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X Men (X Men-Last Stand): All House Edition

Some of these characters would be in different houses if I was going by the comic book versions of these characters.

Raven/Mystique is very unique, cynical, dedicated to her passions, clever, stubborn to her beliefs and very independent. In the movies she stands out to me as a ravenclaw that has turned to a darker side. While the comic book versions of her are definitely more suited to Slytherin.

Finished it.

I have a headcanon that pyro has scars from 2nd degree burns. I mean.. I’m not gonna be that much of a dickhole. I’m not gonna mutilate his face….

poor lil bebe. .n.

So here’s the lowdown-

Engi pep-talks pyro into thinkin he’s fine to go places without his mask because Engi believes Pyro is perfectly fine the way he is ‘n goopy shit. They go outside, and Pyro is slammed with insults. Engie thinks on his feet and tosses his hat on Pyro to help cover him up, positions himself to better block people’s views, and escort him back to probably comfort Pyro and tell him he’s beautiful no matter what people say- etc. etc. Insert goopy shit here.

Use your imagination.


Mann Vs. Hat [SAXXY AWARDS 2015] by Fanic


Here’s the outro credits to this year’s Tip of the Hats that I put together on-site. Originally, this whole sequence was supposed to be animated and have Sally (the girl in the pink dress) give Heavy a Jaunty Pin in a gift, before Heavy would hug her. However, my RSI started acting up really badly before I went to ToTH’s venue, so I had to shelve the project until I got to Chicago.

A few days before Tip of the Hats went live, I told Dashner I really wanted to make sure these four kids were not forgotten, and would be included in the finale. We went for fading, still shots effect for emotional impact, but moreso due to personal injury as well as time management. We also chose to have Sally run up to Heavy, not wanting him to go - even though he and the gang will probably drop by next year. I thought the theme ended up matching up with that post-ToTH feel pretty well. 

originally was on the right side of Pyro’s head but I switched it for balance

and also, how do you do that panorama view thingy in full view @_@