Amateur Pysanki

So 2 years ago, I did the line work for these, and just colored them up now.

and then I decided to drink, and did this:

just a bunch of friggin’ lines, based on no existing pattern.

but holy crap look how nice and even this section came out:

I need to be drunk and do art with wax and candles more often (gee, that doesn’t sound dirty).

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this counts as cultural appropriation XD But my Ukrainian grandfather used to think that the American Easter egg kits with specifically the wax crayon were watered down bastardized versions of Pysanky. Which was apparently a Slavic tradition way even before the church got involved. And what solidified his beliefs in his mind was that practically every non-Slav couldn't explain why they were decorating eggs for Easter.

fleurdeneuf asked:

Madrid and Chicago :) (I did this one the other night... I think I'll reblog it again and see if I get any more)

Ooh yes! I’ll drop by and send you one - thanks lady :D

Madrid: Describe your aesthetic.

1940′s wartime vintage, art nouveau, post-apocalyptic grunge and traditional pysanky.

Chicago: What do you ache for?

This is probably pathetic, but friendship.

anonymous asked:

I'm the egg dyeing girl. Forgot to mention that I am totally a girl and that I am a junior in University. But really look up Pysanky on the Internet, that is what I do.

Hey egg dying girl! University is old enough for me (as long as you’re not like a 12 year old whizz kid but I assume you’re not) By your use of the term junior, I’m guessing you’re in America, so we shall forever be separated by that horrible tease that is fate (or you know, the Atlantic Ocean) and I will defo look up Pysanky, it sounds soooo cool :P