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Q'orianka Kilcher as Mya Stone // requested by @valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl

Slim and sinewy, Mya looked as tough as the old riding leathers she wore beneath her silvery ringmail shirt. Her hair was black as a raven’s wing, so short and shaggy that Alayne suspected that she cut it with a dagger. Mya’s eyes were her best feature, big and blue. Yes, she thought, looking at her now, those are his eyes, and she has his hair too, the thick black hair he shared with Renly.


The Legend of Korra - Fan Cast

Several fan casts I’ve seen have been casting white people in the roles. For a show that represents poc I thought a live action version should do likewise. Some of these (Iroh, Wan, etc.) are their original voice actors because they still fit the role perfectly. 

Korra – Q'orianka Kilcher  
Mako – Yoshua Sudarso
Bolin – Brandon Soo Hoo
Asami – Jessika Van
Tenzin – Tsering Dorjee
Lin – Ming Na Wen
Tarrlok – Kalani Queypo
Amon – Sean Wei Mah
Jinora – Chloe Luthi
Ikki – Mana Ashida
Meelo – Ian Chen
Katara – Tantoo Cardinal
Lieutenant – Ian Anthony Dale
Hiroshi – Daniel Dae Kim
Iroh – Dante Basco
Pema – Maggie Q
Aang – Neten Chokling
Toph – Bae Doona
Sokka – Tod Thawley
Yakone – Tatanka Means
Tunraq – Michael Spears
Senna – MorningStar Angeline
Unaloq – Jay Tavare
Wan – Steven Yeun
Eska – Devery Jacobs
Desna – John Reddy
Kya – Michelle Thrush
Bumi – James Saito
Varrick – Darrell Dennis
Zhu Li – Nichole Bloom
Raiko – Jason Scott Lee
Aang – Tenzin Gyatso*
Zaheer – John Abraham
P’Li – Liz Cambage
Ghazan – Takeshi Kaneshiro
Ming Hua – Lucy Liu
Kai – Partho Gupte
Queen Hou Ting – Joan Chen
Su Yin – Tia Carrere
Opal – Tanaya Beatty
Zuko – George Takei
Iroh – Randall Duk Kim
Aiwei – Kamal Haasan
Bataar Sr. – Lou Diamond Phillips
Bataar Jr. – Sam Milby
Wei + Wing –  Jourdan + Jeremy Steel
Huan – Remy Hii
Kuivra – Yuqi Zhang
Wu – Ranbir Kapoor
Toph – Tsai Chin

*Maybe unrealistic but the Dalai Lama himself making a cameo as Aang would be amazing. 


Pocahontas as a live action film: for sopettyandtiny

Julia Jones as Pocahontas

Chris Hemsworth as John Smith

Q'orianka Kilcher as Nakoma

Mark Addy as Governor Ratcliffe

Dwayne Johnson as Powhatan

Eddie Redmayne as Thomas

Michael Hudson as Kocoum


Pan Trailer where everything is the same except that Neel Sethi plays Peter Pan and Q'orianka Kilcher plays Tiger Lily

Blackbeard: “We have an ancient prophecy from the fairy kingdoms who lived on this island. The prophecy tells of a boy, born of the love between a fairy prince and a human girl. The boy would be disappeared from this world, until he was old enough to return and lead an uprising against me. The boy, so says the prophecy, who could fly.”

(not all gifs are mine)


Alternative FC’s for Katniss Everdeen

If you don’t feel like using Jennifer for your Katniss Everdeen, I’m here to offer a few alternatives.  In the books, Katniss’ exact ethnicity is not specified, but she is described as having black hair, grey eyes, and olive skin. These actresses could represent her at a few different ages, depending on how old you would like to play her.  Most of these actresses have also been in dramatic productions that would give them various gifs with action, fighting, and/or weaponry. 

Julia Jones - 35 (African American, Native American, English)

Lindsey Morgan - 25 (Mexican, Irish)

Zendaya Coleman - 19 (African American, German, Irish, English)

Kelsey Chow - 24 (Chinese, Native American, English)

Q‘orianka Kilcher - 25 (Native Peruvian, German, English, Belgian)

Chloe Bennet - 23 (Chinese, English, Scottish, Irish, German)


LOK Fancast - The Krew (pictures are edited of course)

Korra - Q'orianka Kilcher (Quecha-Huachipaeri/German)
Asami Sato - Arden Cho (Korean American)
Mako - Sung Joon (South Korean)
Bolin - Andre Paras (Filipino)


Pocahontas I and II (1995 and 1998)

Q'orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas
Charlie Hunnam as John Smith
Clive Owen as Ratcliffe
Tom Hardy as John Rolfe

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