Myths About Psychiatry

Let’s explore the myth that psychiatric conditions aren’t as well defined as other medical diseases and psychiatric treatments aren’t supported by as much scientific evidence, and don’t work as well, as other medical treatments. Even my fellow psychiatrists believe this. I’ll take broken limbs and that sort of thing out of the equation and go on from there.

Are psychiatric conditions nothing more than labels for normal behaviors? Is a person with social anxiety disorder just a shy person? Is depression just an experience we all have to live with during hard times? What makes a super-punctilious person a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder? It’s true that some psychiatric conditions exist on a continuum with normal reactions, normal states of being. Differentiating them from normal is no different than deciding what level of blood pressure is ‘hypertension,’ how many pounds add up to 'obesity,’ or how many hours of labor it should take before a baby is born. A condition rises to the level of disease when it handicaps a person, is associated with bad outcomes, and/or can be treated – in psychiatry just as in the rest of medicine.

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Post Traumatic Images.

For 16 years I have lived with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.Ten years ago a psychiatrist in Wellington clinically discharged me because I refused to take pyscho-active prescription drugs.Last year I had a major anxiety attack.. hyperventilated and went into shock.I was seen by a clinical psychologist three times and discharged..again..refusing to take medication.PTSD is an occasionally recurring renders the sufferer immobile in the worst case scenario,the rest of the time is guilt..lack of self esteem..suicidal thoughts…loneliness

There are millions of sufferers.

Photography is my emotive outlet to try and combat this war wound like condition.

They shut up Sade, they shut up Nietzsche; they shut up Baudelaire. The method which consists in surprising you by night, forcing you into a strait jacket or capturing you in any other way, is no better than that of the policeman who slips a revolver into your pocket. I know that if I were mad, after several days confinement I should take advantage of any lapses in my madness to murder anyone, preferably a doctor, who came near me. At least this would permit me, like the violent, to be confined in solitary. Perhaps they’d leave me alone.
—  André Breton, Nadja, p. 140.

replied to your post“in the worlds biggest not surprise, psychiatrists are ableist as fuck…” There’s a good psychiatrist out there for everyone, it takes time but if you keep trying you’ll eventually find one, i promise.

i wish this was so, but is definitely not my experience. Its hard enough as it is to avoid being literally committed. if i was honest with any of my therapists i likely would be.

and pyschiatry comes from a place where neurotypicality is seen as the end goal. You’re not supposed to get anything out of your reality because its seen as less valid. I don’t hate the fact that i have delusions. I don’t hate the fact that i am in a system. These are real and valid and important parts of me that affect how i see the world.