• 707:Ha I'm a piece of trash
  • MC:As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up. Is 6 okay?

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Wait so what happened? Why did they do a cover like that? Lol was the ending so unpopular they had to change it or is it just the cover for the last volume?


ok no im pretty sure the ending hasn’t been changed, this is just the cover for volume 74, but WHAT A ‘FUCK YOU’ IT IS TO THE FANDOM AT LARGE IM SCREAMING MY ASS OFF

Like? it’s a ‘fuck you’ in all ways? its like twisting the knife in for ir shippers and it’s a spit in the face to the ih shippers and??? amazing. AMAZING. This man can dismantle 15 years of work in barely 20 pages and destroy both sides of the most popular ship in bleach with a single cover page. incredible. i want to achieve this level of efficiency with my artwork

(in all honesty, from an analysis perspective, this all but confirms the ending was a pile of shit that he never meant to write, so congrats ir we were right all along. not that we didn’t already know that. but the extra support is nice.) 

Matthew B. Roberts (Outlander Writer & Producer)
Twitter Q&A | Oct.23, 2016

MATT: Taking a short break from writing … How about a #Droughtlander Q&A? 

FAN: which episodes have you written in s3? 
M:  I’m writing 2 eps and co-writing a third with #ToniGraphia

FAN: Have you finished filming Block 2 (episodes 3 & 4- correct?)?
*the episodes are not in sequence*
M: Not quite

FAN: where is your favourite spot in Scotland and can you speak any Gaelic?
M: No I cannot speak Gaelic

FAN: have you always had an interest in photography, I really enjoy your images.
M: Thank you … and yes, I’ve always loved photography

FAN: from season one to 3 and… To 4… Which is the most challenging?
M: each one is (was) challenging.

FAN: what will be your fav scene this season?… make a riddle if you please
M: I won’t put that into PRINT

FAN: any female directors for S3 and if so, can u reveal?
M: Yes!  and no i cannot…

FAN: What has been your favorite location or  interior set thus far of any of the seasons?
M: The Great Hall and the Star Chamber were both stunning in person and on camera Well done @jongarysteele and team

FAN: Do you ever get emotional for characters?
M: Of course… moving scenes move me.

FAN: how has it been in the writers room this season with all the new writers?
M: The new writers fit right in.  Smart, fun, love the books, and have tons of enthusiasm.

FAN: do you have a favourite quote from the books (that made its way into an episode you wrote perhaps)?
M: My favorites usually make into the episodes i write.

FAN: one average how long does it take to write an episode?
M: We generally take a month from outline to script but it can vary.  Hope that’s vague enough

FAN: how much is Print Shop going to make us cry a) a lot or b) a very lot?
M: I’m not sure… but there might not be enough tissue in the world.

FAN: Are you surprised by the passion of this fandom?
M: Only surprised at how personal it gets sometimes.  I think some forget we are people and have actual feelings

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I honestly think IR fandom should not celebrate this cover. I find it an insult to the fandom because it is just one more way for Kubo to get that last coin out of us. Just wait for how the contents will have Ichigo making googoo eyes at Inoue in those extra pages

I honestly think that if Kubo couldn’t draw Ichigo even LOOKING at Orihime in the colourspread, if he couldn’t draw Ichigo sparing even a SMILE for Orihime in the last chapter, then he’s really not going to draw anything REMOTELY like Ichigo making googly eyes at Orihime in the extra pages. I don’t think that man could draw mutually romantic IH to save his life.

I mean I’m perfectly aware of the fact that this might just be Kubo baiting us to the bitter end, but the fact that he did it in such a MASSIVE WAY WITH SUCH A PLACE OF HONOUR – THE GODDAMN FINAL VOLUME COVER?! AND BUCKING 15 YEARS OF SOLO COVERS FOR A SHARED COVER?! – is enough for me tbh. I don’t think people understand just how HUGE this is. FINAL VOLUME COVER OF A FRANCHISE. OF A FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD FRANCHISE. KUBO BUCKING HIS PRECIOUS COVER PAGE CONTINUITY TO PUT BOTH OF THEM ON THERE TOGETHER. This… if this is him bitterly baiting us like ‘lolol I bet those stupid irs will salivate all over this hahaha idiots’, then he shot himself in the foot because a shared final volume cover is just about the biggest honour he could have bestowed on any ship, ever. This is a place of honour. You don’t give someone a place of highest honour to SPITE them. That’s just not how this is done. If he wanted to shipbait, a new colour page with IR INSIDE the volume would have sufficed imo, maybe some omake sketches about them looking for ichika together post-686. But this….. this is not baiting. This is Kubo fucking crowning them as the driving force, the main focus of Bleach. Romantic or platonic, this is Kubo saying Bleach has always been about Ichigo and Rukia.

I think we’re due a little celebration.


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