pyramid studding

WHAT: Borgioni Pyramid Stud Earrings (in Gold)
WHERE: VOGUE Hosts Private Dinner To Celebrate Alessandra Facchinetti
WHEN: 5th November, 2014

WORN WITH: Tod’s Coat, Tod’s Sweater, Tod’s Shoes, Tod’s Handbag

Other times Caitriona has worn these earrings

Secret of the Scarlet Hand [x]

In my opinion, Secret of the Scarlet Hand is one of the most underrated games. I remember the first time I played it I was fascinated by the museum and all the exhibits, as well as what happened to the Pacal carving. It’s got some great storytelling and character dynamics, too. To create a look inspired by this game, pair a scalloped button down blouse with a crochet cardigan, a tribal skirt, espadrille wedges, a cross body bag, and a gold hair bow. Pyramid stud earrings, a handprint necklace, gold bracelets, a pyramid ring, and a ring inspired by the Pacal carving complete the look.

One of my fav things about going to high school during the emo/scene era is that all of us grew up permanently edgy. It’s a little toned down but we swapped out our pyramid stud belts and neon skinny jeans for black layered basics, grew out the razored layers in our hair but kept the weird colors, and adapted alt fashion silhouettes and color palettes to ongoing trends. So you get goth + boho = witchy, 90s grunge revival, and this nude tone lipstick trend replacing the famous scene kid concealer lip look. And I just love it so much


It’s nearly all over but my final project is finally on display at Leeds College of Art’s Knock Knock End of Year Show! It was such a blast last night at the Opening Party.

These pieces are now available to purchase! If you want one of them just hold on for more details on how to purchase.

Just track the tag #AliceBlueOnSale for updates! I will be back soon with more.

Good night and sweet dreams my darlings xxx

15/06/2014 EDIT

Want to buy a piece? All you have to do is email me baby:

Everything is either a size 12 or a 34B. The corsets have an internal waist of 27" to 26" and will be posted after the 23rd of June by First Class Post. If you would like to reserve and later buy something just email me. Unfortunately the kimono has already found a home but I love making them so much that I’d be happy to make custom ones.

  • Kimono: £200 to £500 (depending on fabric choice)
  • Art Overbust Mesh Corset w/ detailed beading: £500
  • Mesh, Corsetry Satin and Dupioni Silk Waspie corset: £250
  • Pink Shibori and  Lace Plunge Bra: £50
  • Red Kanzashi (Pyramid origami) and Lace Balcony Bra (Not shown*): £50
  • Pink Shibori and Lace Suspender Skirt: £50
  • Red Lace and Pyramid Studded Suspender Belt (Not Shown*): £40
  • Pink Shibori and Lace Bikini Cut Briefs: £25
  • Red Lace and Pyramid Studded Bikini Cut Briefs (Not Shown*): £25
  • Pair of Latex Lace and Moonstone Beaded Nipple Pasties (Not Shown*): £20
  • Pair of Black and Pink Garters: £20

*Not shown because the red set was deemed to kinky for public exhibition. I will put pictures up of it as soon as I can!

I’ll be selling these on a first come first served basis so be quick! The first person to reserve an item will receive a PayPal invoice including postage straight away and I will ship them out as soon as possible to you on and after the 23rd of June. If you were unfortunate not to get one or you’d like one to be made to your measurements you can commission me here: Alice Blue Couture ~Etsy

Thanks darlings x


“Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just going to bash your brains in.”

Hand painted vest by me, for part of my inner psycho.

Luhan's Best Airport Fashion: a Retrospective

With news of Luhan’s departure from SM Entertainment, lots of fans will be spending the next few days pouring their favourite old pictures of their bias. Here are some of Luhan’s best airport looks. Do you agree, EXO-L? 

Luhan balances his fiery Givenchy t-shirt with a soft (but still eye catching) pair of green jeans & luxurious Giuseppe Zanotti mirrored high tops.

In tune with the trend for black & white streetwear over the summer, Luhan put together this sharp ensemble - the leather pants & heavy metal details on the Zanotti sneakers are a match made in Heaven with Xiao Lu’s padded bomber jacket and the simple colour palette made sure every eye was drawn to that brown & black MCM travel bag. 

Luhan dove headfirst into EXO’s growing fame in his leather snapback and hoodie in a soft red rose shade. 

Ruby hair looks beautiful against this chic, masculine monochrome outfit - with the obligatory Chrome Hearts touch, of course. 

Lu’s playful use of luxury monograms - Louis Vuitton, MCM and Gucci - in neutral shades of beige and brown fits perfectly with his fun bubblegum pink hair, leopard print rimmed geek glasses and the springtime sky blue trim of his casual varsity jacket. 

In this sweatshirt covered in fluffy cloud roses, camouflage, tartan and candy stripes by Givenchy, Luhan truly made the airport his runway. Complimented with minimalist black leather, a delicate Chrome Hearts cross earring and simply colored soft, shining hair, airport fashion doesn’t get better than this. 

As the chill sets in (for some of us, anyway), Luhan shows us how to stay both warm & stylish by layering a t-shirt over a tailored shirt and wrapping up in a mature & sophisticated tweed coat. Sunglasses & delicious iced coffee, optional. 

A zesty lime green MCM backpack, covered in glimmering silver pyramid studs & a pair of chunky grape purple Beats by Dr Dre headphones makes for a youthful, fun & summer light airport look for LuLu. 

EXO’s monochrome name t-shirts helped make them famous across Far East Asia and around the world, by helping us all to tell apart such a large unit. They were also very stylish - with long, basketball style shorts; a paisley bandana; a leather & gold cuff; a hard black leather trimmed Louis Vuitton Keepall & some modern yet masculine black leggings, Luhan stood out. 

Little Deer wore these Givenchy Bambi low tops to a flight in August of this year and EXO-L were thrilled & amused by Xiao Lu’s cute reference to his nickname. He looked toned down & put together in his gentle grey & black look, with a classic beige leather MCM backpack. 

Credit to: Gentle Breeze, Twinned Poison, Seventh Heaven, Achilles Heel, Bright Eyes, Little Prince, OuterSpace, TV Report, MyMindEXO,, Toldey, Lovesick & any other fansite or news site whose photographs have been used. 

favomancer replied to your post “Deviant Art is like a perfect time capsule of emo subculture from…”

I’d wear pyramid stud belts with a goddamn suit. I’m going to learn how to make one over next year, I’ll post pix when I get it on my dressmaking dummy. (:

Hey, the 00s style was about mixing punk with formal wear. (Someone bring back ties worn with things that are definitely not formalwear.) I remember my costume teacher commenting on the fact that men in our age group don’t wear formal wear the same way or how it’s much more casual these days: ie people wearing skinny jeans (or pants that are fitted more like skinny jeans) with button up shirts and vests or suit jackets.

But awesome! I’ve been meaning to make a suit for myself, but like an 1850s men’s suit. 


‘Shattered’ reminded me of broken glass and mirrors and broken hearts so I decided to do a halter style top with a shatter design that beaches out from a still beating broken heart. The top has sharp edges on the bottom to each side to mimic sharp glass and a small gold chain accent on the bust. There are arm warmers that attach around your middle finger with a silver extendable ring; they are light gray in color to match the shirt and the top edges are covered in a broken glass design with flecks of silver glitter. The skirt is a very dark grey wrap style skirt with metallic silver edging. The outfit is accented with a metallic silver belt covered in pyramid studs and small black shredded fabric along the bottom.

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Editor: Gerald

“You know? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I might just be able to make that work.”

i think about varric a lot

initially a warmup sketch of Varric in honor of the character kit recently released. obviously it got away from me. 8|;;; i don’t know how i have never drawn him before, but now i’ve rectified my egregious misstep. don’t look at the shoulderthings oh m y god if i never see another pyramid stud in my LIFE………..

don’t look at the gloves either. in fact just don’t look at this keep scrolling

(i’m only posting this because there’s a lot of varric on my dash today. might as well contribute since i had this lying around anyway…..)

anonymous asked:

You look great in you Sei/Ren cosplay pictures!! ^ ^ Also, how did you make the accessories? I would like to cosplay Sei in the future and I am really interested in hearing about it if you don't mind.

thank you!! ^o^

(sorry for the late reply)

ok since you didn’t specify which accessories you want to know about, I’ll explain everything listed in this pic (sei reference pic from here)

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