A 500-year-old Easter egg was found during excavations in Lviv, the press service of the Rescue Archaeological Service of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has reported.

According to the report, the pysanka (a Ukrainian ornate Easter egg) was found in a water collector dated to the 15th-16th centuries, on Shevska Street in the central part of the city at a depth of 5.5 meters.

This is the oldest Easter egg found by Lviv archaeologists to date.

"Previously, Kyivan Rus pysankas dated to the 12th-13th centuries were found in Zhydachiv, Lviv region, and Khrinnyky in Volyn region, but these were ceramic eggs. This one is made on an egg shell, most likely from a goose egg. And it is very well preserved, almost 90 percent," a junior research officer of the Rescue Archaeological Service, Ostap Lazurko, said.

(via Kyiv Post)

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