i swear i’m not a pyromaniac.
i take no pleasure from
the sight of a burning presence
but you remind me
of the smell after
a candle is blown out;
that crisp afterscent
still burns in my nostrils
like the blurry look i had
of your curly hair.
it’s been 7 months and the scars still haven’t healed
but i don’t mind, they remind me of how
when you play with fire
you get burn.
i swear i’m not a pyromaniac
but you were a bonfire
and there was something in those bright flames
that lit a fuse in me.
i swear i’m not a pyromaniac
but i swear
the flame just went out and today, i enjoyed the bittersweet afterscent.
—  i.g., pyromaniac
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  • Outlast

Outlast - Pyromaniac
By Samuel Laflamme.
Heard when you encounter “Pyro”/Pyromaniac at the Cafeteria in the Male Ward.

“This is the Pyromaniac’s soundtrack and you will hear this when you enter the burning Cafeteria where you see "Pyro”, explaining to Miles that he had to burn the place in an attempt to kill himself and burn down the asylum itself. I would assume “Pyro” is not mentioned very much within the Outlast fandom, unlike the likings of Eddie Gluskin (obviously), but there you go. He should be appreciated much more than I would have thought, to be honest.“ ~ Admin

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