Amaze me once, just again, O maze,
Says my mind through the surrounding haze,
Raze my mind, wash this place,
With little prayers for all the days,

Chase the race into the plains,
Phrase the prayers with no refrains,
Face the days for the cleansing rains,
Says the heart that follows trains

The railroad lies before the eyes,
Onward, there the journey lies,
As the heart for quiet silently cries,
Into the summer night when all light dies

Following snaking lines of smoke-and,
Silent, wordless, nothing spoken,
With just a trail of steps as token,
Of a railroad trip by the soul awoken


- This instrumental acted as inspiration:


I see the sea

And an island

It’s not filled with porcelain

Nothing is bubonic

The trees are eccentric

But nothing is aging

Nothing is caged in

Immortal mountains

Whisper of nascent secrets

Each beach alludes to entirety

Each grain of sand

Equates to a world within a world

Even beyond the ripples

There is a world

Coral reefs, golden seaweeds

Rainbow-coloured birds

Swimming in aqua

Dreams embellish

I relish in this elation

Until a silhouette meets me

And together we dive into the sky

I look back and say goodbye

To everyone I knew

When time

Ticked and

The clock clicked

Fragments of memories

Appear lucidly before me

It’s now all clear

That it started not with a tree

But with everything

The blue sun welcomes me

As I walk through flowering

Deciduous plants

The cycle is about to be complete

The agonic spectrum endures

The balance of life restores

And my spirit is free to restore

A customer entering through

The revolving door.

A Clock Goes Blink

Time was kind, friends were your foe

Nothing do you know     nor need to     mum feeds you 

The sea is innocent, the sky is blue

The sun smiles, the moon sleeps-

Whilst you’re deep in bliss, wrapped in sheets warm-

Oblivious     to a kiss, from a gran’ or a sis’ 

A blink later-

Now nieces

Blink again

Requiems for deceases, I’m in pieces

Blink once more

I’m doing speeches 

It still hurts but as the frequency increases the more it teaches –

You to cope.

Love Can Come In Pairs


The fire in a crowded room

A heart can be found, but sometimes too soon?


Gone were the days of sickly infatuation

Until you were there, standing in fate’s creation.


White-tanned skin, with blackish hair

Fire-green eyes dared with a solemn stare.


 A battle with a serpent in my own knowledge

Forbidden like the fruits of the tree, that they once foraged.


 To love so blindly, passion becomes flawed

A paradox whereby -


One belief is destroyed yet the same one restored.

Deja vu

Sun, sky, fish and chips
On the white sands of a Cornish beach
A grey classroom is compulsive
But it’s this life that’ll teach.

In embryonic dreams
I’m standing in otherworldly jungles
Illuminated flowers, trees and stars
Purple space, solar green bundles.

Hustling city of the future
Still silver skyscrapers
Floating machines smiling
Personified scent of cash and capers.

Palm Trees

Does the moon really speak to mars?
Does space really home the stars?
Do people really drive the cars?
Am I happy in these dark bars?
I zone out, over think
And obtain these scars.
Life, it starts off smiley and well
Until death features in every story or tale, we tell or hear
Follows rapidly,
Can’t stand the insularity
Paranoia with placidity
I realise the transitory story
From this pineal releasing dmt
Reality, is what we perceive
What we relive and live,
I try to grab hold of it
But the sands fall through my hands
Just like a sieve.
I carry with me,
the ghosts of my history
I resist an early journey,
So I can create a futile legacy
Until I’m the dust of samsara
And become a future and a history.

Smiling Whispers

Started with a baby

But can you handle that sanity? Expanding like an inflammatory 

Vanity – Is it worth alienating from amity?

Mysterious, no I’m not delirious, I’m serious

Can you look at me in the eye honestly?

Do you know? That blood loves you more than gold

I beg, have I sold? 

Life? Caught in the eye-

Of the storm, to passers-by-I

Try to make happy, try to impress the guy

To my right, the same one that keeps me irate in the night,

People underestimate a celestial sight.

It ignites the flame, the passion, the digression of impression

That makes my existence, oh so insignificant

Lies proliferate, oh so significant

As friendly as friends but oh so malevolent. 

Breakfast in Boston

Ride the snake

Until its tail cuts you in half.

Sunny mornings and coco pop breakfasts

The days when running was joyous

The days when hiding was innocent

The wind’s now changed, it now brings fire

And smoke

Carries the lost on its back and wings

The shingles cover the earth like on a beach

But the rest the recipients receive is deep-

Into the earth.

Memories are spread among man

Beautiful anomalies, young, old, mixed

Unknown fate, that smiles pleasantly

Fulfills its intentions

As callous as they may seem.

When it hits the fan

It’s shit


When someone’s in

They answer the knock.

Teleport to the Old Future




                                              Allied to the sky

                                       To Neuth’s realm beyond

                                 Ra’s sunset creates the gateway

                            Create the tomb of an ancient nascent

                       Polished white limestone from the base to apex

                 Echoes of dreams and whispers, sun, sweat and blisters

           Trees, rivers, wind were planned, but this obelisk made by man

     From the Future’s past, the Pyramid of Khufu stands in design’s choice

Pondering Samsara

The rainbow-coloured cosmos

Pierces my grey skin

Perpetuates my membrane

I think just too little to maintain-

A balance of collisions, key to remain

In this projection of unique psychosis-

Insane hocus pocus

That takes away my Samsaran breath

Like adverbial plosives.

To know this, takes you from the ground to the sky

From the masters to the Kai’s

From Egypt to the eye

Please believe me, don’t let he deceive thee

Take the time to just see

That my life isn’t wrong if I don’t have a religious affinity

That sea may not just be there for all the ‘fishies’

The dirt may not be the end for all of the weary

I hope you read me, understand some of my theories

I am personifying a prophecy

Space is just a realm, infinity

Then how can this consciousness be temporary?

Atoms are in everything we see,

They make up this provisional body

So understand what you can

Until we migrate metaphysically.