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Dog breeds vocabulary - Hunderassen (German)

why wouldn’t you want to know that

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der Affenpinscher - the Affenpinscher/ Monkey Terrier
der Afghanische Windhund - the Afghan Hound
der Airedale Terrier - the Airedale Terrier
der Akita - the Akita
die Alpenländische Dachsbracke - the Alpine Dachsbracke 
der Altdänische Vorstehhund - the Old Danish Pointer 
der American Bulldog (but tbh I’d say “die Amerikanische Bulldogge) - the American Bulldog 
der Amerikanische Cocker Spaniel - the American Cocker Spaniel 
der Appenzeller Sennenhund - the Appenzeller Sennenhund/ Appenzeller mountain dog
der Australian Shepherd - the Australian Shepherd
der Beagle - the Beagle
der Bergamasker Hirtenhund - the Bergamasco Shepherd 
der Berner Sennenhund - the Bernese Mountain Dog 
der Bernhardiner - the St. Bernard
der Bloodhound/der Bluthund - the Bloodhound
der Border Collie - the Border Collie
der (Deutsche) Boxer - the (German) Boxer
die Bulldogge - the Bulldog
der Bullmastiff - the Bullmastiff
der Bullterrier - the Bull Terrier
der Chihuahua - the Chihuahua 
der Chow-Chow - the Chow Chow 
der Dackel - the Dachshund
der Dalmatiner - the Dalmatian 
der Deutsch-Drahthaar - the German Wirehaired Pointer 
der Deutsch-Kurzhaar - the German Shorthaired Pointer 
der Deutsch-Langhaar - the German Longhaired Pointer 
die Deutsche Dogge - the Great Dane 
der Deutsche Schäferhund - the German Shepherd 
der Dobermann - the Doberman Pinscher 
der Englische Cocker Spaniel - the English Cocker Spaniel 
der English Foxhound - the English Foxhound
der English Setter - the English Setter 
der Eurasier - the Eurasier/ Eurasian Dog 
der Finnische Lapphund - the Finnish Lapphund 
der Finnische Laufhund - the Finnish Hound 
der Foxterrier - the Fox Terrier
die Französische Bulldogge - the French Bulldog
der Golden Retriever - the Golden Retriever
der Greyhound - the Greyhound 
der Grönlandhund - the Greenland Dog 
der Große Münsterländer - the Large Münsterländer 
der Havaneser - the Havanese
der Hygenhund - the Hygen Hound 

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der Irish Red Setter - the Irish Setter / Red Setter
der Irish Terrier - the Irish Terrier
der Irische Wolfshund - the Irish Wolfhound
der Islandhund - the Icelandic Sheepdog
das Italienische Windspiel - the Italian Greyhound
der Jack Russell Terrier - the Jack Russell Terrier
der Jämthund - the Jämthund/ Swedish Elkhound
der Kanaan Hund - the Canaan Dog
der Kangal - the Kangal
der Kaukasische Schäferhund - the Caucasian Shepherd Dog
der Kroatische Schäferhund - the Croatian Sheepdog
der Kromfohrländer - the Kromfohrländer
der Labrador Retriever - the Labrador Retriever
der Landseer - the Landseer
der Leonberger - the Leonberger
das Löwchen - the Löwchen/Little Lion Dog
der Malteser - the Maltese
der Mastiff - the (English) Mastiff
der Mops - the Pug
der Neufundländer - the Newfoundland
der Norwegische Elchhund - the Norwegian Elkhound
der Otterhund - the Otterhound
der Pekingese/ der Pekinese - the Pekingese
der Pharaonenhund - the Pharaoh Hound
der (English) Pointer - the (English) Pointer
der Pudel - the Poodle
der Pyrenäen-Berghund - the Pyrenean Mountain Dog/ Great Pyrenees
der Rottweiler - the Rottweiler
der Saluki - the Saluki/ Persian Greyhound
der Samojede - the Samoyed
der Schnauzer - the Schnauzer
der Shar-Pei - the Chinese Shar Pei
der Shiba - the Shiba Inu
der Siberian Husky - the Siberian Husky
der Tibet-Spaniel - the Tibetan Spaniel
der Tibet-Terrier - the Tibetan Terrier
der Tschechoslowakische Wolfhund - the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
der Weimaraner - the Weimaraner
der Welsh Corgi Cardigan - the Cardigan Welsh Corgi
der Welsh Corgi Pembroke - the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
der Welsh Terrier - the Welsh Terrier
der West Highland White Terrier - the West Highland White Terrier
der Wolfsspitz - the Keeshond
der Yorkshire Terrier - the Yorkshire Terrier
der Zwergpinscher - the Miniature Pinscher 

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(fun fact: “Italienisches Windspiel” translates to “Italian wind chime” and if that isn’t an adorable name for a dog breed idk what is)

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Hey! I know you have a ton of requests to do and I'm sorry to add on another one, but this idea has been in my head for a while and I don't want to forget it. Could you do a nice fic where the reader lives with Adam in the castle (maybe she broke the curse of she's just a friend) and she gets lonely because he has a lot going on after the curse is broken, so he decides that since she's a dog person, he is going to get her a whole litter of precious puppies and it's as fluffy as the pups. Thanks!

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“It’s nothing you’ve done, Master,” Lumiere insisted, placing a hand upon his friend’s shoulder. “She is just… she’s unhappy..”

“Well, am I- am I not enough?” Adam stammered indignant, his temper acting up. He wasn’t mad or anything, he was just confused. You’d been acting strange lately, not as enthusiastic when you skipped down for lunch, not reading as many books, you stayed in bed far later than usual. You just didn’t seem as happy as usual. He didn’t like it one bit.

“That is not it, Master,” Lumiere assured, giving his friend’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.. “It’s just… You’ve been busy quite a bit lately, she misses you. She’s grown lonely and desolate.”

“Then what can I do?”

The pair looked down from Adam’s balcony, seeing you resting in the shade of the garden, FrouFrou sitting on your lap. “Well, Master, it appears the girl has a fondness for canines, why not… oh, perhaps get her a gift of some sorts? Company, maybe?”

“I suppose so…”

“Do you think this too many?” Adam asked his steward, holding up an entire litter of pups- around 8 in total- in his strong arms. A few of them had already tried to nurse on the large man, causing quite an awkward situation for the frazzled prince.

“Perhaps, but…” Cogsworth paused for a moment,  Master, where did you come across them?”

“A stray bitch in the woods, she’s getting a bath right now,” the prince chuckled, shrugging a bit. A pup squirmed free of his grasp and was now balancing on his forearm precariously, the poor thing almost fell but managed to dig it’s tiny claws into the larger beast’s flesh. Adam suppressed a growl, his slightly dormant animal instincts kicking in.

“I was just going to have her groomed and surprise (Name), but as I neared her, I saw these little ones crawling around under a tree stump,” Adam chuckled as one of the pups squirmed from his arms and onto the table the steward leaned against, Cogsworth hesitantly pet the pooch.

“(Name)?” Adam asks, knocking on the door to your room before slowly opening it. “Are you in here?”

“Hello,” you sigh from your bed, lethargically sitting up and getting some hair out of your face.

Adam walked in to your room, eyes adjusting to the lack of sunlight. Your blue curtains closed, filtering the light until the room had a faint hue tint to the light. The room smelled musty, unwashed clothes and dust. Clothes littered the floor, a book, half read, lay open on the floor, a bonnet obscuring it. A glass of water gone stale sat on the bedside table, dust gathering on the rim. Trays of food gathered around the table, nibbled at and forgotten.

A hand hung limply off the side of the bed, half covered with a wrinkled comforter. The comforter rose with the heave of a great breath, a different hand emerging to remove the blanket from your face. “Good evening, my prince,” you muttered, a small smile emerging on your face. His presence gave little sparkle to your eyes, but did prompt you to rise from your bed. You sat up, adjusting your nightgown for propriety’s sake. “To what do I owe the honour?”

Adam took a deep breath, looking round the room before noticing a dressing gown. Picking it up, he brought it to you. “Here, take this,” he looked away as you stood and covered yourself. “I’d like to go for a walk with you, if you would grant me the pleasure?”

“If you would allow me to get dressed, I’d love to, my prince.”

“Adam, please,” the brunet smiled at you, clapping his hands together before excusing himself to the hall. You lazily rose and got dressed in a simple gown with a winter’s cloak for warmth.

Meanwhile, Adam walked back and forth in the hall, impatiently waiting. Lumiere happened to be making his way down that hall and ran across his master. “Is all as planned, old friend?”

“Of course, Master!” Lumiere announced with flourish. “They are out in the garden, as you requested!” The maitre’d continued on his way then, on his way to do his own thing.

You emerged shortly after, looking a bit rejuvenated, but not yet back to your former glory. The dress looked lovely, a bit wrinkled but nonetheless flattering, your hair brushed well enough and your smile more present, though it didn’t quite reach your eyes. It saddened the prince, his eyes softening as he looked down at you, a rare smile gracing his handsome features.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” He asked, the smile he gave letting a peaceful wave of ease wash over you.

“Of course.”

“Close your eyes- close them!” he instructed gaily, opening the door for you first and taking your hands to lead you out. You moved your head around, a smile of amusement finding your features as you felt the sun hit your face.

“Where are we?” You ask with a chuckle.

“Keep them closed!” Adam let out small chuckle at your small pout. “Okay, three…two…one, open them.”

Opening your eyes, you were greeted with the sight of a beautiful fluffy white dog sitting before you, a large green bow upon her head. “Oh she’s beautiful, Adam!” You exclaim, falling to your knees and urging the enchanting creature towards you.

“That’s not all,” Adam smiled warmly, nodding towards Mrs Potts to release the hounds.

Before you could react, 8 even fluffier little balls of joy had catapulted themselves upon you, tickling your skin with their eager kisses and tantalizing your senses with their beyond soft fur.

“Do you like them?” The Prince asked eagerly, wanting to get down to the ground with you, but timid out of the long-lasting fear of scaring and or harming smaller creatures.

“Of course!” You squealed, overwhelmed with the fluff. “Well, join me won’t you!”

“I don’t think-” Adam’s words were cut off when the runt of the litter came up to him and put its two front paws upon his leg, jumping eagerly, wanting some attention. The beast hesitantly leaned down and picked up the small creature, being very careful with it. Honestly, the little thing looked like an animated cottonball, hardly as big as Adam’s hand. It stood atop his open palm and eagerly wagged its nubby little tail, licking his thumb excitedly.

“I think he likes you!” You chuckled, patting the ground for the Prince to sit. He did so gently, making sure the runt in his hand was stable. “What are we going to name her?”

Adam smiled at the pup. “I’m not sure,” he chuckled, looking over to the seven pups and worrisome mother hound in your lap. “But I don’t think I’ll have as much difficulty as you, after all you have eight and I have a mere one.”

“You mean-” you looked down to the dogs in your lap then back up to the Prince with excited eyes. “You mean they’re all mine?”

“Of course,” Adam beamed at your excitement, chuckling slightly as the pup began to gnaw on his thumb with its baby teeth. “I’ve noticed loneliness has monopolized your time as I’ve grown more busy repairing my kingdom, so in the meantime until rest is restored, I thought you could use more enjoyable company than your dirty laundry.”  

Placing down the puppy in your arms, you wrap them around Adam tightly. “Thank you,” you muttered into his ear, burying your face in his shoulder. “Really, this means the world to me.”

Adam tentatively wrapped an arm around you, “It was my pleasure,” he whispered back, enjoying the affection. When you removed yourself, he took a deep breath and looked at one of your pups who thought his shoe seemed a suitable place to urinate. You stifled a chuckle as Adam used his foot to lift the dog up and away from him as he sighed at his ruined shoes. “So, what are you going to name the mongrels?”

jake + dogs

belated headcanons! kinda short so feel free to add by shooting an ask!

- he’s loved dogs all his life, but his passion peaked in high school as he uses them as a coping mechanism

- if he sees a dog on the street, he WILL pet it, nothing can stop jake when he sees a dog

- he’ll be telling a story to rich when he suddenly sees a cocker spaniel in the corner of his eye and that boy SPRINTS

- his favourite breeds are newfoundlands and pyrenean mountain dogs, he just really love huge fluffy doggos

- he got his first dog after college, and named him jake junior, the squip squad can’t decide if they’re proud or dissapointed.

- i love the headcanon that jake’s squip was a dog? it was a golden retriever and even though he still adores the breed, he gets a little anxious when he sees one, but it quickly goes away because not even a super computer will ruin his passion for dogs!!

- he gets his dream job and works in a dog rescue centre, and he absolutely loves waking up every morning because of it. he knows all the dogs by name and he cries with joy every time they get adopted bc he just,,,, loves them so much,,,,

- in conclusion jake dillinger loves dogs so god damn much and i love him so god damn much what a boy

Okay but listen

Imagine a Hamilton AU, but instead of it being a Coffeeshop setting or college setting, it’s dogs. Like hear me out I have this thought out so much. 

Burr - Doberman Pinscher because they’re beautiful, elegant, but can also eat your ass up in .2 seconds. I’ve had them before, they’re amazing but risky. Burr matches dobermen dogs in physical likeness and personality.

Washington- Great Dane because personality and common associations with loyalty and status( in this case, size parallels rank)

Laurens- Dalmatian because 1) spots, and 2)  They’re playful, outgoing, intelligent, friendly, energetic, active, and sensitive. It’s another type of dog I’ve fostered in the past, and they’re so full of life it’s unimaginable. They’re also protective and brave.

Hamilton- Estrela Mountain Dog/ Border collie hybrid because they’re stubborn, suspicious, keen, protective, alert, dignified, intelligent, energetic, responsive, and tenacious. Obviously his dad would be a registered border collie, known for their status as one of the smartest dogs in the world. His mother would be the Estrela Mountain dog, and both she and Hamilton would be strays. 

Hercules- Rottweiler because Hercules is a tank and also because Rottweilers are devoted, obedient, fearless, courageous, self-assured, alert, good-natured, confident, calm, steady, but will eat you faster than a doberman. My sister’s fostered several in the past, both American and German Rottweilers. 

Lafayette-  Pyrenean Mountain Dog because they are affectionate, strong willed, fearless, gentle, confident, and patient. Also floof. They’re so floofy. 

That’s all I have for now, but yeah. Dog AU


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Reminder for your heart- Shance Week Day 1

Here’s my submission for Shance Week, Day one. The idea of Hime came from @x-i-l-verify’s daemon au headcannons. Enjoy.

“Hime! Come girl.” Shiro called, hearing the sound of nails against the hardwood floor coming towards him. He smiled when the large white dog came racing towards him, stopping before she crashed into his legs. “Good girl.” He clipped her leash to her collar and gave her a firm pat on the head.

“Off to go google at the groomer again?” Shiro glared at his brother, who was lying on the couch, his nose in a book.

“No I’m not. Hime actually needs to get groomed.”

“So all the other times you ‘stopped by’, she didn’t need to?”

Shiro felt his face get hot. He wasn’t going to lie, when he met Hime’s groomer, he fell and fell hard. Hime was a Pyrenean mountain dog and her large stature made people fearful, but Shiro had never met a gentler dog. She hated bathes and sitting still, so when she started running off when he tried to groom her himself, he knew he needed help. Finding someone seemed to be harder than he thought. He was about to throw in the towel and do it himself when he found Paladin Groomers and Lance McClain.

Lance had taken one look at Hime and immediately asked if he could hug her. Shiro was surprised as he granted permission and watched the young man, throw his arms around Hime. Loving the attention, she licked his face and knocked him over. He remembered panicking and was about to yank her off, when he heard Lance start giggling.

“That tickles!” he said before pushing himself up enough so Hime could collapse in his lap. He continued giving her pets and cooed over her, leaving Shiro to stare in amazement. “She’s so sweet. I thought you said people were afraid of her.”

“I-I did. Most people are.”

“Oh please, this sweet girl. She looks like she’s just lick the person to death not hurt them.”

He was sure that was his first liking to him. Lance liked to talk but he was a great listener and could make anyone smile. He was really pretty too. His blue eyes always seemed to sparkle and his hands always looked smooth, despite being in water for so long. The more and more he saw him, the more and more he feel. He had even dragged Hime into it as a way to see him. He knew he should at least ask him out, but he froze before the words could even leave his mouth. So instead he just pinned from afar.

“Just…shut up. I’m leaving now.” He led Hime out to his car, where she jumped into the passenger seat and watched her owner as he got in and drove to Paladin Groomers. She was bouncing in her seat as they got close. “Easy girl, I want to see him too.”

Hime quickly jumped out the car when Shiro opened her and ran to the door, sitting and whimpering at her owner to hurry up. Shiro couldn’t help but smile at his dog’s excitement. Though he couldn’t blame her, Lance was always waiting for her with hugs and a bright smile for him.

‘God, I am infatuated with him. No wonder Keith gags at me. Control yourself Shirogane.’

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princehal9000​ and I were discussing the characters of Hamilton’s corresponding dogs because that’s where we are right now. This was shockingly easy

Alexander Hamilton- Australian shepherd (brilliant, hyperactive, needs work to be happy)

Aaron Burr- Beagle (has ambitions of being a bloodhound, but doesn’t quite get there)

Laurens- Labrador (perfect cinnamon roll. too good for this world, too pure)

Mulligan- Pitbull (tough exterior, gooey interior)

Lafayette- Portuguese Water Dog (active, smart, but also a floppy goofball)

Angelica- Irish Setter (hyper intelligent, beautiful and she knows it, downright majestic)

Eliza- Great Pyrenean mountain dog (giant, loving fluffball)

Peggy- Corgi (BABY)

Jefferson- Springer spaniel (not as preening as a poodle, not as doofy as a corgi.  Sometimes a yappy asshole)

Madison- Bassett hound (drrrrooooooop)

Washington- Mastiff (big, tough, with a heart of gold and a mouth full of drool)

Phillip Hamilton- West highland terrier (but he thinks he’s a mastiff)

King George- Pug (obviously)


Dogs 101 - Lesson 18: Great Pyrenees (aka Pyrenean Mountain Dog)