Transmasculine Witch tips

•Make or find a sigil for appearing masculine. Put that shit on ur binder, clothes tags, pictures of yourself, and anything you wear often
•Want masculine swim gear? Tell people u want swim shorts b/c they have pockets to collect sea glass/shells in. Bonus: you can now collect cool ocean things you find.
•Make or request a name sigil for your correct name. Write it everywhere.
•Pyrite is a great stone for masculine energy.
•Have a masculine smelling cologne/perfume? Enchant it to be a potion to ward off dysphoria. Spray some on in the morning and feel like a cool dude.
•Don’t have access to masculine cologne? Make some! Cedarwood, ginger, sandalwood, juniper berry, frankencense, and rosemary essential oils r magical and smell like Man! Throw in some lavender or ylang ylang for a lil flowery smell if ur into that.
•Don’t wanna call urself a witch? That’s fine. Ur a warlock now. Or a wizard. Sounds badass
•Wanna call urself a witch but ur not a girl? That’s alrighty pal, the term witch is gender neutral. Anyone can be a witch
•Carry an acorn. It’s symbolic of strength and transition. Someday you’ll be a strong oak tree
•Witchy cloaks r great for hiding hips and chests. Also pointy hats make you look taller.
•Ground yourself often, especially when you’re feeling extra dysphoric.
•Track your menstrual cycle along with the moon cycle. You’re a werewolf now.
•Draw yourself as a cool powerful masculine witch/warlock. Give urself cool magick powers like lightning or lazer eyes. Put it up somewhere only you’ll see it. Remember that you’re super powerful and stronger than dysphoria.
•Enchant your bedroom door so no girls can pass through (I’d advise making a on/off switch with this in case u want a girl in your room). Walk through your door. You ain’t no girl. Your room is Boy Town now.
•Light tree incense (juniper, cedar, arborvitae, etc) in your room. Now it smells like boy and you smell like boy, congrats. Also you’re cleansed.
•Make a self poppet. Dress it how you wish you could dress. Give it hugs. Give it hair and give it a haircut.
•Trans boy and nonbinary witches r damn cool, don’t you forget it.


yorkshire.fossils Here’s one of our golden stones known as “cannon balls”. These rocks are naturally coated with a pyrite (fools gold) layer and so can be polished! It contains an Eleganticeras ammonite and is 185 million years old from Sandsend UK. Yorkshire is the only place in the world that these cannon balls can be found! The bottom half is yet to be polished, though we quite like it how it is.

☀️💎Sun Crystals and How To Use Them💎☀️

☀️By color:

Yellow stones- Morning specifially 9 am- happiness, warmth, positivity, cleansing, uplifting, purity, sunshine, inner peace, optimism, truth

Orange stones- Sunset- creativity, anti-fear, healing phobias, confidence, assertiveness, boldness, comfort, happiness, sexuality

Red stones- Sunrise- physical healing, energy boost, magic boost, protection, strength, courage, bravery

Gold stones- Afternoon specially 12 pm- protection, fortune, luck, prosperity, confidence, good for reflecting sunshine and amplifying it

☀️Sun crystals-

Citrine- morning/sunrise- Never needs cleansing. Refreshing energy, releases negativite emotions. Happiness, positivty, intellect, motivation, optimism, concentration, peace, purifying, and cleansing

Pyrite- Afternoon, 12pm- protection (especially physical), luck, happiness, prosperity, truth, amplifies sunlight and sun energy, can replace gold in solar rituals.

Orange calcite- daytime, sunrise- alleviates fear and phobia, creativity, sexuality happiness, cleansing, confidence, self-trust, balance, clairvoyance, new beginnings, new ideas, ambition, and inspiration

Garnet- sunrise- an amazing energy amplifier, phsycial healing, protection, love, grounding, warmth, trust, psychic abilities, and calming the mind

Sunstone- daytime, sunrise to sunset- great for all sun magic, bring light, sun energy amplifier, protection, healing, joy, optimism, happiness, creativity, intuition, independence, strength, bravery, and enthusiasm

Carnelian- sunset- vitality, motivation, creativity, positivity, courage, energy, leadership, public speaking, performing, physical strength, and passion

Tiger’s Eye- afternoon, 12 pm- because it correspondes with both the sun and the earth tiger’s eye goes really well with solar grounding meditation, clairvoyance, protection, luck, clarity, grounding, relieves stress, balance, stability, and divination

Amber- sunset to sunrise, daytime- an old yet powerful energy, wisdom, protection, healing, love, clairvoyance, binding, luck, beauty, purifying, and life

Goldstone- sunset, afternoon, 12 pm- boosts life force, strength, amplifies sunlight, glamour, illusion, confidence, beauty, stability, relaxing yet revitalizing, harmonious relationships, abundance, prosperity, luck and courage

Golden/Honey Calcite- sunrise- warmth, positivity, energy, courage, recovery, healing, release, clarity, happiness, joy, peace, motivation, and clairvoyance

Updated: 3/22/18