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Q&A With the Crow Crew
  • Kaz: What is the best part about Christmas? *looks at Inej*
  • Inej: New knives!
  • Jesper: Mixing alcohol with eggnog and getting drunk and cuddling ;)
  • Wylan: The tree. And putting presents under the tree. And opening presents under the tree. And kissing under the tree DID I MENTION THE TREE *blushes*
  • Nina: Christmas food. All of it.
  • Nina: This is where you tell us how horrible we are Matthias
  • Matthias, dressed as a tree, half buried in gifts: Why do I associate myself with you people anymore...
GOT7 at an Airport

Jaebum: stressed out af, simultaneously trying to calculate connecting flight times while on the phone with the airline about bambam’s missing luggage. More than once yells, “everyone quiet, I just need a second to think!!”

Mark: giant headphones but he’s not actually listening to music. Bought a pretzel at an airport-only food chain. Tries to pretend like he’s not on vacation with the fam, until Jaebum snaps at him to plz just help out and take the younger ones to the bathroom

Jinyoung: has an excel spreadsheet of everything he needs for the flight. Stands in a twenty minute long Starbucks line ~because~. Ignores a call from Yugyeom asking for a frappucino. Buys three books at an airport store and falls asleep halfway through the first one.

Jackson: Runs through security screaming, “VACTION!” Forgets his phone on the conveyor belt. Purchases ten bags of chocolate because it’s “duty free” and eats five before he takes-off. Somehow manages to board with the priority group because he made a friend in line at the bathroom.  

Bambam: Is held up by security for ten minutes because of all the mini bottles of shampoo he brought. Finds that one outlet by the gate and uses it until the last second before boarding. Sprays himself with cologne from the airport shops. Finds yugyeom when he gets lost from the group. Brought ten suitcases, checked nine of them.

Yugyeom: Misses the tram to the gate bc he’s watching a dance compilation on his phone. Ten minutes later he’s still working up the courage to ask a girl for directions when bambam finds him.  Has one backpack he packed his stuff in, is planning on stealing Jinyoung’s shampoo at the hotel later.

Youngjae: Follows Jaebum around saying, “CHECK” whenever something gets accomplished. Watches planes landing and announces whenever an incoming flight is delayed. Insists on the middle seat, even though no one asked. Does the sign of the cross before take-off.


PJO Headcanon #44 - Annual Holiday Party

Every December Annabeth and Percy hold an annual winter holiday party. Percy and Annabeth wear matching Christmas sweaters and Annabeth thinks it’s stupid (Percy, our parents are Greek gods, we’re not Christian… .) (BUT SANTA), but she goes along with it because of how Percy’s face lights up every time somebody mentions Christmas and how happy he gets, so she puts on the sweater. Percy also tried to get her to wear reindeer antlers, but Annabeth refused them, so Percy trots around the party solo with his reindeer antlers.