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I wanted to do something special for the holidays / new year and the fact that I hit 1K followers last week. Thanks for following and thanks to everyone that I follow for keeping my dash full of content

As always, this is a sideblog, so I have to follow through my main account (@pyrrhic-victoria), but I assure you , I do follow you. If I forgot anyone I apologize in advance. I love you all and wish you a prosperous 2017!

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Please pardon the quality  (or blatant lack thereof) of this photo and the deviation from regularly scheduled inspirational quotes, purple skies and and rainbow-tinted dreams….

People are always wondering who the face is behind this blog.

I’m a hyper-sensitive who was told by my peers for the first 15 years of my life that I was “Ugly” (yes, from the time I was in pre-school). Within the last several years, I’ve finally become confident living in my own skin. I’m happy my soul chose this form, and I encourage all of you to love yourself and your strengths and flaws and everything that is you. 

So this is me, Jessica, the face behind the blog! Love and Light to all !!