• Junkrat on the Overwatch Wiki: He's a vicious evil psychopathic pyromaniac criminal, radiation messed with his head, he crazy and gonna blow you up, get back cause hE IS THE FACE OF PURE EVIL!!
  • Junkrat in the Game: *Makes cheeky puns about bombs/fire, gets hit in the nuts in his own highlight intro, has super positive/cute one-liners to choose from*
  • me: Ah yes, truly the face of evil.

Where is my Anne of Cleves movie?

Seriously.  We all know about Anne Boleyn.  We all know she got a raw deal because she was married to a psychopathic man-child.  Well…maybe not pyschopathic.  But definitely a man-child.

Where is my movie about Katherine of Aragon?  I don’t want a film that joins the party right as her husband starts dilly-dallying with the Boleyn sisters.  I want something about her.  About how she came to England when she was just almost sixteen and married Prince Arthur.  How after her husband’s death, she was basically trapped in England until Arthur’s brother Henry turned eighteen and married her.  How he actually did love her a great deal and how she loved him.  How she managed him.

Where’s my movie about Anne of Cleves?  About how she came to a foreign country almost completely unprepared for the culture she would have to be part of?  About how she outlived them all and was well-loved and respected?  About how she was probably the smartest of all King Henry’s wives outside of perhaps Katherine of Aragon?  About how she saw the writing on the wall and became the richest woman in England in exchange for quietly dissolving her marriage?

Anne of Cleves was brilliant.  Katherine of Aragon was strong.  Where are the movies focused on their lives?  I want them.


Just finished this series on my end, and will go and read the manga now, it’s been a while since S // o // u // l //// C // o // n // t // r // a // c // t that I was so into an anime/series. I practically marathoned it on my end. It’s a really interesting series.

My no.1 favourite character, ofcourse will go to:

Though I also have to say that I really love Midori on my end as well, like he’s really interesting to me, and I actually love it when he’s in the picture, even though he’s a sadist xD. He’s another sadist that I love apart from Reiji (Diabolik////Lovers) XD. So he’s my second favourite

In terms of relationship, honestly, when you give me scenes like these for Yukki & Matsuoka, I cannot not ship/love them XD. Like how can anyone not find their relationship so pure / sweet and adorable:


Yukki calls Matsuoka by his ‘nickname’ i.e. Mattsun (which shows how much he loves him):

He even apologized to Mattsun on his end too xD

Even when just moments earlier, he is so firm & said he won’t apologize on his end:

Yukki you’re really such a big softie when it comes to Matsuoka <3

And I also really love this scene in the manga:

I’m sorry Yukki even though you hate Midori, but I love him on my end xD

Like their relationship is so pure/sweet, I really love them. So now, I’m going to list them down as my brotp in this series~!! <3<3<3

I also would like to learn more about Midori & Matsuoka, and I’m reading the manga now, so hopefully I can get some insight to their past(?)

I reckon all the characters in this series are really great! I mean, I also like Matsuoka and Hotaru(even though I have to say I was shocked that Hotaru is a girl, I mean, I thought it was a ‘he’ at first), I mean just look at him, I mean… her:

So ????? I don’t blame Matsuoka and Yukki not being able to tell that he’s actually a ‘she’ (lol). Kudos to Midori though xD.

P.S. I have to say that I LOVE Hotaru badass mode:

Ok, she’s not a pyschopath (lol), but in the TGC / survival game things gets more interesting for Toy Gun Gun when she’s in this mode, because she means business, so I actually like it on my end.

As far as romantic relationship goes, I ship, Midori x Hotaru

They probably won’t get canon, but I do really like this ship on my end, I mean, I want to see how this will develop Midori’s character if he actually does come to loving her one day, like I see that Hotaru brings out the best in him. Like she can really challenge him and that’s nice, and give him so many surprises that he doesn’t expect (it’s refreshing).

I spy with my little eyes, a psychopath at Westerberg High.

Some sketches of Jason Dean + Quotes from the movie “Heathers”. c: I rather enjoyed watching this movie. I wrote most of these quotes by memory (the last one being the exception) so if they’re off, whoops ._.
Maybe I’ll finish one of these some time in the future, but not right now x’D Also will probably move this to scraps later

Art © Me
Jason Dean, quotes © Michael Lehmann (Heathers)

anonymous asked:

Hi dear 👋🏼 I was thinking to write something about a couple of friends going on a roadtrip and at first it seems all fun and games until things take a dark turn when a secret involving one of the group comes out. Have you got any idea on what the secret could be? I was thinking something like a murder but I'm not really sure on how to develop it.

Hi there!

♡Potential secrets-

•one of the friends is/used to be in a gang (gang could be tracking them down)
•one of the friends is/was in a crazy cult (cult could be tracking the down)
•one of their friends turns out out to be in the victim protection program, and the others only learn this after discovering the reason why
• one of the friends has been lying about who they are the whole time
• one of the friends is an escaped prisoner
• one of the friends is actually a literal monster, ghost, etc.
• they figure out that they’re all actually dead and their ghost selves are"living" in denial, stuck in the past, etc.

♡Murder related secrets-

•one of the friends is actually a pyschopath who plans on killing them all
•one of the friends confesses to doing a hit and run before; the others consider turning them in
•one of the friends is a murderer, although they’d never hurt their friends; the others consider turning the in
•one of the friends confesses to accidentally/purposefully killing one of the friends formerly in the group as the specifics of the death was unknown
• one of the friends has a lunatic after them, but they’ve managed to lose them… until now

♡ Tips-

• a drunk character is more likely to ‘fess up
• tension, mixed emotions, anger, panic, betrayal, fear, etc are your friends
• don’t have the whole group be either supporting or against the friend with the secret- mix it up
• maybe don’t even have the whole group know- start with one or two finding out and go from there
• balance reality with the (often times) necessary slightly unrealistic drama
• the most obvoius set up I see for this is starting with a little pretext to the relationship of the group and personalities of the characters. Then, the stage is reader for the truth to come out. Next, there’s the reactions of the character. This leads to an analyzing of implications and what this outed secret really means, but it is disrupted by another incident. And so on…
• ending the story all wrapped with a bow tie will probably take away from an intended overall dark theme
• decent opportunity to delve into horror writing if you so wish; thriller may be a better fit though
♢ plot diagrams/ plotting methodology may help you develop the idea
♢ analyze and expand on everything that could go wrong and everything that could create happiness/ shed light- blend it up in whatever ratio you prefer
♢ writing the ending may help you bridge the middle
♢ think about why you were inspired to write this story in the first place: what are you trying to tell?

I hope that could help!

fanofallthingfun  asked:

(I've come off anon just so the taekook can happen omg what am I doing) Kookie I'm not Tae and I'm not an anon pls give Tae a chance you never know he might actually be really nice!

Jungkook: 1. That guy is a pyschopath, you could be Taehyung.

2. Taehyung = sin. 

What’s Wrong with Sharon?

As one of the many obsessing over what’s wrong with Sharon, I’ve had many thoughts, worries and theories. I won’t go into some of the “off the cliff” thoughts that I had and instead will focus on the ones that seem plausible.

So I”ve been doing some armchair diagnosing and here are my thoughts.

First off- (we’ll start with worst case scenario and work our way up)

Brain Tumor-

Because I’m one of the many Laura Roslin fans who are still traumatized by what was done to her and immediately think the worst every time Sharon seems tired.

Brain tumor symptoms she exhibited-Head pain (she pressed her fingers into her forehead in pain) Issues with her sight, weakness in her limbs. But her breathlessness does not fit with this diagnosis and Duff did stress that a member of the cast would be left “breathless” so that seems to be the key symptom.

Brain Aneurysm-Same scenario as above.


I watched my grandmother have a stroke and this is not the way one has a stroke. With a stroke Sharon would have had possible intense pain in her head,  weakness on one side of her body, her face would have drooped on one side, her words would have slurred and she wouldn’t have had the issue with being unable to catch her breath.

Issues from the bombing- 

Are her headaches, vision and weakness leftover remants from a concussion and the breathing issues from all the dust from the bombing that have given her a lung infection?

Walking Pneumonia- 

The flu could easily have turned into walking pneumonia in which case she could have a headache, tiredness, lingering weakness. Pneumonia could have been brought on by the chemicals in all the dust from the bombing and then the flu. One thing that throws off this diagnosis is the lack of any cough.


This has been what most people seem to think is happening and I think it is the most plausible answer—and also the one that I am HOPING for. Stress could account for the headache and vision issues. Each time she seemed to have a vision/breathing issue it was during one of the many stress triggers she has going on. The case, in the church, with Rusty talking about the gun. MC has always done things for a reason and I think they chose to have her “episodes” happen when they did for a reason. So we’ve got headache, vision and breathing symptoms covered. What about the tiredness and lingering weakness? Well, couldn’t that just be remnants of the flu? I think a combination stress/flu could be a very plausible explanation—and much better than anything else I listed above.

First of all, let’s list everything Sharon has had to be stressed about over the last year or so.

1.     Mass Shooting- Sharon was involved in a mass shooting where her boss was shot and killed in front of her. She in turn killed the man responsible (her first time killing someone in the line of duty) A man she despised so much she couldn’t feel sorry for killing him. Many would would see that as a positive thing but not Sharon. It only created more stress in the situation.
2.     Andy’s health scares- Having just recovered from a serious blood clot issue that required dangerous surgery, Sharon’s boyfriend then has a heart attack right in front of her. And though we didn’t get to see one little bit of it,  that had to cause an extreme emotional response inside Sharon.
3.     Power Vacuum at the LAPD- With Taylor gone Sharon had  to deal with the power void at work and the very real fear that Winnie Davis could step into Taylor‘s vacant position. There was a lot of angst over who would get the job and Sharon felt very pressured into pursuing it when it was the last thing she wanted. She was happy where she was, but felt she had to go for it because if Davis got promoted there was a pretty good chance she would shut down Major Crimes. She was put back in a situation of shoving her own happiness aside for the greater good.
4.     The Engagement- Andy asked her to marry him and she said yes. She then started to worry over whether she could get married in the church or not, and then had to plan a wedding. Sharon did seem to enjoy planning the wedding and does love a celebration but they are getting down to crunch time and that can get very stressful.
5.      Going after a possible terrorist- Sharon had a very stressful case trying to hunt down someone intent on bombing LA and ended up getting bombed herself…twice.
6.     Commander Raydor- Sharon got promoted to Commander and even though that was a positive it can still be stressful learning to navigate your way through a new position with a new boss and there had to be some chaos while they rebuilt the building after it was bombed.
7.     Stroh- A dangerous pyschopathic serial killer who wants her son dead suddenly appears to be back in the country and is killing anyone who has anything to do with his past. Her son refuses undercover protection and instead wants a gun.
8.     The Catholic Church-Sharon is a devout Catholic and now she has a case that involves her church, her parish and the school all three of her children attended. She has put so much love and trust into her church and suddenly she is getting it on all sides. Her team at work—some of them—have been very nasty and derogatory about her church and her faith and she has just bitten her tongue. And the people she trusted in the church are trying to thwart her at every turn. Father Stan has been particularly hard for her. Here is a man she turns to for advice, who listens to her confessions, one of the few people she probably pours her heart out too and suddenly she isn’t sure if she can trust him anymore. Suddenly she doesn’t know who he is anymore. She has relied on the church all her life for moral guidance and support spiritually and physically, something that was especially important to her as a single mother. The church helped raise her children, it’s an integral part of who she is and now it seems as if she is questioning all of that and it’s breaking her.
9.     Holding it all in-Now, with all of this going on we never see Sharon frazzled, we never see her venting or complaining, we never see her losing her cool. I have been one of the people complaining that we need to see how Sharon feels about ANY of what I’ve just listed. But if she truly has kept all of this inside, it’s no wonder she kind of explodes. It’s like the FBI agents hiding the boys was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back and she just complete loses it. You can see the look of shock on the faces of her team when she just starts laying into the agents—and the look of concern on Andy’s face, because it just isn’t like her. Before she collapsed she looked scared because she couldn’t catch her breath, and maybe because she had just completely lost control, which is something she’s just never done. She’s always in control That said, Sharon in her full fury and contempt was a beautiful thing to behold—until she collapsed. It was the same reason Laura Roslin‘s “I‘m coming for all of you“ speech was so breathtaking. To see a reserved person who is always in control just completely lose it is so freaking powerful.

I’d love to see this be a combination stress/flu thing because a. it means Sharon doesn’t have a terminal illness and b. because I think it could be a really interesting storyline. Illnesses have been done and done and done again and Mary has already played that. It would be great to see something different. You can already see Mary sinking her teeth into this and I think it could be a very powerful storyline.

Sharon prides herself on always being in control, always keeping her cool and understanding stress. After all she lectured Andy on stress when he was wondering why he had a heart attack. She just never saw herself in that light. For a person as controlled as Sharon is, to lose that control would be a very scary thing. I think Mary could act the hell out of this. And it would be a great opportunity for some supportive Andy.

And who knows, if it is an issue with stress now both Sharon and Andy are dealing with that and maybe that‘s how they will end things. Once Stroh is taken care of–and I think we all know he will be taken care of, they may look at each other and say “Hey, we‘re married, we‘re happy, we want to live long and healthy lives, we need to get out of these stressful jobs and retire.”

(Then they can start a little PI business with Provenza and live happily ever after.)

So, I’m preparing for the worst and hoping against hope for the best. Looking forward to how this plays out next week. And it looks like from a promo shot I just saw that we will actually see Sharon and Andy in their bedroom! Not actually touching or anything, but it’s progress. Giddy!