— settle down | (m)

• pairing: min yoongi x reader, roommate! yoongi
• genre/warnings: smut, angst, fluff, slow buuurrrn, enemies to lovers
• words: 14,930
→summary: An unfortunate event finds you living with the man you practically despise over the summer. However, maybe through a series of fortunate events, you find yourself falling for him…
• note. this is a remastered version of the originally story I wrote called ‘and july’ (found here) that I wrote for suho back when I started this blog, albeit slightly (very?) different.

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The Signs as Firsts

Aries is the first breath of life,

When everything becomes clear all at once, the exact moment of life comes rushing together, it happens quickly, seemingly instantous, the appearance of glaring light after the sober dark- the first of firsts, the absolute beginning.

Taurus is the first feeling of touch,

When the senses come alive, and help the child register the physical world, it branches forth from the soft texture of the blanket, to the aromatic smell of the nursery and the warmth of milk- it’s the building blocks of perception.

Gemini is the first giggle,

When the mind starts racing, and thinking, and wondering silent thoughts. Mental stimulation is beginning to stirr, jokes and words are foreign but humer and good joy is universal- the first sound uttered, echoed in the air.

Cancer is the first tear,

When feelings start to surface and make themselves known to the outside world. It’s when emotions can’t be controlled and are released in their raw pure form- it’s intial reveal of the personal heart.

Leo is the first word,

When the child is starting to make their way in their world, and formally find their voice. Once they start talking, they can start performing on the stage of the world around them, it’s the beginning of crafting sentences that will one day create individuality- it’s when the child finally starts to make themselves understood.

Virgo is the first step,

Virgo is the first mobility, a very important part in the journey of independence. Virgo is when the mind reaches the body in cordinated movements, when the mind starts mastering the body. The physical world is no longer a spectacle, but an element to be explored thoroughly- it’s a milestone in communication between mind and body.

Libra is the first friendship

When the child’s focus turns from self to other. When corporation is more then just a word, but a real life application. It’s when children play together, and the realization that the world is more then just one comes to the surface of the pysche- it’s the beginning to understand the world through many eyes.

Scorpio is the first question asked,

When the curiosity has boiled so long, that it comes bubbling to the surface. It always starts out simple, “why is the sky blue?”. It’s simple but it’s the first of a long line of tough questions to come. What’s more important then the first question thought, is the bravey to ask it- the first audacity to wonder

Sagittarius is the first adventure,

The journey of life began long ago, but this is the first time the child fully explores life. It’s when the feet start to travel elsewhere and explore unknown corners- unknown aisles of the grocery store or a hidden thicket of the playground- it’s exploring life for oneself.

Capricorn is the first day of school,

It’s when childhood meets obligation, and the workforce is starting to creep onto children. It’s when playtime meets restrictions and fun isn’t the priority anymore. Society is coming together in this institution, and it’s the first major taste of duty in a uniform environment filled with rules- childhood starts blending into adulthood

Aquarius is the first discovery,

The mind has wondered and asked, and now it answers through creation. It’s late night studying for passions, and possible kooky experiments. It’s when the learning from school has taken a practical application outside of the classroom, and one starts putting together pieces for themselves- it’s when the mind wonders outside the bounds of society.

Pisces is the first solitary night

when the night light burns out and there’s no one home. It’s when the monsters of childhood come crawling from the closets and under beds. It’s fear, that was always there, being comfronted. It’s hugging the covers, and finding strength in oneself- the first time realizing that even when alone, there is still strength.

argentarachnids  asked:

Ooh, my favorite Greek archetypical Beauty and the Beast story is the story of Eros and Psyche. She's the only Greek heroine I know of.

aaah thanks for sharing this with me! I did not know this story and now i really like it!! There’s even Persephone in it yay!

i imagine they form a “aphrodite ego ruined my life” support group XD

My favorite show is that one with the guy with a college education who’s on track to have a moderately successful career and another guy who bounces all around the country without a steady job and the two of them start investigating crimes and strange occurrences. There’s also a grumpy guy always wearing a suit who can’t stand one of them and then another character joins them later on and they become the love interest of one of the main characters.