Ah yes, the old Jewish tradition of sucking eggs… 😂👏 But seriously, did you know Jews around the world hollowed and decorated eggs for holidays and celebrations? 💃🎉💖 It was even traditional to combine it with calligraphy and cover an egg in miniature Hebrew script. In honour of this Shabbat when we read Song of Songs, here’s my first (but not last) try at calligraphed eggs: chapter 1 of Song of Songs. Yes, it’s dyed with henna! And yes, those are chickens in the background! 😂🐓🍳💕 Shabbat shalom!

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This Ukrainian egg has been in my family for a long long time. It was a traditional egg, with the yolk dried inside. Sadly, something happened to it in storage this year, and we had to throw it out. I wanted to get a few pictures. I was pretty devastated to see it go.