• Niall: I love all that American history stuff, so. Big into figuring all that stuff out.
  • Int: Y'all go ahead and applaud, Daddy said he loved some American history.
  • Niall: Yeah... my dad is like... I was actually horrific at-- history was the only subject that I actually failed at school.

No no no no no but this film is going to be so fucking good! We are seeing Tony try and mentor Peter into making sure he doesn’t make the mistakes Tony made! The whole plot is going to be one massive parallel and reference to everything that went wrong with Tony,,,and all the while we get to see Tony caring for Peter in the way that no one did when he first started out on the job,,, and then even to the extent that it’s probably smothering because!!!! He just cares so fucking much and knows!!! he knows what Peter is feeling! P A R A L L E L S! ! ! !


– H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U –

Hi @thepaparhodspeaks! Happy Birthday! So, pangatlong draft ko na ‘to at sana magpost na. HAHAHAHAHA. Nauubos na ‘yung mga sasabihin ko dahil hindi ko matandaan 'yung mga thoughts na sinabi ko sa mga una kong dinraft na hindi naman napopost. HAHAHA.

So ayun nga, thank you ulit dahil nakilala kita at nakilala mo ako. Thank you for sharing your life hindi lang sa akin pati narin sa aming mga love mo (aywow). Thank you kasi sinabi mo sa'kin 'yung isa sa mga secrets nyo HAHAHAHAHA. Hindi ko pinagsabi. I swear! :) Thank you sa mga advices na binigay mo sa'min. Ikaw na talaga ang nag-iisang PAPA RHOD BONGGA HAHAHAHA. Love you!

Sana, more gala pa soon & more kainan pa! I cant wait to see you on the 3rd. Enjoy your day today at sakto, natapat pang TSAMU. Seize the day, Papa Rhod! :)

PS: Bugahan mo na ako ng vape mo. HAHAHA love you. Happy Birthday!

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(Third is the broken door.) HorrorTale Sans comes home to find his front door broken down, the house looking like the place was torn apart by someone, and his SO missing. Eventually he finds the SO hiding in Papyrus's closet with a bitemark on their arm and shuddering in terror, but so happy that he's home. Reaction?

R a g e
F e a r
P a n i c

He immediately starts having a panic attack. Where are you!? Please be okay, you’re the only thing keeping him stable! He needs you! If you think the house is torn apart now, he makes it 10x worse while looking for any trace of you. The last place he looks is Paps room, and he tries not to make to big of a mess. Suddenly, he hears a whimper come from the closet and he slams the door open. You let out a scream and he picks you up, holding you against him while he’s trying to even his breathing. “Thank God you’re home… I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do.” You say while crying into his shoulder. He sits down on the floor and has you in his lap, stroking your hair while trying to stop his panic attack. This is all his fault. He wasn’t here and he didn’t protect you. When he notices the mark on your shoulder he literally lets out a desperate whine. Somebody t o u c h e d you. Nobody touches his things. He’s going to find out who it was and torture the fuck out of them.