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Bill going into his gem and dipper getting rly lonely without him

Dipper cradled the cat’s eye in his hands, staring into it’s ‘pupil,’ frowning heavily.

“Dipper, you really need to stop moping around. So Bill got knocked back into his gem? He’ll come back soon!” Mabel called from the other side of the room as she dug through the refrigerator. 

Dipper sighed sadly and carefully set the gem back on the pillow he had picked out for it, laying his head down to stare at it once more. “I know…” He muttered, shifting a little. 

It felt so strange to not be Pyrite anymore…to simply be…defused. When was the last time he had gone a week not fused with Bill?

At this point, he couldn’t say. 

Gently, Dipper rubbed the pads of his fingers over the cat’s eye, feeling the welcoming warmth and smoothness of the gem, reminding himself that Bill was still here with him and would be back.

Still, that didn’t mean he didn’t miss him. 

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Hi swamp I have a question! For this. Up Coming blue moon i was thinking of doing a love jar along with incantation. In the jar i was going to put dried roses and lavender, two pyrites to represent two male sexual energies and some rose oil drops and maybe a few dragons blood oil drops. I feel like the jar may be too empty, any advice of what else to put in?

Hmmm just because I’m a goober, I’d say fake flowers because it’d be really pretty. Taking the not goober route, shells (shelter, home, protection), salt (cleansing), cinnamon sticks (take up extra space, spice things up, warmth), clove (because I love it), dried orange peels (luck, energy). Does that help?


I dunno if I’ve showed off my new babies yet but HERE THEY ARE. Sandstone and Pyrite- Sandstone is a nomad who likes to bury himself in the sand, and Pyrite is a pretty golden knight

All my dragons are either fluffy barbarians or galavanting RPG classes

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Can you write some gem billdip fluff before they fuse into pyrite?

Dipper giggled as Bill picked him up and swung him around, peppering his face in little kisses. The older gem started with the cheeks before moving up to kiss both eyes and then, pecking his nose before finally pressing a full, gentle kiss right on Dipper’s lips.

Dipper hummed into the kiss as he returned it, wrapping his legs around Bill’s waist to pull himself closer to the older gem. Eyes squeezed tight, he enjoyed the presence of the other along with the attention he was getting.

Bill chuckled lightly as he slowly pulled away to attack Dipper’s nick, nipping and kissing all along his collar bone, hugging the younger gem even closer so he was flush against his body. 

Dipper squeaked at the sudden change, but laughed lightly nonetheless, an unmovable grin plastered along his face. His heart swelled in his chest and he clutched Bill even tighter as the other gem started to sink down onto the floor, trapping Dipper underneath him as he moved up to give the younger gem a little Eskimo kiss, single eye narrowed in adoration. 

Dipper gasped as bright light started to consume the two, their forms merging as their hearts and minds fell in rhythm. 

They were no longer just Dipper and Bill; Moonstone and Cat’s Eye.

They were one. Together. 



I really wanted to make a gemsona but I don’t like making characters after me so I used my boyfriends name on the gemsona generator

And we built one together so its more like a fangem LMAO

Pyrite, a left handed shooter.  Goes by they/them pronouns

(also we thought it would’ve been funny if we made them a ‘pirate’ BUT WE DIDN’T)

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So the family walks in and sees pyrite instead of bill and dip and there like "What were you guys doing while we were gone?"

“Hey!” Mabel called out, eyeing the single gem in the room

“Oh god, not again.” Stanley groaned.

Stanford shook his head and turned around, already done with the situation and ready to go lay down. 

Pyrite, who was just laying across the couch, gave his family a wide, half-crazed grin as he jumped up to his feet. “Why, yes! Again!” The gem laughed. “Miss me? I missed me!”

Mabel shook her head. “What were you guys even doing to form you?” She asked, frowning. 

If there was one fusion she could live without, it was Pyrite. It wasn’t that she disliked the relationship between the older gem and her brother. It was more like Pyrite was annoying and mean.

And well…though she didn’t admit it to herself, Mabel didn’t like the idea of her brother fusing with another gem besides herself. 

“Oh, you know. Just a little-”

“Don’t even try to finish that sentence.” Stanley grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose as he moved towards the kitchen. “Just…don’t break anything. Don’t harm anyone, and keep everything G-rated, okay?”

Pyrite snickered.

Mabel paled.

Stanley left.

“So anyways~” Pyrite sang as he turned and sunk back onto the couch, making sure his legs took up all leftover room. “-you wanna hear about the fu-”

“Nope!” Mabel exclaimed loudly, blushing a bit red as she whipped around. “I’m good! Um, I gotta go play with Waddles and yeah…seeyouguyswhenyourunfusedbye!”

Pyrite frowned as he was left all alone.

“Well. At least I love me!” 

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Pyrite has to fight off mecha Godzilla

“Why. Won’t. You. Just. DIE!”

Pyrite let out another snarl as he let his broadsword swing again, the ivory blade slamming against the metal hide of the monster before him, sparks flying as normal weak human metal scratched against his pretty much magical sword. The weaker metal gave away and tore with a terrible sounding screech, one that caused Pyrite to flinch back as he felt the two gems inside him wince and pull apart by the sound.

Ugh. He really need to hang onto himself better. 

Jumping back to avoid the swish of the large tail, Pyrite briefly mentally prepared himself yet again before feinting to the left, striking out and slicing at the creature’s right leg, this time catching the metal and expecting the terrible noises.

His blade cut through cleanly, severing even some of the wires inside and causing the metal abomination to tremble. Grabbing the open wound with one of his hands, Pyrite used his last free hand to brace himself against the leg and slice through even more wires, cutting up everything inside. 

Grinning widely, Pyrite moved his sword so it was only grasped in one hand and with his other, he sent a wave of blue flames inside, watching them melt away even more plastic and metal. The azure flames, magical as they were, started to spread quickly, breaking down the metal beast with ease.

With one last crazed grin, Pyrite vaulted off the creature, making sure to do two back-flips in the air, landing and stumbling a bit on his feet.

Behind him, the giant metal lizard crashed to the ground, utterly defeated.

“That’s what I’m talking about. After all, there’s only one god here and that’s me!”

Pyrite’s form shuddered. 

“Hey! That was a great jokes!”

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Wait so is pyrite like garnet?

Pyrite is a fusion between Dipper and Bill, who love one another romantically. 

So in that regard yes, Pyrite is like Garnet :3