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The seven mystical powers of the pyramids

1. The power to make innocent souls spout profanities and hop vigorously, if the pyramids are sufficiantly small and trodden on in bare feet.
2. The power to influence the future. For example, by dropping a pyramid from a crane onto a major road one may drastically increase the liklihood of a road accident.
3. The power to maintain the sharpness of razor blades. To do this, one must keep the razor blades under a small pyramid at all times and never remove them for any purpose whatsoever.
4. One may also construct a pyramid from cedarwood, having a height of some five centimetres and a base of forty centimetres along the side, and inscribe it underneath with a sator square. A pyramid constructed in this way has the power to wedge up the legs of two wobbly tables at once.
5. By carving your food into pyramid shapes, you may be able to stack it more efficiently in your undersized fridge, thereby increasing the time you can store it against the inevitable march of entropy.
6. The great sorcerers of old were able to make common folk scatter from their path by the simple expedient of wearing a pyramidal enclosure upon their heads. Indeed, in England’s magical heyday one could often tell if a sorcerer was passing in the next street across by the distantly-heard cries of ‘watch where you’re going mate’ and 'Put some eyeholes in it you twat’.
7. Many of the great pyramids have themselves travelled through time, sometimes for thousands of years. It is said of people who have visited these pyramids that they too can travel through time and, astonishingly, that they can do so in the same direction and at the exact same rate as the pyramids themselves: one second per second, or thereabouts.

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how can you draw a nose , it's too hard for me T^T

I love drawing noses! And its a lot more simple then you probably think.

seriously. they can be a bit intimidating since they’re small and delicate and have so many little quirks to them. but they’re basically for the most part, pyramids and spheres. triangles and circles if you wanna get even more basic.

make it simple! don’t make it harder then it actually is.

so here i just started with the basic shape. the base if you will. the pyramid for the shape and the circle for the bulb of the nose or tip.

second part im just adding the nostril as well as the sides of the nose. While this is going on im also taking away from the sketch while still adding little bits to the bulb of the nose.

third step is basically pulling away from the sketch and making the nose take its form 

last but not least just adding shadows and fixing minor details!


Hope this gives you a different way of tackling noses!

Flying to New Heights With the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission

A mission studying Earth’s magnetic field by flying four identical spacecraft is headed into new territory. 

The Magnetospheric Multiscale mission, or MMS, has been studying the magnetic field on the side of Earth facing the sun, the day side – but now we’re focusing on something else. On February 9, MMS started the three-month-long process of shifting to a new orbit. 

One key thing MMS studies is magnetic reconnection – a process that occurs when magnetic fields collide and re-align explosively into new positions. The new orbit will allow MMS to study reconnection on the night side of the Earth, farther from the sun.

Magnetic reconnection on the night side of Earth is thought to be responsible for causing the northern and southern lights.  

To study the interesting regions of Earth’s magnetic field on the night side, the four MMS spacecraft are being boosted into an orbit that takes them farther from Earth than ever before. Once it reaches its final orbit, MMS will shatter its previous Guinness World Record for highest altitude fix of a GPS.

To save on fuel, the orbit is slowly adjusted over many weeks. The boost to take each spacecraft to its final orbit will happen during the first week of April.

On April 19, each spacecraft will be boosted again to raise its closest approach to Earth, called perigee. Without this step, the spacecraft would be way too close for comfort – and would actually reenter Earth’s atmosphere next winter! 

The four MMS spacecraft usually fly really close together – only four miles between them – in a special pyramid formation called a tetrahedral, which allows us to examine the magnetic environment in three dimensions.

But during orbit adjustments, the pyramid shape is broken up to make sure the spacecraft have plenty of room to maneuver. Once MMS reaches its new orbit in May, the spacecraft will be realigned into their tetrahedral formation and ready to do more 3D magnetic science.

Learn more about MMS and find out what it’s like to fly a spacecraft.

So, I decided to write this. Hope that’s okay, @taylor-tut. And I will most likely be doing it in three parts because it’s really long for some reason. 

Joy Buzzer: Part One

(because I’m bad at titles) part two here


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“-ance? He- with me?”

It sounds distant, and somewhat familiar. It’s almost as if cotton is shoved in Lance’s ears. Where does he know that voice from? Is it someone close to him?  He pushes forward, against the flowing current. Every step, closer to the answer. The current stops, and he stumbles forward onto his hands and knees. There’s a hand on his shoulder, shaking him.

One Hour Earlier

“How much further is it?” Lance almost groans. “We’ve been walking forever.”

“Lance, take this seriously. It’s not some road trip.” Pidge doesn’t even have to look back for Lance to feel the eye roll. Her full attention is on the holo-map in her hand.

Lance quiets down after that and continues on walking in tandem with the rest of the team. Foliage passes overhead, waving in the humidity of the planet they were trekking on. Bird like creatures skim the tree tops while emitting a shrieking call to their friends. Lance pushes leafy arms out of the way as he follows Hunk.

“We’re here,” Pidge calls out from the front of the line.

Sure enough, a temple like structure is visible up ahead. It’s a strain to decipher where jungle ends and the temple starts. The temple appears more than willing to co-exist with the surrounding life. Vines creep up the walls, around pillars, and over window sills. Budding flowers peek out of cracks in the stone walls and pavement. Even the local animals have moved into the temple, if only on the outer edges.

“What exactly are we looking for again?” Hunk asks. “‘Cause I kinda don’t want to touch the wrong thing and, oh, I don’t know. Die horribly.”

“It’s an artifact that the locals need for a ritual. It’s supposed to give blessings during rituals. And the relic is vital to the Jeing in an event like changing chiefs, moving the village to a new location, or forming alliances,” Pidge explains. “Which is why we need it if we want the alliance.”

She pulls up a new image on the holo-projector. Lance’s first thought is that it looks kind of like a toy airplane. The slender football shaped middle piece has two elongated, triangular wings jutting out and slanting back. At the rear, a wedge connects to the prolate spheroid and curves upwards. All over, swirls and dots intermingle with a script that looks similar to Arabic.

“We need to be careful with it. We don’t really know what it does. Don’t touch it with your skin. Use the bag or have your gloves on,” Shiro instructs. “Once you find and retrieve it, let the other group know and we’ll all regroup back here. Alright?”

Everyone nods and the team breaks off into the two groups. Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk cross to one entrance, while Lance and Keith cross to the entrance closer to them.

“Keep up, Mullet.”

Keith only grunts in reply as he takes off behind Lance through the archway. The torch perched on the front of Lance’s riffle casts shadows down the corridor, eerily illuminating cobwebs. Keith flips on his own torch and pans it behind him.

“I’m getting a very ‘Indiana Jones’ vibe from this place. D’ya think there’s any booby traps? Like the giant rolling rock?”

“Lance, pay attention,” Keith scolds checking the way they just came. “If there are any traps, I don’t want to walk into it.”

Lance stops so suddenly, Keith plows right into him, muttering a curse in surprise.

“That’s a dollar in the swear jar.”

Keith takes in a breath of air to utter a retort, but as he sees the cavern they’re standing in it vanishes. The cavern definitely gives off and Indiana Jones vibe. THe space is wide and tentacles of sunlight stream in from holes in the ceiling above. Vines criss cross the architecture along the walls and across the ceiling. Steps lead up in a pyramid shape to a pedestal, whereon the artifact is perched. The plane like object is irradiated by a pinpoint of light.

“I’ll call it in. Check the area, Lance.”

Lance nods and surveys the area, all while creeping closer up the steps to the object. There seems to be nothing around the artifact that could be harmful. Then, why did the locals never come and get it themselves? It wasn’t even that hard to find. Just a long, boring hike through a swamp of humidity. Maybe there was something the locals didn’t tell them. Lance shrugs as he brushes off the thoughts and reaches out for the artifact.

“Shiro. We found it.”

“Alright, bag it up and meet us back at the rendezvous.”

“Lance, is it clear?” Keith calls as he turns back towards the relic, only to see Lance’s gloved fingertips millimeters from the plane like object. As his fingertips make contact, a spark arches between the relic and Lance’s chest, almost as if in slow motion. 

“Lance!” Keith’s voice is lost in the roar of the pulsing air that knocks Keith back through the opening of the tunnel. The wind doesn’t seem to stop as the wave of heat plows into Keith next, seeming to last for hours. When it finally does relent, dust is shaking down the tunnel opening. A layer of the powder seems to be coating the back of Keith’s throat as he pushes himself off the ground and staggers back into the cavern.


What happened? Rubble lays strewn across the floor and holes pepper the ceiling. The relic is gone from it’s spot on the top of the pyramid. Lance is gone, too.

Russia is about to launch a satellite that will shine as brightly as a star

  • Russia is slated to launch a reflective satellite later this summer that, in theory, will shine from the sky brighter than any other star.
  • Called Mayak, which translates to “Beacon” or “Lighthouse” in English, the satellite is “roughly the size of a loaf of bread” and will launch on Friday, July 14 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz-2 rocket.
  • Once the small satellite is 370 miles into orbit, it will deploy a pyramid-shaped solar reflector that is designed to capture the sun’s rays and bounce them back to Earth, creating the effect of a twinkling star to Earthlings. Read more (6/29/17)

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The white pyramid gem in Serious Steven is White Diamond. This explains why White Diamond is still included in the logo, they know she wasn’t shattered, but may be unsure of her whereabouts. They may assume she’s on some cosmic mission, spreading their empire and scouting new planets for resources, who knows. But the diamonds don’t mention that it’s odd that she didn’t show up at the trial. This leads me to believe they may think they know where she is.

In Egyptian culture, a pyramid is a tomb for a pharaoh, who were often seen as God like entities, much the way the diamonds are viewed by their subjects. This pyramid is in the middle a gem battleground.

My theory is that white Diamond was poofed, and the homeworld gems created this pyramid to keep her gem safe, hence the traps, while she healed enough to regenerate. If pearl can take 14 days to regenerate, a diamond of such massive size could easily take much longer. When the corruption song blasted the earth she became stuck in the temple.

Gems can still use some abilities while in gem form. Lapis could manipulate the images in her mirror, and the dessert glass could still build. Lapis was not corrupted but it was confirmed that the desert glass is. It stands to reason that the pyramid gem would still be able to use abilities while in the pyramid, using it as a beacon of sorts.

Many people have speculated that white Diamond has abilities over the mind, the same way blue has abilities over emotions and yellow has abilities over the body. The combination of these three blasts could cause all the symptoms we see of corruption.

I was unsure about this theory when it was originally circulating because of the size of the gem and shape in the pyramid, but as we’ve gotten a better understanding of the diamonds there seems to be more and more evidence to support. Blue and yellow both have different shaped diamonds. Blues is more tear shaped and yellows is longer and thinner, so there’s no reason whites couldn’t be more square. To combat the size issue- we’ve finally gotten an upclose comparison of Steven to blue diamonds gem in the hour wanted special. Both the pyramid gem and blue diamonds gem are roughly the size of stevens head, as pictured in the screen shots above. This assumes steven still isn’t doing much growing, like Greg shows us in stevens birthday photo book.

The shape of WD on homeworld was confirmed not to be a statue. I believe it’s whites ship. It’s entirely possible that her MO is to use a smaller more discreet ship for scouting.

TDLR: Pyramid Gem is WD, she’s was poofed and put in the pyramid as a safe place to regenerate. Gems can still use powers while in objects or corrupted, playing her part in the corruption song. As we’ve seen diamonds are not all the same shape. The pyramid gem is roughly the same size as BDs gem.

“When the relationship between a millionaire and his wife is going through a rocky patch, he takes her on an expensive trip to Paris. The trip is not a reflection of some independent desire, but rather of an ardent belief in the myths of romantic consumerism. A wealthy man in ancient Egypt would never have dreamed of solving a relationship crisis by taking his wife on holiday to Babylon. Instead, he might have built for her the sumptuous tomb she had always wanted.

Like the elite of ancient Egypt, most people in most cultures dedicate their lives to building pyramids. Only the names, shapes and sizes of these pyramids change from one culture to the other. They may take the form of a suburban cottage with a swimming pool, or a gleaming penthouse with an enviable view. Few question the myths that cause us to desire the pyramid in the first place”

- Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

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How does one draw a ghost with all those odd angles?!?! Every time I try it either comes out flat, or looks like a grade schooler kept erasing his/her drawing of a stop sign.


I’m guessing you’re ending up with a ghost that looks a bit like the little guy on the left… 

He’s a bit flat and he just seems to have too many sides, yeah? I know I had a lot of drawing that looked like this when I started trying to draw them -not that I’m any sort of expert now- but, I’m happy to offer what I’ve learn so far :) For instance, the ghost below was started by drawing a square- you can still kind of see it, right?

So first off I’ll say, references are invaluable, little light & friends are surprisingly complex. I know there’s actually a full on reference sheet of the basic ghost model floating around online that shows it from the front, side, back- a nice solid reference for getting started. Personally, I also made my own (very rough) 3D model of a ghost so I could spin it around to get a better view of their many angles. 

But as far as straight up drawing them, I’ve found a couple main points that help me.

1.) Generally, I find it’s better to start with the round body rather than the outside form. This part is consistent no matter if they’re floating at your shoulder, expanded to scan a nearby environment, or floating in a tired sphere to mark your latest death. Even at strange angles, this part will stay the same. Not to mention it allows for a more consistent scale if you have a couple different ghosts in one scene.

2.) The floating points that surround this body are really a sort of modified pyramid shape, and they’re all at different angles (well, the same angle, but in different directions). This can be really hard to visualize. To start with- each one of these bits not only curves a bit around the middle sphere, but it also touches two others, which creates a straight edge between them, but not a flat one (if that makes sense). So, a simple shape is not going to properly express this without some modifications. A triangle is probably the easiest place to start- it’s not too hard to just crop the ends off for those smooth points. 

So, as much as a pain as it is- you have to remember that each of these is an individual part, and they can all move freely around the body. I’d suggest drawing each one individually, rather than one overall shape. If you’re not sure where to put them, draw an “X” or something similar through the body and that should help keep an even size between them. 

Bonus.) Drawing them at an angle also helps add a lot of volume. Drawing a ghost straight on is fine, but then a lot of the form relies on any shading done, rather than the overall silhouette. And with all of those angles facing directly towards you, it can be a bit challenging to figure out appropriate shadows. It might be a little tricker to balance the perspective at times, but changing up the camera angle does show off those forms nicely.

I hope this helps! 

Best of luck :)

Mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb discovered under Chinese construction site

A mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb has been uncovered by archaeologists under a construction site in China.

The structure was discovered in a chamber alongside a similar cylinder-shaped coffin in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

Experts believe the chamber is a burial site, and could hail from the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), China’s so-called “golden age”.

Who was buried there and why remains a mystery, though the site is currently under investigation, reports the Daily Mail.

Chinese media have nicknamed it the “pyramid of Zhengzhou”, though at six feet tall it is unlikely to draw as many tourists as the real things in Egypt. Read more.

Pixel Art Tree Tutorial

When I first started out doing pixel art I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to make trees. So now that I’m a bit better, I’ve decided to make my own! 

For this tutorial, you’ll need some sort of digital art program. You probably shouldn’t be looking at digital art tutorials if you don’t have a digital art program. I use Pro Motion, but I’m pretty sure that Gimp and Photoshop work too. 

For space-saving reasons, I’ll put the rest beneath the read more

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100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 1

Other Entries

Items 6 - 10

Items 11 - 15

Items 16 - 20

Items 21 - 25

Items 26 - 30

Items 31 - 35

Items 36 - 40

Items 41 - 45

Items 46 - 50

1.      Tome of Invigoration  

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

A leather-bound book, the size of a travel journal and indistinguishable from one on the outside. The pages are filled with the teachings of a famed scholar of magics, it’s said that each hour spent studying this book is the equivalent of 4 hours of regular magical studies. Over a short rest – a player with spellcasting abilities can read this tome to regain 1 spell slot of the highest level available to them (Max of Level 5). The tome can’t be read again until the player completed a long rest.

2.      Tempus’ Shout              

Halberd, Very Rare, Requires Attunement

This sparking Halberd delivers jolts of electricity that surges through the targets body dealing an additional 1d6 thunder damage on every attack.

Active: By speaking a command word Tempus’ Shout extends and begins sparking and flashing threatening coils. While activated increase its reach to 15 feet. Additionally, once per turn on hit you cast the Thunderwave spell at level one, on the point of impact for the attack. The save DC for the spell is 8 + your proficiency + your constitution modifier.

After using this weapons active, it’s electrical current becomes tame and fading. It no longer deals an additional 1d6 thunder die until the wielder completes a long rest. At which point Tempus’ Shout is fully recharged and its active can be used again.

3.      Abjurers Staff

Staff, Rare, Requires Attunement by Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock

A strong metal staff, heavy and thick with a shield at the top. If attuned this staff can be used as a focus. At the start of each long rest you gain 1d6+1 stacks, this staff can carry a max of 7 charges. If the staff ever has 0 charges roll a d20, on a 1 the staff becomes a mundane focus.

The Wielder may cast the following the spells in exchange for the following charges. Your spellcasting modifier remains the same.

·         Expend 1 charge to cast the shield spell. (Can cast as reaction if staff is              being wielded)

·         Expend 2 charges to cast Counterspell (Can cast as reaction if staff is m           being wielded)

·         Expend 3 charges to cast Banishment.


4.      Boots of Sneaking

Wondrous Item, Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Rogue

These soft leather shoes are so black that it appears that they drink the light in around them. Making the wearers feet almost appear as black holes, with intricate laces as dark as night running all the way up them. The player attuned to these boots has advantage on all stealth skill checks.

Active: By uttering the boots command word, the rogue attuned to these boots gains an additional number of d6 to their sneak attack equal to their proficiency. This active lasts for 1 minute and can’t be used again until a long rest.

5.      The Immobilizer

Weapon (Maul), Very Rare

An oversized maul with one face of the head lined with pyramid shaped spikes. Damage rolls with this weapon gain +2. On a critical hit the creature struck is permanently knocked prone, due to a shattered kneecap, broken rib or similar injury that would hinder movement. This effect can only be cured by proper medical attention and healing time or a “lesser restoration” or superior spell.

                                         Collection Highlights


 Prismatic Amethyst

Chemical formula: SiO2 (Silicon dioxide)

Color: Purple, light lavender, almost colorless, sometimes crystals have darker tips.

Hardness: HARD (7)

Crystal system: Hexagonal

Occurrence: Uncommon (found in only a few localities)

Health risks: None

Wow factors:

- Very unusual behavior of amethyst which normally grows tight clusters within geodes and the crystals are squat and pyramid-shaped.

- Prismatic specimens are primarily found only in Mexico. Nowhere else on earth does Amethyst behave this way!

- Specimens are very unique and beautiful. Often very expensive, but make for a great unique addition to collections.

 Care tips:

- Quartz of any kind is very strong, but prismatic amethyst forms in tall, singular crystals that are typically quite small and can break off the matrix. Handle with care. Some specimens are too brittle to handle very often.

- Like all colored quartz, do not place in direct sunlight. Crystals can lose their color to sun fading over time. Lighter-colored specimens are more vulnerable to this.

- Quartz specimens are easy to clean. Use warm soapy water to soak and wash, then rinse thoroughly with distilled water to avoid water spots. Let air dry.

Locality of this piece:  Piedra Parada, Veracruz, Mexico.  Again, amethyst is found globally, but prismatic amethyst is located only in a few areas in Mexico.

Price range: Prismatic amethyst can be quite expensive depending on size and clarity of the crystals. Ones with consistent color, water-clear crystals, and great faceting are quite valuable and cabinet size pieces can go for $50-150+! Individual crystals can also be found for sale and they are much more affordable. However, be wary of fakes that could be carved from larger standard crystals or colored glass. A hardness test would distinguish between glass and quartz.

Written By: cc-da-wolf

Mysterious volcano-shaped pyramid discovered in Peru hosted celebrations in honour of solar eclipses

A mysterious pyramid discovered in coastal Peru was built to resemble a volcano, archaeologists have suggested. It is possible that the structure was used to host ceremonies linked to major astronomical events, such as eclipses.

In the 1960s, archaeological work conducted in Peru’s Nepeña Valley had revealed the existence of an artificial earth mound, more than 15 metres high.

Although it wasn’t clear who had erected it and when, researchers quickly became fascinated with this pyramid – especially since from a distance it looked very much like a volcanic cinder cone. This resemblance led them to call the structure El Volcán.

Despite having been discovered more than five decades ago, El Volcán is only now starting to reveal its secrets. In-depth excavations have begun only recently, and the first findings are now published in the journal Antiquity. Read more.

Crystal Shapes and Correspondences

Tumbled - Even, gentle energy.

Raw - Strong, sporadic energy .

Sphere - Even energy, can be used as a window to the past and future.

Square - Grounding, meditating.

Pyramid - Manifestation, focused energy, removes blockages.  Artificially shaped pyramids enhance and focus the inherent properties of the original Crystal used.

Cluster - Charges and cleanses other crystals, purifies, fosters protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship and intimacy.

Geode - Grounding, healing. Can hold and amplify energy within themselves, diffusing the energy softly. Wonderful for protection, spiritual growth, breaking addictions and overindulgent personalities.

Abundance -  Fosters prosperity and well-being, success, good fortune and all good things in life

Egg - Healing, fertility, balance. Used in reflexology, zone-therapy, acupressure, shiatsu and aura reading.

Point - Concentrated and direct energy. Used in healing layouts.

Generator - Amplifies and charges. Fosters wisdom, focus, magical power and the wisdom to use the crystal in a proper manner.

Twin - Balance.  According to Judy Hall, this Crystal can be programmed to attract a soul partner – a “Twin Flame”.

Double Terminated - Transforms negative energy into positive. Great at breaking old patterns like overcoming addictions. Placed on the third eye chakra they help activate our natural telepathy.

Palm - Grounding, stress reduction when rubbed (worry stone)

Isis - Feminine energy.  For men, the Isis crystal will help to become more in tune with their feminine side and to become more aware of the aspects in women that they find troubling. Women can work with the Isis crystal to help them regain some of that power and energy that society has taken away from them.

Drusy - Charging, relaxation, harmony.  Encourage ideas or thought forms ready to spring forth and grow.

X Crystal -  Ability to bring female/male energies into harmony, and can be used when a well-balanced decision is needed.

Y Crystal - Balance female/male energies and are good tools for developing natural intuition and telepathy.