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Q: What is the difference between SJ and D&E?
Hyuk:maybe its because of the strong image from ‘oppa oppa’, D&E gives people a very cheerful image. Although SJ is also like that,we have a very cute twin feel,and we introduce a different style in our music.so we hope that everyone will see it this way.
Q:You must have given a lot of opinions on this album?
Hae:yes,we prepared for more than a year,our company’s A&R team has suffered a lot.
Hyuk:they must have been really irritated.because if we dont like it they will have to change it,and if they dont like our opinion we will have to change it too.
Hae: we have lots of thoughts about this album and we are very happy with the discussions.
Q:When did you let your moms hear the song ‘mother’?
Hae:they heard it for the first time during the showcase.
Q:Wow they must be so touched?
Hae:my mom sent me a message full of heart shapes.
Hyuk:my mom sent me a really long message.
Q:If we count in trainee days,the two of you have spent half of your lives together?
Hyuk:we met when we were 15.yes,its exactly half.
Q:After knowing each other for so long,are there any good points of one another that people dont know?
Hyuk:we are suprisingly different from what people see us as.for example donghae,people think that he is a cold and picky city guy,but that’s because he has not been on many variety shows.
Hae:not city guy…it’s village guy..
Hyuk:but he is really not like that.after knowing him for so long you will go “ah he is really a mokpo boy” .he is very easy going and compared to me he is easier to get along with.you can get close to donghae easily but you need to spend more time with me in order to get close to him.so what you see is different from what we really are.
Q:Donghae,do you feel this way too?
Hae:yes,he is very handsome (implying that what we see on screen is different from real life)
Hyuk:can i curse?what is this?are you playing with me?
Q:You really handsome..
Hyuk:ah no,aish this kid is really…
Hae:hahaha i know what i like and dislike very obviously,if he didnt suit me i would have ignored him.but eunhyuk always give in to me.To be honest, staying up for 2 days would be really tiring.But Eunhyuk says “its o.k ,we can go for a movie then i will sleep!”. i have changed a lot. In the past i was an introvert and didnt smile much.if i greet a sunbae and he ignores me ,i will feel very hurt.now i am a normal person and not a sunbae ,so i feel that i should get close to people first and say hi .Eunhyuk is someone who is hard to get close to but once you hang out with him ,you will realize that he will never hate anyone .it makes people envious.
Q: How to get into Eunhyuk’s friend circle?
Hyuk: You need to be able to drink.
Q: But Donghae doesn’t drink..
Hyuk: I started drinking not long ago too. I first drank when I was 27.
Q: SJ is a big group, so there must be differences in interests. Do the two of you have the same interests?
Hyuk: For eg, if we are going to drink, bc Donghae doesn’t know how to drink, I will accompany the hyungs to drink. And I’ll accompany Donghae to the movies and also the Han river.
Hae: He finds me whenever he wants to watch a movie.
Hyuk: Also when you want to eat supper!
Hae: Ah when I can’t sleep or want supper I’ll go find Eunhyuk too.
Hyuk: It’s very funny. Just when I’m about to sleep I’ll hear someone pressing the passcode at the entrance and then he enters my room without knocking the door and asks me to go eat with him, and sometimes take videos.
Hae: hahahahaha
Hyuk: So in the end I’ll go eat with him and I’ll always regret the next day during filming.
Hae: I make sure that Eunhyuk can’t reject me, because I’ll keep whispering into his ear. “We should talk about this.” Then if he replies, “ah, what do you want to talk about?” Then I’ll have succeeded. I’ll then say “come out, let’s talk over a meal.”
Q:What are the food that you guys always eat during overseas schedules?
Hyuk:In Japan,we will eat ramen the moment we step down the plane.it has to be the spiciest.Because we really like spicy food we have a fav restaurant that we go after concerts.we will eat hot pot in China,pepper crab in Singapore .it’s all booked.
Q:So during the food tour is Donghae with you?
Hyuk:yes! although it’s hard to walk around together,when it comes to eating,we are always together!
Q:Because of D&E japan tour your friendship has improved,and it must have also taught you some stuff?
Hyuk:although singing and dancing are the basics ,its important to “breathe” during the concert . we need to be interesting so we often play on the stage and extend a 2 hours concert to 3 and ½ hours.now we and fans seem to have more chemistry,and we seem to know what fans like..
Q:So what should we do on stage?
Hyuk:Firstly Donghae I have very different images! Donghae has a manly image whereas I am a funnier image. So when we play on stage, and bicker around, fans seem to really like it a lot.
Q: Is Donghae funny around members?
Hyuk: No he’s not funny at all haha
Hae: I blabber a lot.
Hyuk: But there are people who like to hear you blabber. Compared to trying to be funny on varieties, the atmosphere is very important. Donghae is the type who can get away with acting cute, so he’s trying very hard for varieties.
Hae: I am very scared of that aspect, other members are doing very well.
Q: SJ has a very funny image. Is it a worry?
Hae: During varieties when I don’t speak I will think “why can’t I speak well?” “Why can I say witty comments like my members?” I feel that the other guest will not accept what I say because we are strangers. Eunhyuk does it really well like as if he’s almost flying.
Hyuk: no that is because I’m often doing shows with Teuk hyung and Shindong hyung so I’m very comfortable, but because I hardly do shows alone my skills seem to have deteriorated…
Hae: There’s one time I asked “what kind of thoughts do they have in life ( in order to be excelling in varieties)?”
Hyuk: haha that’s right. He came to me and asked “what do you always think of?”
Q: So what do you think of?
Hyuk: uh…. that… I just do it very well.
Hae: I was stressed out for a really long time. During the first time he really took care of me a lot and give me a lot of chances compared to other members… but in the end…
Q:After getting so much love for so long,won’t you get complacent with it?
Hae:no i will never.
Hyuk:yes i really want to say that too.
Q:Not even once?that feeling of getting all the attention with just a wag of the finger?
Hae:i really have never had such thoughts.
Hyuk:if we can get a attention by wagging a finger now,i aim to do so by breathing the next time.
Q:There must  be a lot of fans who confesses during fansigns?will you accept?
Hae:hmmm let me consider…haha just kidding!
Hyuk: actually i’ve thought about “how does it feel to date with a fan?will she really like everything about me ?”
Q:Isn’t that every fan’s dream??!
Hyuk:but it won’t come true!because other fans are important as well~so don’t worry!
Q: (referring to hyuk’s previous comment about breathing to get attention)
Hyuk:i also don’t know .although it feels like love but it doesnt feel so either.although we have a lot of fans we still want more,and we can’t help it.sometimes when we perform overseas we will think “really,which part of us do they like?” .we really want to meet more fans from more places.when we are recording and when we are filming MV.. we really want to meet overseas fans!
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150806 VIXX First Showcase in Orlando
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Q: What is your ringtone?
Ravi: What is mine?
N: Isn’t it a bird sound?
Ravi: Ah that is my calling melody. 


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