhing D':

Zen is very passive aggressive when he wants to be (#`д´)ノ

How to catch Pokémon JK and Min Yoongi + Jimin kisses Kook

How to catch Pokemon Jungcook (you know what I’m talking about): just throw your pokeball, easy

How to catch Pokémon Min Yoongi: YOU DON’T


If Min Yoongi was a pokemon: you would probably spend 5 Master Ball and he would escape all of them, there would be a special Pokeball only to capture Yoongi the SWAGGER MASTERBALL

Jimin was on fire that day …

I started playing D&D for the first time, I made a awsome terrible bard, went through a session just shouting insults at skeletons. At one point I couldn’t think of more insults but rolled high enough to just stand in the corner and scream. Good times.    

Fact #606: Bodies do not have genders, but the people inhabiting them do. And so the body of a person is of whatever gender that person is. A female body is the body belonging to a woman, regardless of what specific body parts it has or hasn’t got. And a male body is the body of a man. And a nonbinary body is the body of a nonbinary person. Insisting that a body is of a gender different from the gender of the person owning the body is cissexist, transphobic and misgendering.


commissions!! yup mhmm


Send me a reference for your character, fully colored and full bodied, if you want nice results then tell me the personality and traits of the char!

It will not be done in 1 hour, go somewhere else for that.

I have school!! I won’t be here forever dude, so I might respond v late

Thanks for your support! ily peeps