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My ask box is always open!

So recently, I’ve been feeling sad about my lack of interaction with my readership. This is mostly my fault, since I am a socially awkward recluse (weirdly, doubly awkward on social media). But as much as I struggle with conversation about real people and things, I love any excuse to talk about my books and fiction in general. So, if you ever have any questions about the Theonite Series (even dumb, weird questions like ‘what’s the Yammaninke word for aardvark?’ or ‘how often does this character brush their teeth?’) don’t hesitate to ask!

Also, writing advice! I know I don’t really blog about my writing process (it’s personal and confusing) but I’m always willing to discuss it or offer advice to anyone who has questions. World-building and conlanging are my favorite rambling topics, but go ahead and ask any writing thing.

The ask box of destiny

a. he is stiff and silent;
you carry his body in your arms
and you can feel the coldness of space
being siphoned from him

he saved you all;
you always said he was a sacrificial bastard

b. you are the earth and he is your sun;
no longer does he revolve around your orbit-

q. what does the earth do when the sun is destroyed?
a. it implodes.

c. darling lion, my good man,
my golden healer;
first you ask for a miracle, a serum for revival
and then slowly break your own soul,
trying so desperately to reignite the sun.

q. have you ever asked yourself,
just what you would do for this man?

a. anything

d. “do not play at god,” you swore.
golden healer-
lion doctor-
earth of the sun-

e. you poor fool

—  darling heart,my golden healer; it is indeed possible to love too much // k.eliza for @speedstrr