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how fast do you read your philo books? how do you collect your material to essay writing? do you use any special sources from internet? And I mean some serious search engine or data collection, not just wikipedia or google... thanks! following you on tumblr and goodreads!

How reading works for me

Most tutors on my course work from photocopied A4 ‘reading packs’. We get them during the seminar each week, we read most of it in class and then anything we didn’t get to I read at home or on the way home. For the first essay of the module we are expected to use the reading packs for the majority of the material we quote. The second essay is usually more specific and can be individually set rather than having the same title for the whole class. In this case there’s an expectation that we read deeper into the subject and quote material from outside the reading packs. For one of our tutors there are no reading packs and I have to use the library on both their essays.

Finding Texts

I very rarely use Google or Wikipedia when researching for an essay. I will try and find a book on the subject in the library which is an outline and then use the bibliography of that to find some primary texts to read. As far as possible I try and quote from primary texts. The course outlines the tutors provide also have really good reading lists and if all else fails I just email them and ask.

Online Sources

Online I like to use the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy which is more in-depth and professionally-written than Wikipedia. For classical texts I always use the Perseus Digital Library if I can’t get a physical copy. The Marxist Internet Archive doesn’t exactly look like a reliable academic source but it has a really thorough archive or anything Marxist from Adorno to Zizek. Obviously there’s sites like the Gutenberg Project for anything out-of-copyright but the translations can be patchy and my university library usually has a copy of anything I might be looking for. I much prefer to work from a physical book when I can.

‘Reading’ Philosophy

How fast do I read philosophy books? I wouldn’t say I do much ‘reading’ in the traditional sense of reading page-after-page of the same book. I am a bit of a devotee of Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book which explains how best to tackle a philosophical tome (you can find a PDF of it without too much searching). Essentially his advice boils down to skimming the book, picking out the relevant parts, actively reading them and taking notes.

[I hope this was helpful or mildly interesting to you. Keep in touch, I always like to speak to other people who study philosophy

- Adam]

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What would your Top Ten Read Books be?

Fucking hard question, I had to think about this for a couple of days… These are the books that comes to my mind:

Harry Potter (all of the books)

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire (+ Walking Disaster)

Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

American Girl on Saturn by Nikki Godwin

My Life with the Walters Boys by Ali Novak

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Confess by Colleen Hoover

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

and so many other books, it’s hard to list them all, but these was the books that came to my mind

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What motivates you to continue studing ?

A few things.

a. I know what it’s like to work in an office for 8 hours a day and in that light studying looks vastly more attractive. Especially if it gives me any chance of avoiding that fate when I graduate in a year and a half.

b. I enjoy studying, I find my subject engaging and interesting. I believe in education for its own sake. I’m not going to be very employable after three years of studying philosophy but that’s not why I do this.

c. There’s no question of not studying. I’ve given up on too much in my life but finally I am doing something I love and I know I need to finish.

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So I really like reading , I do read sometimes but not a lot , and I take a lot of time to finish a book , so do u have any tips for me about reading since u like reading a lot . what types of books do u like to read and who are ur favorite authors?

I usually read books based on my mood, sometimes I’m in the mood for a really corny romance with a HEA, sometimes thrillers, dystopian, or just contemporary.

When I am not really feeling the book, find it boring or long, it can really slow my pace, so find a book you feel excited to read, or else just find a new, and maybe later pick it up again later when you are in the right mood.

Before starting a new book, I sometimes read reviews, it help reading about others getting excited over the book, and that just make me feel like I am in for an adventure with this book.

When reading I like a clear schedule when you don’t have to be concerned about anything or stressed over some task you have to do, that makes me relaxed, I can just read without thinking about time or anything, just me and a book (and maybe a cup of hot chocolate, or something like that ;))

I tend to read a lot in one sitting, so my bed is like the best place to do that, so be comfy and find a quiet place, where you don’t have to think about anything than enjoying the story of the book :)

I like to read anything I am in the mood for, that is usually contemporary, there is just something about it I find fascinating, about everyday people and events and its just so relatable when it is set in this time. When I was younger I only read fantasy and sci-fi, so also these genres have a special place in my heart.Now that I’ve gotten much older I’ve begun to start reading more thrillers, and I am so excited to start reading The Martians and The Da Vinci Code.

Favourite author: Hard question, but right now: Colleen Hoover, Rainbow Rowell, Dan Brown, Gayle Forman, Jamie McGuire, J.K. Rowling

People often ask me about how I find time to read, really I don’t, I just chose to rather read than sleep, which I regret every morning when I go to school. 

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Hey! I am a bookaholic too, and I read almost every genre, but I really enjoy bad-boy good-girl books. And I am pretty sure I have read all of them (Crash, Easy, Leaving Paradise...) I was wondering if you could recommend me similar books that you have enjoyed. Thank you! PS: you're blog's amazing!

Beautiful disaster
The Mighty storm
Perfect chemistry
Fallen too far
Pushing the limits

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What are the things you suggest doing while reading? Do you usually take notes?

Whilst reading? If reading for pleasure I might scribble notes or marks in the margins to mark important passages and quotes. 

If reading for academic reasons then I will make notes in my notepad using the page numbers. I find that more useful than page markers or sticky notes. Here are some notes from The Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber that I had to read for an essay recently. 

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How much did you give up in life?

My life is one long list of things I’ve started and then given up on. Jobs, courses, projects, books. I have managed to complete some things I’m proud of and even incomplete parts of my life have given me great joy and pride. What I lack in long-term patience and perseverance I make up for in enthusiasm.

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Maria seems to spend a lot of her free time doing stuff for others and all, so what would she do if she was injured and unable to walk for a while or something?

Maria is much better at the work/life balance thing than Esther is, let me tell you! Hahaha.

She wouldn’t want to push herself if she was hurt or sick, so she’d just have more personal time than usual and focus on things like reading and catch up on small to-dos.

Her roommates would make a point of spending more time with her, too, so they’d have some casual days together, talk, and order takeout. :|b

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Can I ask something really goofy and simple about Maria? Since we know she can be rather verbose, does this change depending on her mood or would it remain a constant (does her speech speed change depending on mood too though? Like she talks a mile a minute if happy/excited?)? If she gets flustered does she still remain such or does she go in the opposite direction? Like I said, these are silly, I'll try to have more serious questions soon haha :'>

Haha, there’s nothing wrong with that question! (I’m getting lots of questions about Maria lately. I guess you all know my weakness.)

Maria is always formal and always kind of wordy, even in casual situations. She’s not a bad conversational partner, so she won’t ever do things like bar others from speaking by talking too much, but if she’s given license to talk about something she feels strongly (or even just very positively/enthusiastically) about, prepare for a word avalanche when it’s her turn to speak. She talks a little more quickly when enthused or when she gets going, but I think we all do.

There actually isn’t much that makes her flustered besides her own feelings of romantic ineptitude later on, but even that doesn’t stop her from being TLDR. This, of course, doesn’t seem particularly romantic, which… kind of just makes her more embarrassed. Oops.

Maria just has a lot of words all the time.

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what are your favorite blogs? i mostly follow studyblrs who reblog math and chemistry and physics stuff and i don't really care about it... do you know any good blogs from people who study the humanities?

So I don’t actually follow many studyblrs at all, a few who mostly post original content but not more than ten at any one time. Here are a couple of excellent blogs of interesting, wonderful people. Most of them study in the humanities or nearby. @liberal-art-ist @willy-brandt @post–grad @thesleepyarchaeologst @artistofstudy @olympiamorata @vocative

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Hi, I am starting my first year of BA this year and I am planning on majoring in English. Do you have any tips for a first year student?

1. Read

2. Don’t try to hold yourself up to the unrealistic standards presented by studyblrs. Do what you’re able to, don’t get stressed out about highlighters and note-taking.

3. If you’re not enjoying it then step back and ask why and whether this is the right thing for you to be doing.