I came up with the finish order of the three-legged race, but it didn’t make it into the comic. 

1st: Avi and Elec Man. Maybe they got disqualified for not actually running. I’m not sure. 

2nd: Fire Man and Pyrogen. A blazing finish!

3rd: Roll and Beck. You can see the determination in their eyes. 

4th: Eddie and Patch. They are a small but mighty duo! They finished only a hair behind Roll and Beck. 

5th: Rock and Call. They’re both more in it for the fun rather than winning. 

6th: Ice Man and Dynatron. Ice Man is small and very weak to electricity, Dynatron is tall and generates it. I’d like to think that she didn’t make him feel bad for having short legs. She’s a nice lady! Ice Man has nothing to be afraid of. Maybe they ended up as buddies by the end of the race. 

7th: The 5-legged superteam of Blues, Brandish, and Cut Man. My little nod to Brandish being based on the other two. ;) They came in last place, but looked really cool while doing so.