Oof, I’m way out of practice, but I think my fundamentals have improved a lot from the work I’ve done this semester.

Now if only I could get up to speed with my drawings.

The character’s name is “Pyrexia”, by the way.  She’s actually a full on dragon, but often takes on a humanoid form so she can better fit through doors or mingle with the smaller races.  She’s also got a bit of an ego.

Edit: Minor fixes to neck/shoulders.


Febrile Seizures/Convulsions are not uncommon - around 3% of children by the age of 6 years have had one.

As a parent they are one of the most terrifying events to witness - a lack of understanding, a lack of control of the situation and fear for the worst assures this.


Febrile seizures normally happen when an infant with an minor infection has a temperature spike.

If the child appears severely unwell it is important to rule out more serious conditions such as pnuemonia, septicaemia, meningitis and malaria.

Most seizures (simple seizures) last less than 5 mins and have the following symptoms:

  • Stiffening of body, then twitching, or shaking
  • A dazed appearance
  • Eyes may roll backwards
  • Sleepiness afterwards - drowsiness lasting up to an hour

Seizures more rarely can also be ‘complex’ or occasionally can progress as far status epilepticus (as seen in epilepsy).

Action to take


Note start time of seizure

Lie child on side with head on something soft

Try to lowertemperature - remove clothes

Give them a drink and some paracetamol (acetomorphin)

Stay with the child at night

After the seizure

Always try to see a doctor soon, they may need treatment for the infection.

Contact the ambulance/doctor immediately if:

  • The seizure lasts more than 5 mins
  • There is no improvement within an hour of the seizure ending
  • There is another seizure soon after the first
  • The child has difficultybreathing
  • There is suspicion of seriousillness


  • Febrile seizures are not normally dangerous, and usually result in no long term damage, or effects on intelligence etc.
  • There is little evidence to support the prevention of febrile seizures 
  • Febrile seizures are NOT a type of epilepsy
  • Febrile seizures are NOT  a reason to avoid vaccination
Pyrexia | Open

The day was warm considering autumn’s chill had settled over the capital. The lush green trees all slowly began to fade to golds and crimson and in a few weeks they would truly be a sight to behold. Yet the air in his office seemed unusually warm, tantamount to summer’s peak rather than an autumn evening. A quill scratched across papers, pausing only to dip into a phial of ink, oblivious to the temperature or season. His paperwork had gotten ahead of him again and this would not be the first night he awake into the morning hours trying to catch up. 

The feathered pen fell from Richard’s grip and the monarch stared at it upon the desk for several seconds, his mind entirely blank. Snapping from the trance he tried to shake the peculiar emptiness but with more difficulty than he cared to consider. Perhaps a cup of tea was in order if he intended to make it much later. Carefully stacking his papers to the side, Richard set each utensil in its place before standing from the chair he had all but lived in over the past week and made his way out of the office. 

He had not made it around the corner when he stumbled, his vision blurring a moment and it was only a hand upon the wall that kept his balance. The stone beneath his glove felt unusually cool, as did the breeze that drifted in from a nearby window, rejuvenating him only enough to gather his thoughts from a mind that was foggier than he cared to consider. It cleared only enough for his wrist to rise to his forehead, to feel the skin searing there. 

A fever… 

No. Why now of all times? 

He had to keep moving forward… perhaps something cool to drink would be enough to calm it, at least long enough to get some more work done. He couldn’t stop because of something like this… he couldn’t fail his people again after all. The next few steps he took down the hallway were no more stable and soon the wall was a welcome support.  Determined as he was to move forward, focused so carefully on each step that he scarcely noticed where he was going? The air was cool… had he made a wrong turn? Wandered outside? He tried to focus, so much attention upon that single task he did not even hear the sound of footsteps approaching.


Pyrexia or controlled hyperthermia is a medical term used to describe a condition wherein a person experiences an elevation of temperature above the normal range of 36.5–37.5 °C (98–100 °F). In other word, pyrexia is fever.

I’m having a pyrexia right now. I mean, for days now. I had light discomfort those past few days due to it but now, I just feel sooo sick, sooo damn sick. I’m experiencing headaches,back pain, runny nose, teary eyes and feelings of hating the world for making me feel poor for not given with someone to snuggle while I’m shivering. HAHAHA.

Yah I’m sick but I’m still in front of this laptop. I can handle. I need to divert these discomforts. 

From the upcoming Pyrexia instalment, since I have a keyboard again!:

The insistent trilling of John’s mobile wakes him from a solid slumber. Groaning, he rolls over and glances at the screen, more than a bit confused when it says G. Lestrade.

“Mmmghn?” John mumbles into the phone, wincing at Greg’s chuckle. “Sherlock not answering his? Want me to wake him?”

Too late, John feels Sherlock looming inquisitively over his shoulder, making grabby hands at the phone.

“Ta, but no, John,” Greg cuts him off abruptly. “I called to talk to you. We’ve got a bit of a… situation down here. Need your expertise. Can you come?”