Serena Williams Explains Some Aspects of How Racism (White Supremacy) Works

To be explicit, there would seem to be only two possibilities: either you don’t wish to have anything to do with me and this is your method of trying to push me aside, or it is merely that your confidence in me has been somewhat shaken and you are doing the weighing for that reason alone. In the event of the former, there is nothing I can do to prevent it and nothing I can say: in that case it is all over; I have lost you, and will have to see how I can go on living, in the certain knowledge that I will never quite get over it. In the event of the latter, however, nothing is lost; in that case everything between us is bound to turn out well, for I know that were you to put your confidence in me to the test, I would pass it absolutely, no matter how weak I might be at any particular moment.
—  Franz Kafka, from Letters To Felice

anonymous asked:

People always think I'm being a fan boy saying this but wouldn't Spider-Man have a better chance of winning in a fight between him and Batman ?

a better chance?

Spider-man would decimate him. 100/100

vastly superior speed, agility, strength, reflexes, durability, endurance

He’s also smart as fuck

and he’s got his webs

Even if SOMEHOW batman managed to hit him with a projectile spider-man would probably just shrug it off as he’s very tough.

Een if somehow this got into close quarters Spider-man would just be like

I’m not saying Batman is bad.. he’s just completely outclassed here. one v one fights are not his thing.

And i’ll add this so people don’t add silly comments that are silly.

THIS IS A STRAIGHT UP FIGHT! NO PREP ALLOWED! So there’s no ‘oh but batman would just find a way to beat him!!!1!’

wanna give them an hour prep time? Okay then

Spider-man wins.