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it’s 1 am and I draw them because I started to scream how much I love them and they are so cute i’M CRYING


Kind of the Nordics live in something called the Wilds there not really part of any of the kingdoms. Most of the land is unexplored and has harsh un real terrain full of dense forests and chilled swamps (that’s not a typo there are legit swamps that are freezing)  There are stories told to young children of what lurks in the Wilds and people getting lost in it’s twist and turns or just go missing lingering on it’s boarders,

The boys are bodyguards to Manon who’s a Diamond Ace (she’s born after Peter dies) she escapes during the exchanged between Clubs. The people the Nordics belong too are a very superstitious people who have no magical talent so Manon’s power is view god like (not sure what that power is it is yet)

remember my name | mix for a dennor skypirates au

a slight swingy, old timey feel, mixed with cogs and steam. twelve tracks. 

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