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I’ve came across a few minor artists, and I feel they make pretty pleasant-looking stuff! Rather than credit them each individually, I’d like to compile them all here. Hope you all can support these cool artists!!!: @captain-emperormaximus, @rotmgmoddy, @trash-mart, @marookooart and last, but not least, @pennaddict. Keep doing what you do best!

Blood in the Water (You x EXO Kai) [Star Wars!au]

[RATED: For language and situation! Nothing too critical, but just to warn you~^^]


“Do you feel the weight of it in your palm? What do you think?”

“It’s heavier than I thought it’d be. Are you really going to use something like this?”

“Of course.” Your best friend Kai gives you a silly smile. “Try switching it on. It’s cool, I promise.”

You ease the black button into the ON position, gasping when a weightless jet of orange light streams into the darkness of your backyard. This kind of weapon was all but banned in the world you lived in…and yet Kai had managed to get his hands on one. His arms encircle you, and you watch the glowing beam of light slice through the air with ease.

“Do you know how to use it?”

“Not yet.” He eases it out of your palm, the orange glow illuminating his face. “But I’ll learn. Do you know what the most important rule is?”

You shake your head. “No.”

“Only use it to defend yourself.” He says solemnly. 

“Why?” You tilt your head. Lightsabers were the most dangerous form of weaponry on this side of the planet. Why wouldn’t it be used to attack others?

“Because.” He locks eyes with yours. “You can’t be reckless. Someone might get hurt.”


Kai’s words linger in your mind as you face a patrol guard, who was scanning your saber permit as you stood in front of the city gates. Two years ago, you had never even seen a lightsaber, and now there was one buried in the bottom of your bag. The government had had countless debates on whether citizens should be allowed to have them, but that battle had been lost months ago. It was no longer illegal to carry them, but everyone had to be searched before entering in the city. 

“Everything seems to be in order.” He finally hands your licence and permit back to you. “Open the gate.” With trembling hands, you fold the paper and tuck it into the back pocket of your jeans.

This part of the city was mostly abandoned at this time. You pass derelict buildings and trash-lined sidewalks, walking quickly to avoid being late. Once upon a time, Planet 844 had been beautiful and constantly busy, filled with shops and tourists. You had the best views of the galaxy, and the capital city was sparkling with new buildings and important headquarters. But that era was long gone–after the Dark Side had taken over, nothing was the same.

It only takes a few minutes to reach the front door of your part time job. You worked at Q Mart, a late-night convenience and grocery shop. It was small, owned by a an old couple who were too old to work the night shifts. Usually the only customers around this time were old men seeking a hot bowl of ramyun and high school students looking for candy and the latest manhwa. But the late night hours enabled you to pay rent for the shitty basement apartment you rented just inside the city walls. 

“You’re here.” A lazy voice calls out to you as you retrieve your green apron from the hook by the door. “It’s about time.”

“Did you wait long?” You offer a smile to your co-worker, Byun Baekhyun, who wears a bored expression behind the counter. A lollipop pinched between his lips, he scoffs and turns up the volume on the TV. “Well, I’m going to be here all night, so it doesn’t matter anyway.”

You smile a bit. Most people would be turned off by such a bad attitude, but you knew that if there was anyone misunderstood in life, it was Baekhyun.

He was the son of a rich family from the capital city–his parents were both influential politicians. He’d been disinherited a few months ago after refusing to go to university, and that’s how he’d ended up here. At first glance, he was just a pretty boy with a bad temper, but he was actually pretty lonely. Few people still spoke to him from his old life, so for the most part, he only had you.

“Want to come over later?” You flick a dozing Baekhyun on the forehead, waking him up. “I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Only if you make pancakes.” He smiles even though his eyes are closed. This was your normal routine: clean-up, close-up, and then to the nearest diner for breakfast. You were a little low on cash this month, so for the time being, you were cooking for yourself. 

You spend most of your shift tidying the aisles and restocking the shelves. A few people come in to make purchases; a bag of chips here, a soda there. Other than the soft sound of Baekhyun snoring and the TV, it’s quiet. You glance at the TV on your way by with the mop; constant images of the Queen, ruler of the planet and head of the government, flash across the screen. By the time 2 AM rolls around, it’s already closing time.

“Ready to go?” Baekhyun yawns, shrugging on his jacket. “I locked up the register already.”

“Sure.” You nod. “Let me close up the stock room and I’ll be right out.”

You head to the back, pushing some boxes out of the way and setting up for the morning shift. Suddenly your phone rings, and you dig into your pocket to get it. 


“Is this ____?”

The voice on the other line is frantic, and you don’t recognize the number. “Yes. Who is this?”

“Do you know Kai? Kim Kai?”

Your voice catches in your throat, and for a moment, time slows to a stop. It has been almost two years since you’d even seen or spoke to your best friend. Rumor on the street was that he’d gotten into some serious trouble, but that he’d become one of the best jedi in the city. Jedi were specially trained fighters and highly valued in the galaxy. Some of them were even like celebrities. 

But you knew he was part of the Underground–a ring of jedi who handled some of the more illegal tasks in the city. They were a variety of things: assassins for hire, errand boys, hustlers. They were considered traitors and troublemakers, and were put through high-profile trials if they were caught.

“Yes.” You answer slowly. “Why?”

[”He got jumped in the subway station. He’s outnumbered and in pretty bad shape, so if he matters to you, you should probably come now.”]

“Who is this?” You demand. “How did you know to call me?”

[”There were only two numbers in his phone, but the other one didn’t pick up. I would hurry if I were you!”]

The line cuts off instantly, and a second later, a text message comes through with the location. You stare at it for a moment, dumbfounded. Kai had abandoned you, leaving without a word or a way to contact him. Now he needed help, and somehow, that burden had fallen on you.

“Hey.” Baekhyun knocks on the door frame, tilting his head curiously. “Are we leaving or what?”

“We’re going to take a little detour.” You swallow hard, gripping your phone. “My friend is in trouble.”


“Um, what are we doing here?”

Baekhyun stands with you at the top of stairs gripping your arm, staring into the mouth of the subway tunnel. Fluorescent lights cast a blue glow across the tile walls, and the sounds of people jeering echo off the walls. “I’m going down there.” You reply decisively. 

Baekhyun stares in shock. “What are you doing?” He whispers harshly. “You have no idea who’s down there! As your friend, you are completely insane if you think I’m going to let you just waltz in there and- ”

You jerk out of his grasp. “Either you come with me, or you stay here.”

He glares. “Fine.” He snaps grumpily after a moment. “But promise me you won’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t.” You murmur. “Come on.”

In the bowels of the city, a group of bystanders have circled the scene. Three men dressed in black surround a heap of person on the floor–presumably Kai–beating him without hesitation. “Did you think I wouldn’t find you?” A fourth man shouts at him. “Did you think you could just run away?” Although they brandish only pipes and broken bottles, they’ve done more than enough damage. Even from far away, you can see blood smeared across the tiles and concrete.

You push your way to the center with Baekhyun at your elbow. “Hey! Leave him alone!”

They stop for only a moment, looking at you and laughing. “Just stay out of the way.” A man with deep scar in his cheek growls at you. “I would hate for something to happen to you, too.” 

“Try it.”

The electric hum of your saber silences the crown, drawing everyone’s eyes to you. “Where did you get that?” Baekhyun hisses. “What happened to not doing anything stupid?!”

“I said, leave him alone.” You warn, ignoring him. 

“Well, aren’t you just a brave little bitch?” They don’t miss a beat. You stare at the glow of four sabers, all of them pointed at you. Baekhyun growls behind you, and he pulls out his own saber, twirling it in his hand. “Leave it to you to get us caught up in some deep shit.” He sighs, standing beside you. “There’s no backing out now, is there?”

“No.” You take in the scene with your eyes as most everyone flees. “Afraid not.”


Hi everyone! So many of you have been wondering where I’ve gone and if I’m still writing! Truth be told, I’m entering my last year of university soon, so I’ve been super busy! The blog has been a bit quiet, but I’ve been around~ Please be patient with me as I answer your asks and catch up on scenarios! School has been a little stressful, but I’ve got a handle on things! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I really like doing au scenarios, so when I saw EXO’s MV for Star Wars, I wanted to give it a shot! I’m trying to get back into the groove of writing, so there’s definitely more to come! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! ~Jjangpanda