I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on my 5th entervoid character, using my fave and most used DND/Pathfinder character. Revu Marcs is a winged fighter/rogue/alchemist whose specialty is bombs and explosives.

So why are there so many different looks/ages for Revu here? That’s the twist I wanted: Revu’s been pulled out of his world from six different points in his life, all falling in Void City. Together, 5 of them (1 is evil) build a hotel for inter dimensional newcomers with no homes of their own (the marked guard often comes looking for recruits, and the Revu’s drive them away for soliciting). So the character page would be named Hotel Marcs.

The ages of the Revu’s are 11, 19, 30, 32, 47, and 76, and they call each other by their age numbers to avoid confusion. While they’re all explosives experts, they each handle it differently and have different alternate weapons.

Stories might generally center around young and just 19 and angry bad boy 30, who have a sort of stereotypical rivalry. 11 wants to be treated like an adult and handle the big bombs. 47 is a hopelessly nice goofball who’s just trying to get back out there. 76 wants to do as little work as possible.

Something happened between 30 and 32; 32 is a mastermind villain, and is at the top of his game with explosives. He’s quiet and cool-headed but going through some kind of mental breakdown; he wants to become a god of destruction. So the other five Revu’s have taken it upon themselves to try and locate and stop their troubled self.

There’s a whole lot of other things to hammer out, time line, memories, etc but in general id see these as comedic stories about them running their hotel, testing and disarming bombs, finding love, etc. with the occasional serious moments whenever 32 pops in to wreck shit.

More in the future

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