“I exist in two places, here and where you are.”

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i. HOZIER, better love. ii. FEVER RAY, concrete walls. iii. AGNES OBEL, fuel to fire. iv. LONDON GRAMMER, interlude. v. RADIOHEAD, all i need. vi. HOZIER, run. vii. MOTT CORBY, lay you down. viii. BEN HOWARD, all is now harmed. ix. SON LUX, lanterns lit.

Pun of the day: Yang is back.

Yang: Yo Vomit boy!

Jaune: *sigh* Yes Yang?

Yang: I see you’re having some girl trouble with Pyrrha.

Jaune: What? No I-

Yang: That wall tells me you’re not quite doing a CRACKING job!

Jaune: …

Yang: You must have really been going at it!

Jaune: !!!

Yang: What a Pyrr-fect way to start the day!

pyrrhasmoved-deactivated2014010  asked:

maybe when you first notice your lips getting dry take a wet washcloth and rub it on your lips to get rid of the skin starting to peel up. make sure to apply chapstick right after though! for brands ive heard eos balm is pretty good. also if the rest of your skin is drying out too, it could be from taking hot showers. theyre actually pretty bad for both your skin and hair! drinking water is super key to keep your lips nice too. mine chap up after a few days without my usual water intake.

I read about that and I have been trying it and it does help a little

Oh yeah! I used to use eos too. I really liked that stuff. I don’t think it is from long showers because I haven’t been getting dry skin.
I have been upping my water intake, especially since it started getting bad. 

Thank you for all the tips c:

What I want to see in the new episode. 

  • Semblances shown by anyone with screen time that we don’t know about. In particular Velvet, (and the rest of team CVFY) and Sage and Scarlet. PLEASE.
  • Sage and Scarlet actually getting more lines as well. 
  • Emotional battle between Blake and Adam
  • One word: Torchwick. I don’t care if we get giggling. I just want Torchwick please. 
  • Jaune being shown in a good light. (cause look at him being all leader like) 
  • Pyrrha not to be too sad. Or something to cheer her up. No more miserable Pyrr please we’ve had enough.