q please

step one: anime icon and usage of AAVE despite hating black people

step two: no understanding of complex politics or basic reading comprehension skills (i said she was gonna tread on you, bro. because you and your friends like to jerk off into those annoying yellow flags with the snake on them. it’s joke?)

step three: ????

step four: no one profits, because your reactionary populist rhetoric accomplishes nothing except validating your own inflated sense of racial and temporal superiority while ignoring real world issues and allowing innocents to suffer. you’re the trash man from garbage mountain.

Saeran's Route
  • MC: Saeran, can I rest my head on your shoulder~?
  • Saeran: ...N-Not while we’re in public.
  • MC: *pouts*
  • Saeyoung : You can use my shoulder~
  • Saeran: *pulls her and forcefully makes her rest her head on his shoulder without saying a word*
  • MC and Saeyoung: *brief sparkly thumbs up*

“I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.”


  • Jumin: How could you possibly get into this much trouble in one day?
  • 707: It didn't take me the whole day.