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Yo whY does everyone hate pgb (mackenzie I guess) so much? I’ve always wondered...

tracking taylor’s planes, sending her personal info to the tabloids (p*r*z h*lt*n especially) and general stalker behavior to exploit taylor and then when the media tears her apart as usual she sits back and acts like half of it ain’t her fault but OTHER THEN THAT I’m not sure

A Random Announcment!!

If i send you a photo of a magikarp man in a speedo, then you have been recruited for the

“M.A.G.I.K.A.R.P” Initiative

You will be called upon at a selected time, and date, i look forward to working with you.

R.I.P. Pinkily, you were a good fish. I found her this morning while the kids were at swim and told Mokey when she got home.

Mokey went through her own stages of grief:

Denial—“Is this a dream? I think I am dreaming.”


Acceptance—“Can I have a hamster?”