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I’ve had a few asks recently asking for my masterlist since I don’t write fics anymore but people want to be able to find my fics under all the stuff. So, I’ve decided to make one and I’ve categorised it! (Oooohhh!) It’s been crazy re-reading all my old fics, the Until Dawn fandom will always be my favourite <3

* = Smut

Josh x Sam

The Powercut * (x)

Worst Kept Secret (x)

Just For A Moment (x)

Happy New Year (x)

Finishing Line (x)

Another Prank (x)

Partners in Crime * (x)

Sprained Ankle (x)

No Such Thing As An Accidental Infidelity. (x)

Protective (x)

The Right Moment (x)

Hiding Place * (x)

Coming Back (x)

Pick Up Lines (x)

You Look Nice (x)

Sam’s Hair (x)

Party Time * (x)

Deep Breaths (x)

A Total Accident (x)

Leap of Faith (x)

Video Games * (x)

Pyscho AU * (x)

Jealousy (x)

The Pyscho Path * -  Part 1: (x) Part 2 (x)

Private Time (x)

The Surprise (x)

Sexting (x)

Bathing Bird * (x)

Going Down * (x)

Un-named * (x)

Grinding * (x)

Moaning The Others Name * (x)

Lap Dance * (x)

Hickey (x)

Pinned Against The Wall (x)

Everyone Is In The Next Room * (x)

The Skirt is Short on Purpose (x)

Halloween Costumes (x)

Night at the Washington’s * (x)

Wanna Dance? (x)

Love Scares Me (x)

You Fainted in My Arms (x)

You Heard Me (x)

We Won’t Make It To Bed (x)

I’m Pregnant (x)

How You Look At Me (x)

Kiss Me (x)

Snowball (x)

You’re Naked In My Bed (x)

Are You Jealous? (x)

Wildest Dreams * (x)

Josh x Reader

It Never Ends (x)

C’mon Dude (x)

Chris’ Little Sister * - Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Partners In Crime * (x)

Beautiful Morning * (x)

I Dare You (x)

Not You (x)

Dance Partner (x)

It’s Your Birthday! * (x)

I Need Help (x)

Chris x Ashley

In The Sheets * (x)

Ice Skating (x)

Happy Birthday * (x)

It’s Just A Spark (x)

Mistletoe (x)

The News (x)

Go Fish (x)

Third Wheel (x)

The Kiss (x)

It Was An Accident (x)

Movies (x)

Lazy Day (x)

The Bet (x)

First Time * (x)

Fifteen Minutes in Heaven (x)

Getting Caught * (x)

Nice Shootin’ (x)

Good Morning (x)

Confession (x)

Dinner Party * (x)

Whatever, Forever (x)

Drenched (x)

Hit By a Car (x)

What’s Under The Beanie? (x)

Footsie (x)

Took a Bullet For You (x)

Wakeup Call (x)

Makeout Session (x)

Mike x Reader

Cheater -Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Survival (x)

The Sanitarium (x)

Rescue Me (x)

Sleep Paralysis (x)

Your Lips Are Close To Mine (x)

It’ll Be Fun (x)

Mike x Jess

Your Eyes Say Bedroom (x)

Night at Home * (x)

Paint Me Like Your French Girls (x)

Sam x Mike

Guilty - Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Just a Dream (x)

Seductive (x)

Jess x Matt

You’re Perfect (x)

Sexting * (x)

Matt x Emily

We’re Meant to Be (x)

Sam x Beth

Best Friend’s Sister (x)

Late Night Tunes (x)

The Lodge (x)

The Pyscho Path (Sam x Josh)

Prompt by @quarkystrangecharms: SamxJosh 16 and 19 together :] 

“having some private time and the other walking in” “having a wet dream and calling the other’s name out”

Did you see what I did with the title? I was proud. I made it short because I wanted to get the dramatic part!

Finally, she was in the bath. it was well deserved after that scare from Chris. Now she could relax and unwind. The hot water was a nice contrast to the cold lodge the group was in. It was also great of Josh to show her how to fix the boiler. Well, turn it on. If she was being honest, he looked really hot today. It wasn’t because he had turned the boiler on, it was more how he was willing to protect her when Chris had chased them; he was stood right in front of her, one arm outstretched. That shirt as well with those rolled up sleeves? Yum. Boy, would she love to take that shirt off and…

Was she really thinking that? She couldn’t help but smile to herself, imagining Josh fixing the boiler. This time, totally naked. “Can I help you miss?” It was a pure porno set. She didn’t waste time, just pulled him to her, kissing him hungrily. Sam’s hands went down beneath her legs which she spread a little under the water, her fingers teasing her clit. 

She didn’t hear the door open and someone enter, the headphones playing classical music were blasting in her ears.

She was moaning, her head tilting back slightly, her eyes closed as she felt wave after wave of pleasure surge through her body. “Oh, Josh….” The image in her head of Josh on top of her, pounding his dick inside her drove her crazy. She couldn’t believe she was imagining this, but it felt good. “Josh, mmm…” It wasn’t long before she felt her release, her orgasm long, she felt her body tense as she reached the end, her body finally relaxing in the tub.

The figure behind her stood, staring. Not a word was uttered. The mask on his face concealing himself, the baggy overalls draped his body. As the figure turned, he walked out of the room closing the door loudly, the candle beside Sam blowing out, startling her. As she pulled her headphone out, she looked around the room, finding that no one was there. Were her friends pulling a prank? 


The Psycho Path P2: Josh POV (Josh x Sam)

I had a prompt for a second part to my Pyscho Path prompt (x) which was Josh watching Sam doing the do to herself and then chasing her and her towel falling and then smut and another for the same thing but as Josh’s POV. Anyway, I hope you like this, I enjoyed writing it.

I concealed myself within the shadows of the dimly lit bathroom, only the candles as a light source.

My eyes were fixated on Sam as she called his name out, her hands between her thighs, the bubbles just concealing her breasts from his view. I could feel myself getting hard under the overalls, wanting to touch her, hold her in my arms. I couldn’t blow his cover. Not now. She had to pay. She needed to be punished. My beautiful bathing bird. 

It was all too much. I had to leave. Now.

Swiftly, I turned out of the room and closed the door behind him, banging it as loud as I could so he would draw her attention, I needed her to follow me.

Walking down the stairs, I made sure the balloons were all in place, pointing down the cinema room. 

I could hear Sam shouting for everyone, wondering where everyone was. I hid myself in the shadows below the stairs, waiting for her. Waiting for the right moment.

She entered the cinema room, I could hear her shouting.

“Hey! Guys, come on! I am DONE with this! I really don’t appreciate the silent treatment here!”

I closed the door and heard her screams.

“Hello Samantha!”

I turned the movie on. “Looking for me?”

I made her watch herself in the bath tub. I made her watch me get sawed in half. I did tell her I was only showing her what I wanted to see.

I gave her the ten seconds. Counting down…Slowly.

On the count of seven, I burst into the room behind her. She threw a lamp at me and ran to the door. Startled I followed her into a room with the bed in which she jumped. I followed her into the basement, holding tightly to the gas canister in my hand. I was going to get her. The prank was working perfectly, she was so scared.

Wait, where did she go? She had disappeared.

“Sam, why are you hiding?” I called out. My voice sounded awesome like this.

I heard her footsteps as she came up behind her, the baseball bat in her hand. Just as she was about to hit me with it, her towel fell off. I stood there, staring at her, the baseball bat falling to the floor between us with a thump.


Her cheeks were turning red, she wanted to run but she just stood and stared at me. “Come on then, Pyscho, kill me. Just do it now.” There was venom in her voice. I always admired how brave she was.

I couldn’t do this anymore. Not with her stood naked in front of me, that would be wrong. I pulled the mask off and exposed myself, a sheepish look on my face. The way she looked at me almost broke my heart, like she was so full of anger and pain. 


“Hey…Sammy…” I shuffled on the spot, my hand behind my neck as I rubbed the skin. “I scared you, huh?”

She didn’t even care that she was naked anymore, she was so angry. Shoving me, hard, she glared. “I can’t believe you did that? Why did you show me that video of you being sawed in half? You think this is funny Josh?”

I wanted to forget my plan. I wanted to just…to just kiss her. She was naked for god sakes. She was really angry with for someone who was calling my name during her private time in the bathroom earlier. “It was just a harmless prank, I’m sorry…I wanted to scare you and it just got out of hand.”

Sam folded her arms. I held onto a bit of hope that she wasn’t too mad, that we could work it out. “Why did you do that? You know what, I don’t even care, just never ever do that again to me Josh, I don’t need to go through that again…” She didn’t look as angry now she had gotten over the initial fear. I had also noticed that she had not picked up the towel which was still by her feet, that gave me a small glimmer of hope . I had to try and win her back over. Had to make it right. 

“It was better than Chris’ prank earlier right?” Making her laugh might help.

Sam couldn’t help but smile at that, shaking her head. “You’re terrible, Josh, you really are!”

I smiled back at her. “Look, I am…I am sorry, Sammy. I took this one a little too far.”

I took a step towards her, clearing my throat. “Do you forgive me?”

I could see her head working out whether it was a good idea or not. Me and Sammy had fun together. I wanted us to be okay. I also wanted her right now without that towel, but I could get to that in a minute.

“Hmmm, I dunno…Maybe.”

As I took in her body, I couldn’t help but lick my lips. I wanted to touch her and honestly after the performance earlier, I bet she wanted me too. Then why was I so freaked out? Maybe it was this prank. Maybe it was just because she was there and naked and I didn’t think it would happen like this. Ah, fuck it. 

I pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her tightly as I kissed her deeply, feeling her own arms wrapping around my neck. That kiss, aw man, I had been waiting for this for quite a while. It was amazing.

Sam pulled me so we were against the wall near us, holding me to her body, nice and tight. She was tugging at my overalls. The stupid fucking overalls. I helped her pull them off, letting them slip to the floor, kicking them away with my boots. She pulled over my shirt and her hands rested on my chest, her hands a little icy from being naked but I could handle it. I could warm her up in no time.

I lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist, her hips grinding against my boxers as we both moaned together, the friction stirring us up. I have never been more happy that she wasn’t wearing underwear. I pushed down my boxers, then using both of my hands to cup her ass, I gently eased myself into her, hearing her practically purring in my ear. She started grinding against me, our thrusts meeting. It was amazing. I was so glad she was over me chasing her there. I wasn’t going to hurt her, not Sammy. Not my Sam.

Her moans were getting louder, her breathing ragged, almost harsh. She was biting down hard on my neck, sucking on my skin driving me wild.  I thrust harder into her, one arm supporting me against the wall and the other holding onto Sam. Her moaning grew louder and louder.

“Josh, I’m so close…harder…”

She was moaning my name just like before. I couldn’t just ignore her sweet pleas. I drove myself hard into her, each thrust deep and hard. We both climaxed at the same time. i felt myself spill into her. I slumped against the wall, spent. Sam’s own breathing was starting to slow down, her body relaxing into mine, her head resting against my shoulder. I kissed her head, then her lips once. I helped her down and took a step back, my eyes trailing over her body once more. She smiled up at me and kissed me again. I don’t think I could ever get enough of those lips.

Sam pulled the towel back on, tying it around her breasts so she was covered again. “So, what happened to the others? Did you get them too?” She was laughing as she spoke. I started to pull my boxers and overalls back on, laughed along with her, shaking my head. If only it were that simple. Oh, Sammy, you have no idea what kind of night the rest of the guys are having…