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anonymous asked:

why don't you like charles xavier?

  • he was in love with teenage jean grey
  • his general “dont fight hate with hate policy” like these kids are having a terrible life because of humans and he demands that they dont blame humans………. they are literally to blame
  • like obviously mutants shouldnt be taught to hate anyone but the circumstances of some of them and the experiences theyve had are dismissed 100% of the time because if u dislike one human then ‘wow go and live in genosha with all the other EVIL people’
  • his general superiority about everything he encounters. ever
  • like especially with erik who has had a much more difficult experience with being a mutant yet it’s still “oh erik be nice you need to let the whole thing go”
  • he literally always says stuff about how he never reads anyone’s mind without their permission because it’s intrusive and disrespectful
  • right before he reads their minds without their permission in a very intrusive and disrespectful way
  • he’s just super controlling over a school full of KIDS with shitty lives like i rly dont think he’s ever actually considered anyone’s perspective but his own
  • condescending as HELL to people like scott for instance who has led so many x-teams and knows his shit
  • he’s an asshole