i swear i’m not a pyromaniac.
i take no pleasure from
the sight of a burning presence
but you remind me
of the smell after
a candle is blown out;
that crisp afterscent
still burns in my nostrils
like the blurry look i had
of your curly hair.
it’s been 7 months and the scars still haven’t healed
but i don’t mind, they remind me of how
when you play with fire
you get burn.
i swear i’m not a pyromaniac
but you were a bonfire
and there was something in those bright flames
that lit a fuse in me.
i swear i’m not a pyromaniac
but i swear
the flame just went out and today, i enjoyed the bittersweet afterscent.
—  i.g., pyromaniac
A Bit of Research on Pyromania

haxorizer145 asked: Hi, I’m a beginner at writing, I have this prototype for a story that is centered in a mental asylum, however, I have no idea how to get my character’s mental disorder right. My character has Pyromania. I would like to write him in his point of view, with thoughts and things like that. But whenever I write his thoughts it just comes out as “Oh that’s pretty view, it would be prettier with FIRE!” or something like that, I would like some tips regarding this, thank you very much.

Check out This Is a Towel: Mental Disorders for more general tips on writing mental disorders and make sure to read Sordid Fairy Tale: Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make for great advice on avoiding cliches and offensive stereotypes.

As far as pyromaniacs specifically, I’ve got some links for you. First, check out Wikipedia’s article to get a general overview of pyromania. Sometimes Wikipedia helps, sometimes not so much. Hopefully this will be one of those mercifully helpful times.

Now have some medical science!

You might also appreciate I Am a Pyromaniac, a storyboard forum hosted by Experience Project which collects the thoughts and stories of real pyromaniacs. There are lots of forums hosted by the Experience Project that may help any writer doing research on the human experience. Look those up by topic on their Explore Experiences page (and add your experiences to forums that apply to you to help others!).

One more thing: TVTropes has three fabulous pages on pyromania and pyromaniacs. They are Pyro Maniac, Sliding Scale: Pyromaniac, and Playing With: Pyromaniac. Definitely look into those pages for ideas on how other creators have portrayed pyromania in books and other media.

Thank you for your question! If you have any comments on this post or other questions about writing, you can message us here



MUSIC: Oh Land - Pyromaniac (Official Video)

Denmark native, Oh Land, has released her latest visual offering for single “Pyromaniac.” A playful ensemble, you’ll see Miss Oh Land taking to the catchy tune through dance with remnants of personal photos slotted throughout. The track currently features on her album Wishbone which was just released yesterday.

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Ah. My example of bbqshipping. (And my first ship ever. Ha!) I had way too much fun with this. XD This is the first time I tried drawing Yami this way. Inspired by squigglydigg’s style, as I love that look and it’s much more fun/freeing for expressions, I found. And there is my hand writing.

Anyway, me and noenee noticed that Yami seems to like to burn things in the manga and other media. And she lovingly dubbed it “BBQshipping.” (Would you prefer it caps or all lower case?) Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. 😄