pyramide de louvre


I had my Adobe Illustrator class on Sunday and we were told to begin working on a concept for a class project.  I had not come up with anything I really liked in the week leading up to the class.  Then as class was starting he gave us time to begin working on the projects while he went around the room Tim Gunn style looking over our concepts/sketches and offering advice on how to accomplish the design.  When he got to me I had actually drawn up a sketch of Paris as a page in the Pop Up book.  And I really liked where I knew I could take this.

I have always been a fan of Paris and loved the time I got to spend there on a European vacation back in the fall of 2000 so I was very familiar with the architecture and what I would like to highlight. 

I also knew I wanted to once again play a little bit off a style nod to Mary Blair and her geometric shapes and color choices.  When I got home after class I started working more on the details of the Eiffel Tower and then yesterday I spent the entire day working on the other buildings.  This morning I added in the book and the flowing river and made some final adjustments and I thought I would share images of all of the stages with you. 

Of course this means I have completed the project which is due on the final class and for which we will be given work time in the remaining classes to completed (class 9 for example is completely a work session).  So I am not sure what I will do about that - work on another strong portfolio piece perhaps.  Maybe even consider another “page” in this book of another amazing city who knows.