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- (not a feel) can high temperature(like really hot days) cause sensory overload? -helena beat asks


- Am I selectively mute even if I can talk in the situations where I’m not naturally able? I force myself to talk because it’s socially expected and I have to, but it’s hard and I’d rather not. I’m really good at faking it, but I actually have to force it.

Yes, I think so.

- all of my usual go-to blogs for these types of questions aren’t active so i was wondering if you or some followers would be able to tell me if there’s a separate name for something i’ve always called “verbal dyslexia,” saying syllables in the wrong order or removing them all together?? also is it part of dyslexia to replace letters that don’t look alike but sometimes have similar sounds (like clean accidentally becoming klean, impulse to empulse)?? thanks 🌕

I would say verbal/oral dyslexia. It could also be a symptom of auditory processing disorder. I don’t think there is a specific other word than verbal dyslexia? There is a term called aphasia but it is caused by brain injury so it is a different thing.

- (Maybe a little time sensitive cause anxiety is killing me) iiaat that i dont really feel sad/angry over this whole Manchester tragedy? I feel kinda bad for not feeling anything… Does not caring make me an awful person?

You are not a bad person. Having issues with caring is okay, and it is also okay to not care. It might be too exhausting, especially for people who are spoonies (have limited energy which goes away easily, which can be the case for someone who is autistic). Also people who have issues with compassion/empathy/sympathy are not bad or evil.

whenever i talk about my girlfriend around straight people, a few things usually happen; they go quiet, the atmosphere changes, someone changes the topic very quick, etc. (which are similar “methods” for people to ignore and distance someone they feel doesn’t belong in the group, you know?) i usually say things like “oh, my girlfriend loves that movie!” or “my girlfriend is great at computers so she always helps me when mine is acting up”, ya know, regular everyday things that relate to the topic we are discussing. lately i’ve really started to realize why the entire mood usually changes with me mentioning of my girlfriend - straight people always feel like gay people are oversharing just by mentioning their partner. to straight people, i’m overstepping some kind of boundary just by mentioning that i have a girlfriend. to them, me saying “my girlfriend” is entirely synonymous with me out of the blue saying “i am a lesbian”, a statement that is somehow inherently oversharing and too much information, as well as a real quick and easy way of involuntarily distancing myself from the group that i in that moment am not fully a part of anymore.

i want to like. make a list of not-str8 historical figures bc ppl are tagging that walt whitman post like “omg wait really” & honestly yall deserve better.

Like, you know who wasn’t straight? Charlotte Bronte, who wrote Jane Eyre. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who wrote Swan Lake. E.M. Forster, who wrote A Passage to India. Marcel Proust. Henry James. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Virginia Woolf. Herman Melville. Michelangelo. Leonardo Da Vinci. Socrates. William fucking Shakespeare.

And these are just (a few of) the ones we known about, because there’s a storied history of coded messages in literature that mean we are often looking gay metaphors in the face and not understanding them. We’re there, we’re out there, and I’m so mad that I didn’t know.

We have a history. We have a legacy. WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE.

I love every taako

  • Kol: I swing both ways ;)
  • Kol: Violently. With a bat. Come get some, motherfuckers.