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Y’all ever think about how much more comfortable Pyro has become on his channel within the past year? Yeah, me too.

Eyyy, guess who finally pulled their life together for once? Since I’ve been in a good mood lately, I’ve been doodling frequently and happened to change my style. Drew grew out his hair, so now he decided to show his age lol. Just a few practice sketches of mine, hopefully I can incorporate my new style into asks!

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feels great to be back! 

Fire and Water

Fire and water

Warnings: none

Requested by: @titaniumheart888

He was most certainly a pyromaniac that was one thing for sure. No one dare to mess with him unless they enjoy having their ass burning. Everyone knew not mess with him, he was the right hand of magneto, and loved  any and all excuses to use his power, no matter what the occasion.

(y/n) walks into the tent, which magneto had been using as a planning room, with another mutant by her side who was leading her to magneto is.The old man with the goofing looking helmet old is standing over the map tying plan out the attack, with four other mutants. When the (y/h/c) colored mutant rudely interrupted their meeting.

“I’m sorry sir I tried to stop her but she kept on coming.” The mutant apologizes

Magneto starts to laugh “it’s fine and (y/n) come sit.” He moves the chair to behind her so she can sit.

“I’m here to fight for the cause not for you”(y/n) states, she had a history with the old man who stands in front of her, for her brother use to stand with him in his fight for mutant kind. He died at the fight at the liberty.

(y/n) takes one look at the man playing with fire, turns and exits, leaving to set up her tent near by.

Magneto bursts into laughter, “still the same firey little girl I meet back then.” He turns and looks at pyro, “Metaphorically speaking of course.” The fire mutant gives magneto a questioning look.

“Her mutation is hydrokinesis, much like your mutation just with water She is a class four mutant.” His gruff voice explains to pyro.

(Y/n) sets up her tent and makes it comfortable enough to sleep in. Even though she was still here as a favor to Erik she still didn’t like half the people here, Most of them were thugs and crooks how on earth erik got them here together would remain a mystery to her.

She walks intp her tent and jumps on the sleeping bag closes her eyes only after a couple minutes she senses some annoyance standing outside her tent.

“What do you want hot head?” (y/n) calls out to the man standing outside her tent playing with fire. He had no clue as to why he was here but he just felt so mesmerized by her, And everyone knows opposites attract.

“I wanted to see you.” as soon as those words fell out he wanted to pick them up and and shove them right back in his mouth. I wanted to see you really! Is that the best you can come up with. Pyro thinks to himself.

The fire mutant hears her shuffle around then the tent unzips , and out pops (y/n)’s head. “Come on in the hot head.” She smirks as she continues to call him by the nickname she knows will piss him off. Pyro rolls his eyes he didn’t like that name but he also doesn’t hate it either. He sits down making her bed shift, still playing with fire in his hands.

“ So… what do you need to see me about?” She asks inquisitively.

“Uh… well… wel.. Actually I don’t know.” He stutters over his words. Mentally slapping himself he was know to be cool despite his flame mutation and now he’s tripping over his own words.

(y/n) rolls her eyes, he may be cute but her sure is dumb as a box of rocks.

“Do you want to ask me on a date?” She asks.


“Good pick me up at 8 tomorrow.”


When the party started, Yuuichirou declared that everyone would be staying overnight because it wouldn’t be safe to drive home after that

Merry Searchmas my friends, enjoy the rest of the holidays~

pyro-brony  asked:

Hey, what's the oval, I think I generally understand underswap, and I t makes no sense to me. You've got flowey and temmie, tori and asgore, blooky and mtt, sans and paps, undyne and alphys, spider girl and flame boy, and the river person and gaster, on occasion. I go with that. The closest you get to an oval character is the turtle, who doesn't really match up, because his shell is smaller than his over all body, so who is it?

((Y’all have already seen the oval :

They’re just not available yet for questions.))

anonymous asked:

Bc you both have a crush on eachother from flirting on twitter and keem is being cupid omfg please

Okay so this is the response to the “Drama Alert” request. Let me know what you guys think. Send in your requests and I will get to them as soon as possible. Some requests have been asked multiple times, that’s why those may get answered before one that has been in my ask box for longer. I will get to them, though. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Drama Alert

You didn’t know how you got into this predicament in the first place. One week you’re talking with Calvin on Twitter and the next week you’re on Drama Alert being confronted about it. Did you think that those messages and directs are what you would be talking about? No. 

Keem had invited you to come on the show a few days ago. He messaged you saying something along the lines of: “Yeah, we just want you to come on the show and talk about some things with your channel. You’ve been blowing up recently and a lot of people in the community have been asking you to come on.” Thinking that it would be a good opportunity, you agree to come on the show. 

Recently, you were becoming more apparent in the youtube and gaming community. With this came talking with a lot of the popular competitive teams and even doing some streams of your own on twitch. People appreciated your sass and relatable commentary. Well, that and the fact your gameplay was the only thing on the screen besides a couple of streams with a face reveal. You enjoyed playing the games and that’s all that mattered to you. Eventually, you started uploading your streams to YouTube and posting a gameplay video every once in a while. You had a decent following of a few hundred thousand subscribers. 

Where your channel started to explode was when people started shipping you. With who? Only the Reptile King himself, Calvin. After you started following Calvin on Twitter and commenting on a few of his videos, people started to pay more attention. His fans, and some of yours, eventually found pictures of the two of you talking at a recent party. As a result, the reptilian army went a little crazy.. Between tweeting the two of you nonstop and the constant comments on your stream, people just wouldn’t let it go. They would go so far as to tag you and Calvin in edits of the two of you together with the caption “#ReptileGoals.” Neither of you would ever seriously respond to them. You found them quite funny and would comment “lol” on a few, as would Calvin. 

As funny as they were, you had developed a bit of a crush on the reptilian streamer. The two of you had just met at that party when Pyro introduced the two of you. There was no way he liked you back, right? Figuring this was the case, you decided to ignore your feelings and just focus on promoting your channel and creating content. That was, until Keem had to bring everything up. 

You joined the Skype session and thats when everything unfolded. Keem introduced you and then proceeded to introduce Leafy, well Calvin. Which was a complete surprise to the both of you, obviously. Both of you immediately asked what was going on and why you were both on being that you two didn’t have any beef. 

“Well, you see, that’s the thing. We are very confused with all of these indirect tweets and I would like to get to the bottom of this. Are you guys going out or what? There appears to be a lot of flirting going down on twitter between your accounts.” Keem says.

You chuckle a little bit and respond with, “We aren’t going out. As funny as those edits are, we’re not together. We just talk on occasion.” 

Calvin pauses before adding in, “Yeah, I wouldn’t really call it flirting. Though, some of those edits are quite hilarious.”

Keem is quick to respond by saying, “Oh really? Well, what about this picture of the two of you at a Twitch afterparty? You two seem to be quite close and chatting.”

“That would be because Pyro introduced the two of us and it was terribly loud inside so we weren’t about to be screaming at each other,” Calvin answers.

Keem laughs to himself a bit and says, “Speaking of Pyro, he managed to send me some DMs and coordinate this whole thing. Something along the lines of ‘being tired of your bullshit and neither of you saying anything.’” 

“Wait, what?” you ask. And it was at this moment that you were ready to drink a gallon of bleach from the embarrassment of your last conversation with Pyro a couple days ago. 

Just then, Keem loads a picture of both your conversation with Pyro and Calvin’s conversation with Pyro. There are various screenshots of DM conversations and texting convos. A lot of them are you guys saying how you like each other but you don’t think that the other person does as well. Additionally, Pyro telling you two to both take a chance but neither of you listening to him. 

Keem reaches forward and grabs his popcorn and says, “Pyro also had some interesting words he said he would like to share.” Just then Keem adds Pyro to the Skype call.

After joining, both of you are sending a stream of curse words his way. Including: “Dude! What the fuck?!” and “What the fuck are you thinking, Pyro?!”

Pyro chuckles to himself while Keem is clearly enjoying this way too much. Pyro begins by saying, “I am tired of neither of you saying anything. Y/N you like Calvin but you don’t think he likes you, so you don’t say anything. And Calvin, you’re being too much of a little bitch to just ask Y/N out already. I’m tired of you messaging me saying you are going to ask Y/N on a date, and then not following through on it! Just fucking do it already.” Immediately after finishing, he leaves the call. 

Both of you are absolutely silent after this, you are ready to end your life at the embarrassment that has just concluded your existence, and Keem is simply laughing at what has just happened. “Anything you two would like to say for yourselves?” There is a brief pause before he continues, “No? Well, you heard it on Drama Alert. Calvin and Y/N both have a crush on each other but neither of them are willing to take the first step. Let us know in the comments when you think the wedding will be!” Ending the video, all you can hear is Keem laughing in the background and you saying, “You have got to be fucking kidding me.” 

After the Skype call ends, you immediately get a DM from Calvin saying, “So I know it’s really fucking stupid asking at this point, but do you wanna hang out or catch a movie or something?” 

Laughing to yourself, you respond with, “I think we kind of have to go on a date at this point” and a “crying laughing emoji.” (😅😂)

After the video was posted, fans went crazy and a lot of similar YouTubers were commenting on how cute you two would be together or asking if you two were joking or not. Needless to say, it was going to be an even longer week. 

So this was probably kind of lame, I had to type it throughout the day. (I’ve been a taxi driver for my brothers all day). Hope you enjoyed!

100 Notes and I’ll go on Drama Alert ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)