Devotional Jewelry for Khonsu, Ra, and Heru

They’re going on Etsy, but here’s a preview. Khonsu’s and Ra’s will be 14.14 USD (7, being a lucky number, doubled~.) The Heru necklace will be 40$. All are being sold at-cost for materials, since I just want to get thing sold. If you want but don’t have monies, I can work with you (Like, payment plans, or something. That goes with any of my stuff, really.)

Khonsu’s bracelets are meant to protect during travel- Since He is known for just that. They feature sodalite, hawk’s eye, howlite, iolite, and black agate. The 3 either have moonstone, black biotite, or silver-rutilated quartz beads for detailing (First come, first serve on the choice.)

Ra’s is for strength and protection, in general. He has pyrite, red jasper, red goldstone, garnet, and hematite. 

Heru’s necklace features a Laser Trees Eye of Heru walnut-wood pendant with black star dioside gem. He has a bunch of different beads- lapis lazuli, blue apatite, moonstone, sunstone, iolite, black agate, blue goldstone… 

I used up all my best beads for these. I feel Everyone is mighty pleased. 

Though some geodes can be valuable (with the very large and very heavy geodes being worth hundreds, even thousands?), most aren’t worth that much at all.

For example, the geode that Anneliese is holding is probably not even worth a gram of gold. Ironically, what she said to iron pyrite (”fool’s gold”) might apply here: “Pretty, but not considered valuable”


Siderite, Pyrite and Chalcopyrite included Quartz


Exceptional cubes of pyrite