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BLACKOUT 2017: Theatre Edition🎭
Theatre basically runs my life and I’m perfectly okay with that. I’m so blessed to be able to express myself creatively as an actor through complex characters and also to be able to learn and grow as an artist through an amazingly diverse theatre department at my school. The journey continues…

Acting Attorney General Orders Justice Dept. Not to Defend Refugee Ban
Sally Yates, the acting attorney general, wrote in a letter to department lawyers that she was concerned that the executive order might not be legal.
By Matt Apuzzo and Eric Lichtblau

Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, a holdover from the Obama administration, ordered the Justice Department on Monday not to defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration in court.

“I am responsible for ensuring that the positions we take in court remain consistent with this institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right,” Ms. Yates wrote in a letter to Justice Department lawyers. “At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.”

The decision is largely symbolic — Mr. Trump’s nominee to be attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is likely to be confirmed soon — but it highlights the deep divide at the Justice Department and elsewhere in the government over Mr. Trump’s order.


Basically summer needs to hurry up and come because its hard to sport styles when it’s cold ya know? No way I stepped outside in this lmao

In other news; @street-haven-project‘s Q+A sesh (There’s a post on it) is Monday so uh… Take this as a heads up? Idk. All questions are welcome x

Everything Okay with you though? Food suggestions?

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