minhole-blog  asked:

What do you think of Sungmin's new hair?

I think it’s another sad attempt to look manly 

Everyone is going all like it’s hot and stuff, but no, they’re just denying the fact that the hair cut looks like shit

And you’re probably thinking that I’m over reading this thing, cause I probably am, but these are my thoughts… 

It’s all because of his dad. I’m serious! 

Sungmin is constantly trying to impress his dad by showing to him that he’s not as fagotty as the media say all kpop artists are… but at what cost? 

I missed the guy who used to act naturally bubbly, smiled brightly and said fuck society and wore pink 24/7

I mean when he whores around with women on variety shows, it just looks weird to me… like he’s trying real hard to keep up with an image just to please the fucking heterosexual society and bring honer to his family 

And he clearly cares about whatever bullshit we say… he was fine being mingroe, but nooooo, he had to dance with some slut on stage just to make sure people don’t call him cute and shit

The problem is that no matter what he does, he can’t hide his true personality from others…. And it’s also funny that other SJ members don’t even try to attempt to do any of the things he’s doing, not even work out and they’re still called the manliest men. 

If I had the opportunity to talk to him, I’d tell him to just be himself and stop trying to please bitches

Note: personal fucking opinion 

tasahs  asked:

Do you think KyuMin is real? not just fanservice? i do believe that they are real ^^

You don’t share a room with a guy for 5 years even though you could just easily change rooms like everyone did and call it fanservice. You don’t drink wine with that guy and tell him about your dieting plans if it was just for the fans. You don’t shy away just because the other managed to hold a banner that ships the both of you, unless it’s true. You don’t share the same closet when you probably have some things you don’t want to get mixed up in the other’s stuff unless he’s close to you. You don’t race to the shower and end up showering together anyways to save time. You don’t go all sad and depressed while acting in your play to the extent that your co-actor has to explain to the fans on twitter that you’re upset because your roommate’s ears hurt him. You don’t support one another on and offstage in a way that even the members can’t ignore so they mention it in an interview for their drama. You don’t just rub against the other in a sexual way on stage because you know it means something to the both of you, so you just go and kiss your fellow members because they’re your best friends and they really don’t care. 

You kiss her…you dance with him..but in the end you go back home, to your caring roommate.. no twitter, no scripts, no MCs, no fans, no cameras, no members, no crowd… just the two of you. 

So yeah, I do think Kyumin is real

mayuyuzumi  asked:

hi zica, i know you hate minkyu, can you tell me your exact reasons why you prefer top!kyu? thanks nn

Well lovely child… I have so many reasons but I’ll keep it short

- Based on appearance:

Kyuhyun is the man. He is tall, got hairy legs and has quite handsome features. Maybe he is adorably dorky at some points, but you can’t mistake him for a woman. When I look at Min, I see a beautiful man, doesn’t mean he ain’t sexy, it’s just that when you look at him, even when he worked out at the gym, he stil looked like a beautiful sculptured figure, still smooth and soft. As he said in one of his interviews, the thing that I can beat all the members at is my “baby face" 

When you look at their body shapes, they both have awesome asses, but Kyu still has an evenly distributed body fat. Min on the other hand got curves: waist, hips, a pert ass, thick thighs and what I would call boobies.

- Based on personality:

I think Kyu is adorable with everyone, but not in a "I’m gonna be obedient” kind of way. Yes he clings to everybody and bullies Eunhyuk playfully, but he still manages to be the evil maknae. Leeteuk himself said and I’m paraphrasing, “if you want to die, let heechul and kyuhyun fight,” and we all know how angry and violent heechul gets. They all said he was snarky and disrespectful, doesn’t sound like the kind of guys who would bottom, but more like the kind of Maknae who gets everything he wants.

On the other hand, Min is not evil or snarky. He is sometimes cute and bubbly and other times he act like an understanding caring mother. Look at the SJ-M days. When they did an interview and they asked the members to give everyone a super hero name/power and they all said “cuteness” for Sungmin. 

He is docile with men, as Kangin gladly stated in 2007. And don’t forget that Lady Hee Hee himself said “he is cute and he makes you want to protect him,” on his old radio show.  

- Based on their daily lives:

Kyuhyun loves to play starcraft and enjoys watching Dramas based on the old ages. Sungmin on the other hand plays the guitar, plays with his kittens and helps in cooking and cleaning. Plus, look at their sleepwear, while everyone wears a Pajama, Min enjoys wearing a short dress to sleep and he loves pink. Pink underwear, cellphone, bed sheets and god knows what else.

- Based on their interaction with one another and facts:

Sungmin takes care of Kyu like a mother. As siwon said in his interview, they both are the closest friends and they support one another all the time. Sungmin likes to call Kyuhyun master Kyu, while Kyuhyun calls him “minimi” or “cuemin”. Look at the vast difference. And Kyuhyun said that min has the best skin, now that kind of compliment is usually directed to women, because they’re the ones who should be all smooth and silky. 

Ok I’m gonna shut up now, but basically, this is how I see it

slyther-ing  asked:

Hi~ :) What's your absolute, most favorite Kyumin moment? Oh and by the way, I love your blog ^^

I’m more of a fan of all those little details about Kyumin’s life offstage. These are the things that I like. I hardly see any other couple have much interaction off stage which makes me reach the conclusion that they’re good friends but I appreciate their effort to make us fangirl over their onstage act.

However Kyumin’s little actions and facts that get leaked every now and then are the things that make me smile. Those things weren’t made or done in the presence of fans or the public and that’s what makes things real. Of course this is a personal opinion, and frankly I don’t care if anyone disagrees. 

So, I’m mainly a big fan of the things that has to do with their room, or wine drinking or beach dates… but if I had to pick things that were caught on camera, I’d choose the time when they went into the street market in China and those two were acting like such a married couple. Sometimes holding hands, sometimes Min was being clingy and he’d feed Kyu and it was just all too adorable for life.






siriesblack  asked:

You and Zhoumi are having a nice cup of tea when Kyuhyun barges in like a madman as he pulls you by your collar violently and he demands to know where you hid his Minnie. You locked up Min in your closet the day before and you went to get drunk with Yeye and his turtles. When you and Yeye passed out, one of his turtles ate your key. What will you do now?

Zhoumi: relax bitches… I will just call a locksmith for you 

Kyuhyun: Ayo gurl, I’ll fucking kill you if he got a single scratch on him

Yesung’s turtle is having a hard time. The locksmith guy is rolling his eyes as he drives to my house. It wouldn’t be the first time that Zhoumi called for this reason. 



qtiebanana  asked:

Hey there n///n sorry for bother, I just want to ask you for some kyumin fics >< I can't find anything ;O; I just find wonkyu fics. Thanks!! I hope you're really great :3!



I’ll give you a list off the top of my head.

Chaptered fics: 

When Life Repays You



 The Formphasers

NC-17 one-shots: 

You Got Me Breathin’ Double Time

Gunning For Sungmin

Suddenly The Air Smells Much Greener Now


Keeping you Warm

Under the Strobe lights

Strawberry and Chocolate

Sungmin’s Thighs

Boredom and Punishment

Bath Time

What are my Benefits?

Study Periods Are Just So Boring

Alcohol Intolerance

Stop Me

Taipei Walker

ilsamchil  asked:

Hello Heezica~ what would you say if you saw Ryeowook and Yesung trying to enter your house but he couldn't because Ryeowook's giraffe neck was too long and he kept hitting his head on the top of the doorway and Yesung's turtle shell was too wide and he couldn't fit through?

Zica says, “You’ll have to leave your pets outside”

Giraffe gets frustrated with Zica's decision and kicks Turtle

Turtle gets angry

Turtle demands devorce

Yesung falls for the newly single Giraffe

Yesung sends sexy pictures to Giraffe

Giraffe rejects Yesung

Giraffe dates Siwon instead

Ryeowook, who loves Yesung, strangles Giraffe to death because she’s a selfish bitch

Ryeowook steals Giraffe’s identity

Yesung falls for Giraffe-wook

Yesung proposes to Giraffe-wook

Yesung and Giraffe-wook get married

Yesung and Giraffe-wook leave for their honey moon

Zica, dumbfounded, closes the door.

anonymous asked:

Umm I'm trying to get into Kyumin and you seem to be a big shipper of them.

Could you just tell me why you like Kyumin?

I just came back home and I’m welcomed by this lovely question ^^

Well sweetheart… you see.. I like Kyumin because I believe in their love… when I started to know about SJ and more about those two I realized that they care about one another… they don’t do fanservices out in the open but those little behind the stage moments… them drinking together.. sharing a room.. Kyu dedicating a song for sungmin… min sharing his bed with Kyu when Kyu didn’t have any.. this is what counts.. not some stage kisses or touchy time

I believe they are so real that sometimes I think Wow… when others talk about all those other couples either with Kyu or min.. I just feel “WTH” :/ .. I mean there is nothing special about those couples except the fact that they’re hot or cute.. but not love.. not those loving stares… constant glancing… it’s just a facade…some member-ly love… fanservice 

I didn’t fell in love with this couple just because people told me to do so… I’m a rational person… I observe… and so I believe Kyumin is real :)

I sound like a cheesy fangirl… but I’m proud to be The Cheesy Kyumin Shipper :D

P.S. I’d love to know who you are :D

jeontu  asked:

Just wondering, but why is it that you ship KyuMin so hard? ;u;

Because I just do. They fill that emotional void that I have. I’ve never ever fell in love with soemthing or someone before, Never! And nobody has ever told me to ship Kyumin. In fact, my sister attempted to raise me as a wk fan. But then I started to have these weird feelings when I saw those two strangers, read about them, knew about them and it made me feel all fluffy and warm on the inside. It was something new, and it felt really good.

And as time passed by, my love for them grew. It’s funny how everyone can just move on from one bias to another, one ship to another and one fandom to another, but I didn’t, I tried, but I couldn’t. Is it really wrong to be too attached to something because you believe in it solely, because you love it so much and because you care about it alot! Yes, no… maybe?

I’m overwillmed with joy when I hear Ryeowook talking about them on the radio, or when ELF mannage to get some pics of them offstage. Shipping Kyumin is not something that I do to kill time, I do it because it’s the only thing that I do because I want to, not because I have to. 

Also, that’s why I get really worked up about haters. Yes, I learned how to ignroe and laugh because I know those people are wasting their time on things they in fact hate… but still… it hurts everytime somebody insults something that is so sacred to me. It’s like insulting a race or my family… something that I’m so proud of.

Yeah, lots of people would call this a phase or a delusional’s fantasy… but I can no longer give a fuck… not a single bullshit 

Kyumin makes me happy. And that’s all I need. 

getmoodywithjudy  asked:

Hey:) My name is Judy and I'm just gonna say that even though I've only followed you for two days, your blog is my favourite on tumblr. Legitly. And also, could you give me some recommandations for AU Kyumin fanfiction? Doesn't matter if it's high school, gangs, police, outer space, martians disguised as k-pop stars trying to take over the world, if it's Kyumin I'll read it. Thanks and <3, Judy.

I’m your favorite blog on Tumblr??!

There are lots of good oneshots, but you can find them on the kyu-min community… so I’m just gonna recommend some good chaptered fics  


The Next Best Thing (my favorite TV series xD)

Rounded off to three decimal places (I’m in love with this fic)

Cold and Damp (Not Kyumin centric, but awesome nonetheless) 



Worse Than A Fairy Tale

Basic Instinct (so epic, man 8D)


When Life Repays You

The Formphasers

Sequel to the formphasers


yogurti-blog  asked:


YES!!… especially those four:

Zhoumi - My 12 years old gay son who loves ballet

Kibum - My independent and quite 8 years old son

Donghae - My attention-whore, 5 years old son.. who is also a cry baby

Sungmin - My 2 years old bundle of pink joy

leuhans  asked:

Wait, i just got on and was browsing through my Kyumin tag and i saw your post /post/16826965652 can you tell me what happened?

So I woke up from my usual nap and I saw 4 people in my ask complaining about haters… at first I thought it was random hating.. so I kept on telling them “Dude, just chill and ignore”

But then some sources explained to me what happened and I was still “Meh, so what if we have an anti group”.. but then some people were depressed and shit, so I had to make a post to cheer them up 

Anyways xD

Basically, one of the famous bitches.. and I’m not gonna publicly reveal names because I’m too nice… tweeted bullshit about Kyumin and randomly bashed shippers and….you know the drill

At the same time… a newbie blog was created to, basically, bash on our couple and started to screenshot the bitch’s tweets.

Mrs. Bitch apparently got a lot of people angry at her so she locked her tweets and she disabled her ask on Tumblr.. I know, weak and pathetic 

Moral of the story: Don’t give a fuck about haters and get married to your couple. I’m married to Kyumin (not the one from ledapple xD) and I honestly can’t fall out of love of my own “husband”… I’m resistant to temptation and haters and I just enjoy what I enjoy

Instead of bashing what you hate, you should dedicate that time to ship what you like… and be happy!