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"BLACKAMERICANDREAM" - by The Pyrvmids (Mixtape)

I’ve been listening to this new album by The Pyrvmids for the last couple days trying to formulate my thoughts about the project. The project is titled “BLACKAMERICANDREAM” and hits hard with lots of features, good production, and various atmospheres. Obviosuly I thought it was a solid project or else I would’ve kept it moving after my initial listen, but sometimes its best to listen slow then repeat. There is definitely a lot going on, multiple artist, sounds, and vibes to try and digest all at once, so this review didn’t come easily.

My conclusion is this reminded me of a classic compilation mixtape, like a CLUEMANATTI Mixtape from the 90’s. When I started to view “BLACKAMERICANDREAM” as a compilation or project of features including various artist it started to sound a lot more like good music from different regions. With that said this is an even more interesting project when you understand these guys are handling all the production. This is why it was so confusing at first listen. Their production skills are so good & cohesive, it made me initially think they were simply emcees releasing a project. Hats off to The Pyrvmids for creating a dope project with tracks for everyone. We’re in the kitchen as usual so we will say this project is: STEAK KNIFE SHARP

Words by: Wes Jones
Exposing The Unexposed