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the artist was real cute but giving it the “wow this is the really best movie this year” oscar was laughable and showed that hollywood sucks i huge dildo

well be honest here was there really a better movie made in 2011

with the golden age for american television we’re now living in comes a dark age for american film; in that light maybe “the artist”, which is about + relatable to americans but not actually american, is the way things are for now 

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what's the nature of the person who's nightmare is actually being made incarnate? how come leo kills dudes but he's not the focus of a nightmare in bellum heath?

so far the only thing I’ve solidified on the person is that her name is charlotte. I need to draw her before I can be sure, that’s when pretty much all the character development happens.

why are you asking a nightmare demon town to make sense (he is absolutely going to think he’s the one being punished. but he’s not.)