It’s a question he definitely didn’t expect to hear, and when he does, he doesn’t know what to answer or what to do.

Pyro turns away and refuses to make a single noise, let alone answer. He goes back to burning his handkerchief.

I’m sorry, Pyro. Did I make you uncomfortable? If I did, you can tell me. I won’t be upset. She replied, stepping towards the firefly.

pyrosisms asked:

a moment of weakness

Send ‘a moment of weakness’ and the generated outcome will be used for a small drabble scenario or starter. { tw violence, possible noncon/dubcon implications, nsfw }
My muse is all tied up (how and why is up to the mun)

Dell made an annoyed noise, angry to have one of his 
horse legs tied up. It was obnoxious to him and it made
walking difficult. And with his large body, it was hard to
lean down and untie himself. God damn it.

Dell paused when he heard a muffled noise. His head 
turned, cocking his head in curiosity as he stared at
the Red Pyro that had waltzed outside nearest to him.
“Pyro!” Dell called towards him. “C’mere! Could ya do
somethin’ fer me real quick?”