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Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better. And now, I understand. What your voice was saying back then. You and me, can we be… friends?


support your local outer space girl gang 💫

dixl10  asked:

Hey Jack what are you planing on doing during your panel. Just wondering. I'm not able to go to Pax but I'll be watching it on Youtube.

I like audience interaction at panels so I will be doing the Q&A stuff as usual. Plus trying anything else is hard without a practice run lol


17/11/2017 - Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon Release

Don’t worry, they’re just playfully pinching their starter pokemons ww

paperjammy  asked:

What do you do to get that kind of staticy feel? It's really amazing and it brings out the work of art that you used on it. I'm asking because I'm both curious and I'd like to use that kind of thing one day? Unless it's like something that you're not comfortable with saying or it's a secret. I've actually seen a couple of people do it. Your blog is just the most recent one I've seen the.. style? In so I thought I might ask. Super sorry this is long and drawn out-

thank you so much, i’m glad you like it!!! hopefully this is the effect you mean, but if not, feel free to ask again!! :) there are three main things i do!! 1 is adding effects to the line art, 2 is adding noise/texture and 3 is chromatic aberration (that 3d effect you sometimes see artists using). btw, i’m using photoshop cs5 but i think it’ll work for most versions of photoshop - i’m not sure how to do it with other programs though!! (the first image in the series below is what the art looks like without any effects btw!! and the full image is at the bottom of this post)

1. line art effects!!

i kind of talked about the process here, but!! what i’ve been doing lately is duplicating the line art layer and using gaussian blur (any blur effect would probably work fine if ur not using photoshop!!). i change the blurred line art layer to a tone that compliments the image (i think i chose a warm pink for this one) and set that layer to multiply. i then duplicate the blurry line art layer and offset it from the original line art by a few pixels. that makes it look like the line art is casting a shadow, which you sometimes see in old cartoons and stuff!! btw both these layers are placed below the original line art layer! 

2. adding noise

i create a new layer above all the other layers and fill it with pure black. then i use the hue and saturation window to slide the ‘lightness’ up to +50 - this gives me a perfect midtone grey colour (we’re gonna set the layer to overlay later, so having a perfect midtone means the overlay effect won’t darken or lighten the image below). or!! alternatively!! you can also go to the top menu bar and click layer > new > layer… then in the pop up window change the mode to overlay and check the neutral colour box!! i then go to filter > noise > add noise… i tend to zoom out to the size most people will view the image and adjust the noise level so that the grain is just visible. then i set the layer to overlay! i think the noise effect is really cool bc it adds texture to the image in a way that’s kind of subtle!! the more noise you add the more static-y and fuzzy an image will look - but if you add too much it can be a bit distracting :0

3. chromatic aberration 

this is my fave effect, but if you make it too extreme you can cause eyestrain for viewers, so be careful!! there’s a bit of a process, but i don’t think i’ll be able to explain it better than this tutorial here, so definitely check that out if you’re interested!! :)

Bonds of Love

Okaaaaay! When I said I enjoyed Nobu’s ES, I meant it on the different hype from all the others I’ve read so far–.

I just love how it started off a bit of lonely and apprehensive and annoying (like Nobu ignoring MC and being so impatient)–then funny–and progressed to something really happy and heartwarming, plus less angst to boot! And Nobu conquered without killing anyone yaaaaay

So what do we get from him this event?

>that lipstick kiss

>plum blossoms

>another showcase of his acting skills

>  They’re so domestic in here - working with the villagers, like jack and jill fetching water, making sandals, and just really being together and just talk ;A;

>Friggin’ cute the way they kept holding hands!

>AND FINALLY MC was able to take part in Nobu’s affairs. He would normally just leave her in the castle or in Kyoto, but he brought her to do this undercover thing with him.

While most of it is not really new, there’s a really refreshing atmosphere around it this time. Most of his event stories were heavy and they both get so emo, but this one has just the right amount of humor, drama, and sentimentality.

Aaaand they got their first dance together :> (I remember the first event it was Mitsuhide who MC danced with)

mmm let’s :>

soulmate au

soulmate au in which the soulmate is your “best possible match out of all the people you’ve touched in your life yet”, be it romantic, platonic or familial. kids who are twenty and their parent are still their soulmates. babys, whose soulmate change every few touches, because nearly every new person they touch is a better match than the last. Kids coming back from the playground with a new best friend/soulmate. Marrying your current soulmate, and suddenly finding a better match. Never having a better match than your best friend. Never having a better match than your parent, until you touch your own kid. Having more than one best match, switching every time you touch one of them. Having them all. Always having a soulmate, even if it’s not the soulmate.

I want it all????

Can we please stop calling things political or feminist or anti-Trump just because they’re good stories about women, LGBT+ people and/or immigrants?

Gotta say I absolutely love the LTNM soundtrack–especially “Prison Toys”

In that song especially it includes the sound of very large things in the distance and wailing noises like the metal creaking and it fits The Maw soooo well while still sounding pretty light hearted (while also melancholy)

Idk it’s just sooo good

Also the DLC has me hyped

I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about.