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Making comments like ‘Kill the snake” “Stomp on it” are very rude and insensitive. Snakes are a pet/companion like any other. Saying snakes are gross to a snake owner or to kill them is like saying a dog is gross and you should kill it. Either comment makes you a horrible person. Snakes are not gross, stop judging our pets like they are your own. If you do not like snakes then simply do not own one. BUT do not go around tell other people their animal is gross and should be killed.


hey, reptiblr, i could use some help.

today, an accident happened. my enclosure for him has always kept him safe and shut, but it somehow got broken today, and my young ball python nagini got out. my cat had him cornered when i found him, and as shown in the images above, left some scratches and scrapes on him. ive never had anything like this happen, and i dont really know what care to give him. there are no herp or exotic vets anywhere near me. if anyone could give me some suggestions on what to do, i would highly appreciate it.

so far ive made sure hes in a safe place. ive cleaned his wounds with warm water, and made sure his surroundings are clean as well, with no bedding to harbor any bacteria. if there is anything else i could do, please, PM me.

i take full responsibility for this happening. i understand what i did wrong, and i feel terrible for letting this happen, but i need help, and i dont want to make further mistakes with him.

this post i made really sums up my feels rn

im really heavily involved in the ball python community and have been battling the “small enclosures are best for this species” myth for 2 or 3 years now, and despite linking to various studies about reptile enrichment, ball python diet and habitat, i find myself at wits end. i post all these things and people still say “there isnt enough evidence” because they compare the science to what breeders have been doing forever which gets them to “eat and breed and that means theyre happy” so the other people dont feel that they need to keep them in larger, properly furnished enclosures with enrichment.

i dont know where to go from here, and i feel like ive wasted so much energy discussing these points only to get shot down with closeminded remarks and refusal to even recognize the information is out there.

i dont know if im asking for advice or just ranting, but i feel entirely hopeless right now.

its 5 am

and here i am on facebook feverishly trying to get rid of this stupid myth that ball pythons in tubs are much better than larger naturalistic enclosures.
the ball python community is in such a crazy amount of denial that when i post the studies about them climbing to hunt, being active, and using more space than given in the tradtional breeding for the industry, people are still saying “there is no evidence on ball pythons thriving in larger spaces” or saying “its EASIER to keep them in smaller tubs”

this is really not how animal keeping should be.

we are not doing the best by these animals.
and i have never felt so drained like i want to give up entirely. +1 for moving to hawaii and abandoning this ridiculous notion that these animals can be saved and given better lives.

none of these people care about the animals. they only want them to breed.

i fucking cant argue anymore.

i dunno why the ben renick thing is hanging so heavily on my mind. i havent been able to stop thinking about it since i heard the news after work today.

its partially because i want answers like who did it and why

its partially my uneasiness that people like that exist and im very certain it was someone within the ball python community

its also because i feel for his family and that he was only 29 years old. some of my good friends are older than that.

i dunno man i feel bad about it. so bad.

anonymous asked:

What are some Ball Python breeders that you trust?

This is such a difficult question for me to answer because I’ve never purchased from the same person twice. I find the breeders in my local community tend to be very trustworthy, although Arizona has one of the most tight knit ball python communities I know of. We all keep an eye out for each other so naturally no one else wants to screw anyone else over.
In general if you are looking to purchase an animal I would suggest always using the fauna BOI as a reference point to review the customer service and animal health of the breeder You are interested in purchasing from. I also would add them on facebook/follow their page and learn how they do things and whether or not that meshes well with your expectations.