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As much as I told myself, “Lucille, you’ve no place on social media” I’ve somehow found myself back. To explain it away, I’m excusing it as blogging for stress relief, but we’ll see how that actually goes. Social media is such a ‘thing’ these days and I can’t exactly escape it when every single client wants more and more of it. And I thought the PW crowd was demanding once I became in charge of their accounts. Wrong.

Does anyone still use this? Better yet, should I actually even be opening this can of worms? Granted I’m sure a lot of you have figured the great disappearance of Lucy Q Fabray was a lot less great and a lot more predictable. But, whatever. Hi?

anonymous asked:

I've always, always imagined Q to go into the production/creation side of movies and TV. She starts with acting, then she starts writing her own movies, then she gets involved in the whole process. So I love the thought of Rinnah/Celeste/Melody going into that field in DB. I'd love to think that she'd become a really accomplished director, and maybe she'd get to direct one of Q's later books. Or maybe one of R's movies. Also, we need to stop calling her #2, she'd develop a complex. (kidding :D)

Canon-wise, I do generally think Quinn would end up being more attracted to the production side of things. I think her need to be in control would have her shifting to directing. 

Poor #2. But I’d need to actually make a hard and fast decision on her name to stop calling her that or listing all the names. I could just call her Mini-Q or Baby Fabray for now. :P

And just imagine her directing a movie that her Mama is in. Like, she’ll be twenty-something and Rachel will be in her early sixties (but there will be no admitting of that! She’s still forty-something, thank you very much!) and taking orders from her daughter. 

“I don’t care that it’s your bad side, Ma! I need you facing that way for the shot. Your character is having a breakdown. You’re not supposed to look attractive! Now let’s shoot it again the right way.”

“Don’t you sass me, Celeste Lucy Fabray! You’re almost as bad as your mother.”

Or, you know, Rinnah Lucy. Or Melody Lucille.  :P