pyxis finds

Tsuga didn’t know what to do, honestly. They were tired, especially since the full moon had recently passed. God, that was the worst, especially since they weren’t with a pack anymore, and hadn’t been for some time. I mean, sure they managed well enough but they were often pretty battered after a full moon from their own madness causing them to throw themself against the walls, especially when taunted by the damn vampires that lived in the house. Fucking twats. They blamed every bruise on those two.

They were leaning against the wall, rubbing a salve that Theo, the djinn, had given them on a particularly gross looking bruise, and then they wondered why it was so quiet in the house. That was never a good thing. That meant Pyxis might be getting caught up in bad things. Again, the vampires.

“Pyxis?” they shouted as they got to their feet, forgetting the salve and their bruises entirely. “Pyxis!?” they started to wander the large home, trying to find Pyxis. Hopefully not wrapped in the claws of the vampires already…