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How to get over someone due to a breakup

Cry. Just do it. Even if it’s not necessarily about the break up, watch a movie that makes you weep. Watch it alone. Listen to an album that moves you. 

Make a time consuming meal for yourself. Or your favorite meal. 

Go see someone who you know gives really great hugs. I love hugs, my mom is shorter than me, has been for about 10 years now. But, her hugs are golden. 

Gather your closest friends after several days, or a week. Go out. Somewhere. Or stay in and drink wine by the bottle and dance barefoot. Yell. Run. Jump. 

Cry again. 

Watch a silly movie that has nothing to do with love, go to the theaters alone, sit in the back and sneak in your favorite desert or treat.

Read a book about love. 

Drink champagne on a Sunday morning without pants on, in your favorite underwear and button up shirt. 

Delve into a big task. Paint your bathroom, or regrout your shower. At work, divide and conquer. 

Do not go on Tinder, OKcupid, or Eharmony. 

Go for a run. Do a rocket series of yoga. Jump in a lake. 

Kiss someone. 



Laugh and put on your favorite pair of shoes. 

Your main job is to take care of yourself, much like you would for a friend going through a break up. 

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how can you kill an animal!? do you have no compassion!?

I do have compassion! That’s why I won’t buy some poor farm raised animal from a grocery store that was slaughtered and packaged to make a profit, or some random veggies from the produce section that came from a mass plantation that destroyed habitats and killed off lots of little furry animals and insects.

There is no birth of consciousness without death of consciousness, and I accept that one day something may eat me to survive and there’s no hard feelings. :) We are all one consciousness - plants, animals, you, me and it’s just the sad truth of the duality of nature that we need to consume other conscious things in order to live. 

And I mean at what point do you draw the line? At what point do you say “that’s too conscious for me to eat."  At plants?  Prokaryotes?  Animals without a centralized nervous system? Insects? Mammals? Other humans? I mean, you can’t really eat plants without eating microorganisms so I guess they’re less important than other creatures?

I totally think the farming industry is wrong though.  Breeding animals for the sole purpose of killing them eventually?  Raping ecosystems to create large plantations? That is so messed up, and certainly not as nature intended. And personally, ethically, I feel better about eating a turkey my family took from its natural environment than plantation veggies.

So long as I stay thankful for that food, understand the sacrifices made for it to become my food, and am not wasteful, I take no issue. :) There’s something much more special about hunting/growing/foraging too, feeling connected to your food is something we’ve lost as a society…

Blessings! xo

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I saw that you said in one of your answers that the reason Akashi is so obsessed is because of his father? sorry but i missed that can you pls explain?

His father always puts pressure on him and says things like:

so when Akashi was about to lose

“In this world, winning is everything. Winners are right and the losers are wrong…”

POOF his second personality popped up

“only one who demonstrates excellence in all areas can be considered a member of the Akashi household”

If he loses he can’t consider himself a member of the Akashi household

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How do you stay happy? Or at least be happy or content most of the time.

Some days I’m up and out, smiling and ready for the day. Other days, I don’t shower all day unless I know I have to interact with someone. Those days I know I could possibly burst into tears at the drop of a hat. 

Happiness for me is something that is fleeting, but so is sadness, and anger. Human emotions are good. All of them. It’s like a balancing game. If we didn’t have positive emotions, we’d be weighed down by negative ones. 

How to search out the positive moments? Well, first look in the mirror, notice a frown that pulls your brows and mouth down. Smile at yourself. Then, for the rest of the day smile at everyone. EVERYONE. 

Pet some dogs or cats, or llamas. Which ever one will make you smile most. Pick some flowers, or buy some. 

Book a trip, count down the days. Book a concert, listen to a song a day by the artist. Whistle along. These moments, you have to keep them all day long. 

Negative moments will arise. Someone will talk down to you, someone will yell, someone will stress you out. 

Someone will message you on tumblr horrible mean things, but notice the small things, like the fact that they tell you they “know you” and all the bad things they think about you, but they spelled your name wrong. Laugh, and delete it. Throw it off the scale. 

Happy is your choice. Happy is all the positive things keeping you a float because you want them to. Depression will bring you down for days, weeks, hours. Know that you still have the small things, your fingers flex, your hair moves in a breeze. Your smile still works, even if it’s wobbly. 

When all else fails, do something that makes you sweat. Run, jump, go outside and run til you can’t then walk back. Stretch your bones. Laugh at everything, especially at the little moments you get to share with yourself. 

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What are your thoughts on finding your one soul mate? Do you believe in that?

I’ve gotten more and more pessimistic about soul mates, specifically because I hit my stride in my mid 20s I’m being more and more disappointed by people. Mind you, not just men who I could be romantic with, people.

So, I have to take a deep breath and realize I’m young. That going through some rough patches happen. That I’m barely formed as an individual, the paint is still drying, things get messy.

I also look at my mentors, my friend Janna is 15 years older than me and just in the last 3 years met her fiancé and had her son. My parent’s met when my dad was in his 30′s, and my mom was a single mother in her 20s with my half brother. Some of my extended family has married and now are divorced. 

Nothing happens like a movie. I’m not going to go bump into my soulmate while picking up organic goodies at a farmer’s market. I’m not going to be wearing a pretty outfit with perfect hair. We’re not going to look like a RRL ad, or a spread out of The Selby. 

But deep down, I believe that there’s a someone out there that will make me happy, and I make him happy. Maybe for a year, maybe for 4, maybe for 40. Maybe we’ll have kids maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll live in the country, maybe the city. Maybe we’ll break up and reconnect in 10 years. Who knows. 

I definitely don’t know. I plan for 3 month in advance. Nothing more, because I barely know where I’ll have to be in an hour, much less a year. 

For now I’m looking for someone who likes what I like and wants to challenge me to be more adventurous. Someone who grabs my hand. Someone who’s ready for that next step in life, because I sure as hell am. 

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you have a nice soul but you sure are stupid. maybe try some school before nepal? i mean really. get educated.

I mean really not trying to brag or anything but I’m currently attending a top-in-the-nation engineering program pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in biomimetics and I’m a member of the triple nine society but uh ya I guess you’re right I’m rele super dumb poor me

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Why the bee?

Bees are unbelievable. These little fantastic creatures that work as a whole for the greater good of their species. My parents started hobby beekeeping probably about 5/6 years ago. I used to sit out by the hives and watch the bees, and on occasion I’d come during the time they check out the hives, and actually go in to check on the queen. For the most part the bees are left to their own devices, my parents don’t harvest the honey but save and store it for the bees. Bees are crucial to our world, our gardens, our agriculture. 

Bees also have this amazing social structure based around the females of their species, specifically the queen. The worker bees are in fact females and their jobs change as their life cycle progresses. Much like my life and being “That Kind of Woman” will progress and change. Bees have been associated with feminine power, fertility, strength, and immortality for centuries. 

Bees as a symbol date as far back as ancient Greece and was believed to be the sacred insect that bridged the natural world to the underworld, and Greeks associated lips anointed with honey with the gift of eloquence, it is also a “nectar of the gods”. Bees also have been in such works by Aristotle, Shakespeare and Tolstoy as a metaphor or model of human society. In Egyptian myth honey bees were the tears of the sun god Ra. In this myth the bee was seen as the messenger of the gods, falling down, like tears, towards the earth  to pass on some secret message.

Even in my heritage, my Irish roots have strong connections to bees, the gift of a hive of bees was the traditional way to show gratitude or loyalty to the ancient Kings and Queens of Ireland. Bees in fact, were so crucial to the mythology and culture of the ancient Irish that the old Druidic Laws, the Brehon Laws, were said to be protected as a tradition by the Bees themselves. The Brehon Laws held twenty pages entitled “Bee-Judgement”, that spelled out specific regulations regarding the care and ownership of Hives Bees. 

Bees are a part of my understanding of how the world works, how my family works, how I work. They are essential, they are also at risk. I will always appreciate and support local beekeepers. Thanks for asking!

sinbadthesailordog asked:

What are five pieces of clothing you would advise someone to buy who wants to spend a summer outdoors playing, fishing, walking, exploring?

Thanks for the question! For outdoors activities such as that, I would first recommend a great pair of boots. I personally love Danner, as they are American made, and have a huge range of boot made to be worn. 

Check out their boots: http://www.danner.com/product/hike/

As for constant outdoor time, I’d also suggest a nice rainproof jacket. Nothing that’ll make you sweat. Something lightweight you can throw in your pack. polerstuff​ is amazing, I love their stuff. 

Check out their Surveyor 3L Jacket here: http://www.polerstuff.com/collections/outerwear/products/surveyor-3l-jacket

A great bag makes adventuring so much easier, so for that I went with my friends over at topo-designs​. The Field Bag is just what you’re looking for.  

Check out the bag here: http://topodesigns.com/collections/bags/products/field-bag

SPORKLIFE. Need I say anything else? Snow Peaks is a fantastic company, their U.S. store is in Portland. Get one of their sporks. You need it. Trust me. 

Check :http://snowpeak.com/products/titanium-spork?variant=671077209

Finally, the last thing you need in my opinion, is a thicker shirt for any cooler temps you may have to work with. I recently started checking out this company Edgevale, I am liking their stuff. Specifically this North Coast Shirt Jacket. 

Check it: http://edgevaleusa.com/collections/button-down-shirts/products/north-coast-soft-shell-trail-shirt-jacket

I hope this helps! I’d also suggest looking at the other great products each of these companies, as well as unitedbyblue & patagonia has to offer. 

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I wish only to salute you for reclaiming your own body from someone who apparently no longer deserved it. Welcome to freedom. May you find someone that can honor your body without the need to possess it. Who can love it without having to own it. And from now on, may you wear your body proudly as your own, and no longer anyone else's. -S.H.

Wow this was beautifully poetic. Thank you thank you this was so kind. <3

beastpatient asked:

Do you have a go-to song or album that you listen to when you're feeling down or just in need of a little perspective? If so what is it? (mine is "The Alchemy Index Vol. II: Water" by Thrice)

Hi there, yes I do. My all time favorite song to put on for perspective and healing properties is  this:


Liz on Top of the World by Dario Marianelli. In fact, that entire soundtrack is my “go to” morning, noon, or night. 

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4DZPemB4uI