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Kravitz is good

I love every taako


Q: Which member has a ‘DYNAMITE’ temper?



Hi, I’m a french black girl and went to myname’s concert in Paris last month. The show was awesome and I’ve just noticed going through my videos that there were a lot of staring going on. I’m actually pretty tall so you’d see me in a crowd but I never thought they had seen me.

I feel like I’m overreacting, and that maybe they were just zoning out and all, but i got so much pictures of them (especially jun q and insoo) zoning out in my direction that i want to believe that they were actually looking at me. Anyway here are some gif, tell me what you think :)

KM & BW: abs! and what they whispering about? Hmm! (¬‿¬) and girl, you know what you saw, these idols are known to stare a lot, so you’re not overacting, it’s just a lot to take in xD

Taako is a soft boi, TAZ Ep. 44
  • JUSTIN: I’m going to dig in there with my shovel. My new shovel.
  • GRIFFIN: How hard would you say you bury that bad boy in there?
  • JUSTIN: Like an inch and a half. And I’m like:
  • TAAKO: Ohh! Oh the labor!
  • CLINT, Imitating TAAKO: Oh the pain!!!!
  • GRIFFIN: Oh, I see. You’re having a hard time with it just because you don’t want to work very hard.
  • TAAKO: Yes, these beautiful hands! My beautiful hands aren’t used to this sort of thing!
  • MAGNUS: I can take a hint. I got it.
  • TRAVIS: I sit down and start digging with my hands.
  • TAAKO: Oh thank god! What a relief.
  • CLINT: I cast healing on poor Taako.
  • TAAKO: Oh, what a relief