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Darn shame they don’t teach us in school or at the doctor’s office that greens and other superfoods powerfully and quickly raise our ‘vibration’ and that the earth is full of sacred medicine for thriving, healing and elevating on this journey on so many levels. But so glad the masses are awakening (wooohooo) and taking matters into our own hands, day by day.

The Main Point Here:
GREENS and other SuperFoods powerfully and quickly raise your vibration, regulate the blood stream, detox your system, regulate emotional energy and elevate your mind/body frequency. It’s the shizzle!!!! (Snoop Dog voice).

Cheers, cheers, cheers to being whole, taking control of your mind and body and to being in awesome-high vibrational health! Now drink up!
》Sending love always, Lalah Delia | Vibrate Higher Daily


“hey neo why come you spend more time establishing fan stories and personality traits on a video game character instead of focusing on your original work?“

 "shut up brain before I stab you with a Q-tip." 

Propeller of Roses is just a side project I think about a lot and oftentimes draw (as well as post) in small increments here and there. It’s a story that depicts Propeller’s life as a sky pirate (with details on his origin and motives via flashbacks or whatever), among other things.

These notes are just a mash of ideas, scenarios, and character tics (rough as they are) on Propeller for a concept I’ll never actually do; they’re just fun world building shenangians.