“I’ve always felt as though I was destined to become a Huntress - to protect the world… and it’s become increasingly clear to me that my feelings were right. But… I don’t know if I can do it.”


My updated Pyrrha Nikos went over insanely well at Anime Revolution this year! I splurged and got a high quality wig from Arda, and took the time to make both of her weapons. The amount of dead Pyrrha jokes yelled at me from across the convention hall were insane. But I got a lot of love from RWBY fans alike, and I’ve never felt more empowered in a cosplay than I do as Pyrrha.

Photography by Margaret HE Photography



So many neat cosplayers and junk? I couldn’t catch them all in a hurry but WOW THIS ONE STEAMPUNK PYRRHA STILL HAS ME WOO AND AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- I need to draw em later and stuff

and then there was this one wicked Joseph Joestar cosplayer who appeared out of the blue like, they’re so rare????? Ssvhdjdflglblessssss, i wish I managed to ask them both their names and junk before running off to work

I also cracked and got the rwby anthologies and manga because BWHA ART- but now also need to learn how to read the kanjiiiiiiiiii

  • Ren: Jaune, the house is in fire!
  • Jaune: I'm on vacation! Have someone else do it!
  • Nora: Oh no! It's spreading to garden!
  • Jaune: Vacation!
  • Pyrrha: Ah! My arm is on fire!
  • Jaune: Pyrrha, I am trying to relax!
  • (4 hours later)
  • All: (glaring at Jaune)
  • Jaune: Alright now, to my credit, I had stated yesterday that any emergency situations that were to occur during my vacation should be taken up with my team's leader.
  • Nora: You are our team's leader!
  • Jaune: And I am currently on vacation, so take it up with the committee!

“When the world falls down around you and hope is lost, when you find yourself alone amid a lightless place, look to the distance - know that I am there, and that I watch over you, always”

That scene in FFXV reminded me of these two. RWBY Volume 4 ended and now can’t wait for Volume 5. The flowers are Forget-Me-Nots which seemed appropriate.

One more day before Valentines!