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Possible code inside one of the vivala.me videos?

I was transcribing the video on the home page of vivala.me and I noticed that between 0:48 and 0:49, there were a large amount of seemingly random letters that flashed across the screen. I’ve typed them all up here in the order they appeared in case anyone wants to investigate this. (It could be nothing but then again it could be something)

v z n t r f ]

rv j pnb ?

pt h n l z = 

nr f l j x; h up q a e l 

mq e ki w : ermn x b ?

l p dj hv/ b oj kuy<

ko ci gu. a ni jtx; mzp

jn bhft - zmh isw: ivl

jn bhft - ylghr v/ gtj

IMAGES, x kf gqu. f s i x z c p

jn bhft - ylghr v/ gtj

IMAGES, x kf gqu. f s i x z c p

IMAGES, wj e f p t - dqg u w zm

IMAGES, wje fpt - cpf suxk

IMAGES, VIDEOS, cpf qsvi

IMAGES, VIDEOS, boe pruh

IMAGES, VIDEOS, boe oqtg




It’s clear to me that the final group of letters is “decoded” into meaning “images, videos, and more”, but I’m not sure if it’s a real code or just the correct number of randomly generated letters. However, the first half of the letters seem to be totally random in number and arrangement so maybe someone would like to take a look!

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my evangeline,

i did something i already regret. but, itll help me and you.

i said goodbye.

and, its going to fucking suck, not hearing your voice over the phone and not seeing your smile when we facetime. but it will be better for both of us. i can get clean. you can further your relationship with greg. you can be happier and healthier and ill find someone eventually.

my heart will always yearn for you, but it’ll learn to distract itself from the smell of your hair or the way your eyes flutter when you laugh.

ill find someone. you’ll find someone too. hell, maybe its greg.

youre still my evangeline.

i’ll still write to you.

you still mean more to me than life.

its better for both of us. i love you, but i can let myself be poisoned anymore, regardless on if you mean to or not. have fun with greg. i really hope he stays as amazing as you say he is.

-isaac, who’s still your guardian angel.

EARTH & FIRE - maui x reader

r e q u e s t e d
“Could I get a request with readerxMaui? The reader is another demigod but of the Fire and earth, she has lived with Moana’s family ever since Maui took the heart, but she has never really forgotten him. But she promises Moana’s grandmother that she will protect Moana so when they find Maui and he chits her in that cave, the reader gets mad and actually reveals herself sooner than planned. Sorry if that is too specific, if you can’t do that, that’s okay.”
|[1872 words]|

Y/N = your name

In this, you took a different appearance. Only small changes like covering your tattoos (which are basically like Maui’s) and changing your height.

◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤

 Maui… How long has it been since you had last seen Maui? You felt has if it had been thousands of years. And maybe it had.

 You closed your eyes, vaguely remembering his taunting smirk, his soft hair, his deep voice and his tattoos, recounting both of your exploits. You used to be best friend, or you liked to think a little more. Yet, your relationship had never really been established.

 You both had been saved by the Gods, him because his family had abandon him to the sea while yours had died in a storm. You had become demigods. Maui was the demigod of the wind and sea while you were the goddess of the earth and fire. Together, you had accomplished many feats. You had pulled island from the seas, extended the day by slowing down the sun, stole fire from the bottom of the earth to provide humans with light and warmth and many other things.

 But then, Maui had stolen the heart of Te Fiti. You had tried to stopped him, but he deeply thought that pleasing mans was his only way to be loved. You had find shelter in Motunui, the village warmly welcoming you. You had taken a new appearance as well: covering your tattoos while reducing your height.

 You frowned has you were snapped back to reality by someone calling your name. Sina was standing before you, a worried expression on her face. “Y/N? Are you alright?” she asked. “Yeah, sorry, I got distracted,” you responded with a small smile.

 You went back to work, collecting coconuts as Moana watched from afar with a frown. Later that day, the chief’s daughter approached you. “Are you sure everything’s fine?” she demanded, “You kinda looked sad earlier.”

 "It was nothing, I was just lost in thought,“ you explained. The young girl looked unsure, but let it go: “If you say so…”

 "I was planning on visiting Gramma, do you want to come with me?“ she questioned. A smile flashed onto your face. "Of course, you know how much I love Tala, she’s like a second mother to me.”

 The sun was setting, causing a orange-pink hue to invade the sky. A small fire was lit in Gramma Tala’s tent as you both were sited on opposite side. You were deeply looking in the fire that you had created using your powers.

 "Tala, there’s something wrong. Aren’t there?“ you suddenly asked. There was a silence before the elder women answered: "Yes… When Maui took the heart, he caused a great malediction to fall upon the world. I fear that life is fading away from our earth.”

 "Is that why I’ve been weakened? I feel like my powers are diminishing. Like, I’m losing them,“ you realize. "It may be a reason. But, I think I’ve found the solution. Moana is the one that will restore the heart of Te Fiti,” Tala informed. “What? But that would mean that she’d have to pass through Te Ka, you can’t let her go a suicide mission,” you protested.

 "I believe in her abilities, and so should you. The ocean was the one to choose her. I want you to accompany her on her quest,“ the elder replied. You thought for a second as to what this quest implied: "Alright. I promise to do everything to protect her.”

 "I know you will. But, you will need help along the way. You will need to find Maui,“ Tala said. "What? No. No way,” you laughed. 

 "And why is that?“
 "I- He- He won’t help us.”
 "That is why you will convince him.“

 "I can’t,” you exclaimed, losing your temper. Unshaken, Tala unconvincingly looked at you. You continued: “I- I just feel like… Like I gave everything to Maui, but he- he never gave something back. He just took it and then threw it away because he thought it wasn’t enough for him…”

 "Y/N… Everyone makes mistake. And I believe that Maui may have made more than others. He will listen to you. Don’t you want to see him again?“ Tala asked. You were silent for some time, thinking about the question.

 "Fine, I’ll convince him.”

 You woke up, startled, when water crashed on you. Sitting up, you coughed as you observe the area around you, shielding your eyes from the blinding light of the sun. You found Moana laying a few feet away and you remembered the event of last night.

 You had been caught in a storm, which had thrown you and the younger girl to the raging sea. You caught sight of your boat higher on the island’s beach and thanked the god for their gratefulness. At least, you hadn’t lost your ship.

 Getting up, you headed to Moana who was slowly starting to wake up. She opened her eyes, meeting yours, and muttered a small “Hey”.

 You chuckled, helping her to her feet. “Are you alright?” you questioned. The girl nodded before sarcastically adding: “Aside from learning only yesterday that the weight of the world rested on my shoulders, that I have to fight a giant lava monster, that I have to find Maui and that YOU are is fellow hero, the demigoddess of the Earth and Fire, everything is just peachy.”

 You grimaced at her way of putting it. “I’m sorry for not telling you…” you apologized, looking away. The girl’s gaze softened: “It’s okay.”

 Followed by Moana, you approached your boat, which was on its side. “Boat! A boat!” a male voice suddenly exclaimed from the other side of the ship. You saw Maui’s form appeared on your side: “The Gods have given me a- AAH!”

 The demigod yelped as he came face to face with Moana and you, but he quickly regained composure. You were frozen in place while Moana stepped forward.

 "Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea. I am Moana-“ the younger girl started. "Hero of Man,” Maui suddenly cut her off.

 "Wh-What?“ the fazed girl stammered. "It’s actually Maui, shapeshifter, hero of Man. I interrupted, from the top, hero of Man. Go,” Maui explained. Moana took a large breath: “I am Mo-”

 "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. And women. Man and women. Both. All. Not a guy-girl thing. Ah, you know, Maui is a hero to all. You’re doing great,“ the demigod added. The girl glanced at you, taking notice of the deep frown decorating your face. "What? No, I came here to-” she tied to explain.

 "Oh, of course, of course. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Maui always has time for its fans. When you use a bird to write it, it’s called tweeting. I know, not everyday you get a chance to meet your hero.“

 "Always has time for his fans, but not for his friends,” you muttered under your breath. It still was enough to attract Maui’s attention. He looked intrigued by you, but, before he could say anything, Moana added: “You are not my hero. And I’m not here so you can sign my oar. I’m here because you stole the heart of Te Fiti and you will board my boat, sail across the sea, and put it back.”

 "Yeah… It almost sounds like you don’t like me, which is impossible because I got stuck here for a thousand years, trying to get the heart as a gift for you mortals so you could have the power to create life itself. Yeah. So what I believe you were trying to say is ‘thank you’,“ the demigod said. Moana, for her part, looked utterly confused while your eyebrow was twitching.

 "Thank you?” she repeated. “You’re welcome,” a smirking Maui replied. Moana’s eyes widened: “Wait, no, no, no. I-I didn’t- I wasn’t- why would I ever say-" 

 As Maui started singing, you were extremely surprised. The demigod had never really sung while with you. But, when actually hearing him sing, it was easy to get distract and dance along to his voice.

 "Thank you!” Maui exclaimed as he pushed both of you in the cavern and sealed off the opening with a giant rock. Moan gasped while you stared, mouth hanging in indignation. “Hey, let us out! You lying, slummy, son of a- ARGH!” the girl screamed in anger as she turned to you.

 You gritted your teeth and, eyes wide, Moana took a few steps away from you. You approached the rock with a dangerous smile, before punching it with all your strength.

 A surprised Maui, whom was currently preparing to sail, watched as the rock was propelled away from the island far into the sea. With a dumbfound look, Maui turned back to the island, watching as you stalked towards him with an angered expression while Moana trailed behind you with a sheepish smile.

 "You are an egotistical stubborn idiot, Maui! Have you never realize that I gave you all my love! Wasn’t it enough? I loved you with all my heart, but you threw it out to the sea!“ you exclaimed while Maui looked at you in shocked.

 In the heat of the moment, you hadn’t realized that you had lost your disguise, taking back your demigoddess’ form. Tattoos now were covering your body, symbols of your exploits with Maui, your silhouette now stood tall beside Moana, arriving at Maui’s height.

 ”… Y/N? Is that you?“ the demigod asked. Your eyes widened and you finally realized that you were back to your original form. You stiffly nodded. Maui stared at you before he stuttered, which took you by surprise: "I- I… I never knew, Y/N… I-”

 There was a long silence in which Moana’s gaze continuously switched from Maui to you and vice versa. After some time, you turned to the younger girl.

 "Let’s go, Moa. I knew it was going to happen. I don’t even know why we came here to begin with…“ you dejectedly shook your head. You started to walk away, when you were suddenly stopped by Maui.

 The demigod gently took your arm. You turned back, confused, only for Maui to take you in his arm, holding you close to him. Your eyes widened comically as Moana stammered that she would wait further away.

 "I’m so, so sorry, Y/N… You are right… I do am an idiot. I-I never realized that you wanted to be more than friend. I always thought that our relation was solely platonic, and, for that, I was wrong…” Maui said, “I love you too, Y/N.”

 He deposed a kiss on your forehead. “I was simply hurt…” you whispered, hugging him close, knowing that obtaining an apology from him wasn’t an easy task. “And you had every right to. I… acted like an asshole. I was only thinking of myself back then, and I made a mistake, losing you in the process. I promise I’m gonna win you back, I’m gonna help you and Moana with her quest, I-“ Maui said.

 You cut in off by planting your lips on his. The rest of his sentence vanished into nothingness as he returned the gesture with eagerness. When you finally separated, he was wearing the smirk he was known for.

 "You already did… Win me back that is,” you explained, “You still have to help Moana and I, though.”

 He simply nodded.


vamo fingi que tem algo legal escrito aqui
























































Sigam esses tambri que parecem uns pãozinho doce de tão lindinhos que são

E também me sigam @radio-via-dagem troco nudes

Por hoje é só beijos de luz no core fiquem com Inês