python hybrid

thedrawingmuffin  asked:

Hi. I'm not exactly what is wrong with the post about the orange corn snake and the ball python. Like, I assume the owner is misinformed and they aren't actually mates, but... sorry, I"m just a bit confused by what the issue is.

There are so many issues with that post. Literally every line is a red flag.

1. Corn snakes and ball pythons have wildly different temperature and humidity needs. They cannot simultaneously exist in a vivarium and be healthy. 

2. Corn snakes and ball pythons are solitary animals. Being with a cagemate stresses them out. They struggle for resources, and negative stress is actually an immunosuppressant in the long run.

3A. Snakes don’t cuddle. Snakes don’t get lonely Saying that they love each other is entirely anthropomorphic. Anthropomorphism to that degree- the degree where they’re keeping two animals together that shouldn’t be kept together- is dangerous.

3B. “Cuddling” behavior in snakes isn’t out of affection, it’s out of competition for resources. They both want the same spot. Touch doesn’t trigger a pleasure reaction in snakes like it does in mammals- they do not produce oxytocin, which is the hormone that controls that happy reaction.

4. Corn snakes and ball pythons can’t hybridize and are unlikely to even recognize each other as potential mates. Saying that breeders should check this out is misleading- an experienced breeder or somebody who knows about snakes can recognize that as laughable, but for somebody without that experience, somebody who’s just starting out? This person’s giving out misinformation that could lead to a lot of wasted money and heartbreak.

5. Asking for more than $400 dollars for a pair of stressed out, likely unhealthy animals is ridiculous.