q mart


I like to refer to Worf, son of Mohg, as the “Throne Giver”, because on SEVEN (if arguably not more) separate occasions he directly determined the Chancellor of the High Council.

1.He took discomendation in order to stifle the Duras plots on the Chancellorship, and save the K'mpeQ Chancellory until his murder.!

2. He killed Duras in revenge for the murder of his mate Q'ehlarr, thus paving the way for G'owron to claim the throne.

3. He supported G'owron during the House Duras insurgency, Romulan intervention, and civil war with crucial, balance tipping forces.

4. He supported the Q'haless clone and kept the Empire out of turmoil, and G'owron on the throne.

5. He essentially led the covert mission to smoke out the changeling, and prevent more damage to the Empire and G'owrons faulty leadership. In all likelihood saving him from a challenge.

6. He followed Q'or on his quest for Q'haless bat'leth, cooling his jets when the power of the sword went to Q'ors head and he started hatching plots to seize the Empire from G'owron.

7. He personally slew G'owron yet did not claim the throne, handing it to MarT'Q.

That being said, is there a better, more fit name for the son of M'ohg?